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I wish to evaluate the expression

knowing that

where a is a constant.  It is not hard to see, assuming enough differentiability,  that the expression evaluates to

I know how to do this when all the derivatives are expressed in terms of the diff() operator.  Here it is:

eq := diff(u(x,t),t) = a^2*diff(u(x,t),x,x);
expr := diff(u(x,t),t,t);

However, I would prefer to do the computations when all derivatives are expressed in terms of the D operator but cannot get that to work.  What is the trick?

I've been having trouble figuring out some functions of Maple 18 specifically related to polar and cartesian integrals. My questions exactly would be; how does one go about translating a cartesian integral into a polar integral and just about most things related to polar and cartesian interactions/conversions.


For an example I have a double integral of 9xy^2 dxdy with bounds a= -sqrt(a^2-y^2) b= 0 c= 0, d= 1.

How exatcly do I use all of the available Maple functions to help me get to my answer?


Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

according to help on timelimit

"Note: For efficiency reasons, the timelimit bound is ignored while in built-in routines."

Which is not very useful, since I want to limit  int() to some CPU time.

There are some integrals that can hang Maple easily. I'd like to set some CPU time on an int() and
have it terminate with error, but I am not able to find how to do that.

For example this


Will hangs Maple.
Is there a trick some expert here can show to limit the CPU time on a build in operation?
May be some package or other command can do this?

I am only interested in int() now, but if it can work also on dsolve, that will be good.

thank you
ps. Mathematica supports putting time constraint on build-in commands. So I do
not see why Maple can't also do the same.

Hello. I have a question. If you can help me, i am pleasure.

Have nice day. :)


soru := proc(n,x)
local top::0;
for x from 2 to n do
top =top+(((x^(2+i))*top)^(1/(n+2-i)));
end proc;



Error, (in soru) illegal use of a formal parameter

Hi, when I use maple to calculate some complex equations, there maybe a bug in 2d-math, and the problem is surprising.

As the following illustrated, f4 is a large equation, and r4, a short one. If I put the mouse pointer at  f4 and press the "enter" key, then maple excute f4 rightly and the mouse pointer go to p16 directly.(It seem that r4 has been skipped), then I press "enter" key when the mouse pointer locates at p16, an error occured. It is clearly that maple dose not run r4.

The code seems like:







After some test, I find that a short equation will be skipped by maple if the short equation is followed after a big equation. So it is need concerning that the user use 2d-math in maple, especially the equations are complex and large.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how to upload a picture if the picture has not a url?

Hello. I have a question. If you can help me, i am pleasure.

Have nice day. :)


Question: Enter a number after maple find(understand) to prime number or normal number.


> asal := proc(n)
> local m;
> if n<2 then
> m := s=n/2+1;
> print(m);
> else
> for i from 2 to n do
> if irem(n,i,0) then
> print("asal değil");
> if i = m then
> print("asaldir");
> end do;
> end if;
> end if;
> end proc;


Consider the following code, which just generates two "identical" matrices, differing only in their requested storage type, and then does some simple manipulations.

# Define matrix using sparse storage
   testM:= Matrix( 40,40,
# Define identical(?) matrix with rectangular storage
   nm:= Matrix( 40,40,
# Define procedure to return some matrix properties
   matData:= proc( myMat::Matrix)
                            return op(3, myMat)[2], # check storage type
                                      myMat[5, 1..-1], # get 5-th row
                                      add(myMat[5, 1..-1]); # add elements in 5-th row
                    end proc:
# Get properies of the two matrices - should be identical
# but check result of adding elements in the 5-th row

The matData procedure ought to produce the same results for the two matrices, with the exception of the storrage type. But the 'add()' command does not. The 'myMat[5, 1..-1]' command produces the same vector, the 5-th row - but stick an add() wrapper around it and all hell breaks loose.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Suggestions such as avoiding sparse data storage are not really acceptable: the above is a much simplified version of my original problem where I was using graph theory to play with a "cost function" and (with G a graph) the command,


returned a sparse-storage matrix - and I didn't notice. There appears to be no option on the WeightMatrix() command to control the storage tyoe of the returned matrix. Result was that all subsequent code based on slicing/dicing/and particularly 'add()ing' sub-blocks of this weight matrix fell apart

Don't get me wrong: I can sort of accept that the weight matrix of minimal spanning tree would (hopefully) be mainly zeros so sparse-storage might be a good default option but I don't see why the results of a command such as

add(myMat[5, 1..-1])

should vary depending on the internal storage used for the matrix, particularly when I have no control over the storage type being adopted


How to find the maximum natural number n s. t. the sum of its cubed digits is greater than or equal to n? Of course, with Maple. The same question for the sum of the  digits to k-th power. Here are my unsuccessful attempts:
1.Optimization:-Maximize(n, {n <= convert(map(c ->c^3, convert(n, base, 10)), `+`)}, assume = integer);

Error, invalid input: `convert/base` expects its 1st argument, n, to be of type {integer, list(integer)}, but received n

2. for n while n <= convert(map(c ->c^3, convert(n, base, 10)), `+`) do print(n) end do;


I am facing a problem in maple 17. When I am launching maple 17, each time  the evaluating process is automatic started in server 1 without any input. I could not interrupt this evaluating process. For removing this problem I reinstall maple 17, but the problem is exist.  Please inform me soon how remove this problem ?

Maple responds with FALSE, but for which real number is the statement false?

restart; assume(x, 'real');

verify(abs(x), sqrt(x^2), {'equal'});


kind regards,

Harry Garst


I'm very interested by this function so as to export my code Maple as MATHML thanks to the function ExportContent.

However, this function can be applied only to a expression.

I would like to apply to all the code of my worksheet.

Do you have some ides to apply ExportContent or equivalent to obtain the MATHML transformation of a whole worksheet ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,


I need to prepare for a final exam for a introdutory computer science course in Maple.
My professor gives us mutliple choice questions, short answer questions and wiritng some codes.

what is the most efficient way to study for my final exam? or how should i study for an computer science exam. I am not really use to preparing for such a course. 

Are there any websites that i can practice multiple choice questions?

I would appreciate any advice.


Thank you very much.

Dear friend! Hope you will be fine, I want to general matrix for m by m order. The file attached. I am waiting kind response.

PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics


solve 30a+75b+110c+85d+255e+160f+15g+12h+120i=8000 over the positive integers

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