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Hi there,

I am trying to display multiple pointplots in the same plot. I would like to either distinguish the plots by their color or by the symbol (square, traiangle, circle) at each data-point. May be both, although I ignore whether using symbols at data-points is possible in Maple.

The plot i would like to achieve is this: 

Maple says that my points are not in the correct format:


My data array N has two parameters, and the free variable. The two parameters are also varied over a certain range. For plotting purposes, I would like to have one of the variables fixed, select three parameters for the other variable, and plot all data-points for them.

The resulting data array N seems to be OK, but I am aware that my attempt for plotting multiple arrays may be wrong. May be pointplot is not even the best choice.


Any ideas?


Thank you,




A concho-spiral is a curve C that has a parametrization :





where a, b, mu, are constants.

  1. Show that C lies on the cone a^2*z^2=b^2*(x^2+y^2).
  2. Sketch C for a = b = 4 and mu=-1.
  3. Find the length of C corresponding to the t-interval [0,infinity].

PDE- Boundary Condition...

October 26 2014 kjell 5

How to include a derivative boundry condition in pde?

diff(u(1,t),x)=0. I got 0=0

Any advice?

How we use Gamma function...

October 26 2014 oguner 0


Please find my Maple-worksheet attached below.


How do I solve this problem? I can not drawn it.

I would really appriciate if somebody could help me. 

  Given this equation:       (chi^2*(xi^2-1)^2+1-Omega^2)*(xi^2-Omega^2)-xi^2 = 0

   chi^2=1/1200;  I want to plot xi vs Omega. Can anyone help me out?


I am quite new to Maple and have a problem I've been struggling with all day.

I have a spring pendulum and have to develop the equation of motion in the y-direction. The pendulum consist of a mass at the end of a elastic, unbendable and massless rod. 

Please find my Maple-worksheet attached below.

How do I solve the differential equation 2.9 for y(t)? As far as I can see the problem is that I have to differentiate y(t), which is not designated as a function, with respect to y (?)

I would really appriciate if somebody could help me. 

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

I'm doing my first steps with Maple and am a little confused with a problem:
I want to solve something like

and expect the result to be z=-m*a. However I get empty brackets as result.
I tried to dig a little and I find that maple has problems isolating x1+x2+x3+x4

Error, (in isolate) x1*a+x2*a+x3*a+x4*a does not contain x1+x2+x3+x4


When I isolate it myself Maple even tells me they wouldn't be the same


I even reduced the problem to x1*a+x2*a and Maple still has problems with that. As this is a really simple problem I strongly assume the issue lies with the user. Can anyone help me there?





I need to add animations in a word(.pdf) docuement or a pwerpoint presentation. I Saved my image as .gif and inserted it in my doc but it is an image (no animation)






I am new to Maple and have a problem I've been struggling with all day.

I have a pendulum and need to find a equation of motion in the y-direction. Please find my code in the picture below.

I can see that my problem starts at Eqy where the differentiation deletes one of the right-hand-side parts because I don't have any function y(t), and Maple thinks y(t) a constant (?)
Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thank you in advance!

I need create a matrix with 3 dimensions, but I don't know how can I do this. The variable that I need store could be write in this form:


I don't want write this with subscript but like a matrix. 

I have seen many post with similar question, but I have yet understood how to solve this problem.

I have a contour which maple creates for using command contourplot. 

The problem is that I don't know what is the value of different colors. How can I find out for example what red means?

Is there anyway we can automatically have a color bar with the proper values?

I have Maple 14 on a macbook pro. I recently upgraded to the Yosemite operating system. 


I am trying to use the CurveFitting facility:


But I get nothing. This might be associated with Yosemite, or maple 14, or ????? Anyone have a guess?

In order to use efficient exponentiation modulo a number n, Maple help recommends using the inert &^ notation in the input, e.g. 5 &^ 1000 mod 29. But when I try to type this input in (default) 2D-Math mode, it interprets the ^ as it usually does for exponents and tries to "raise" the & to the power of 1000. Is there a way to do this correctly in 2D-Math, or do I constantly have to switch over to 1D-Math? I am using Maple 16. 


I want to conduct the t- test with a

- null hypothesis of : M1-M2 >= 0

- alternative hypothesis of M1-M2 < 0

I found that I can choose the upper or lower tail option for the alternative hypothesis but I am not sure if the same as I want 

any idea ?

Hi Maple friends.

I created this table using the table component from the componwnts palette. But I can't plot it - Maple just plots the second column as horizontal lines. I want the first column to be the x values, and the second column to be the y values. How can I plot it? 

Also, the table component automatically generates the the incremental values starting from 1, so I only need to create a 1 column table. But how can I plot the table, using the auto generated values?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: There is a 'embedded plot window' component, which may somehow plot data in the table component, but I can't get it to work. I've tried dragging the table component into it with no succes.


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