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In my model, in order to better follow a analytical study, i would like to make some calculations with my paramters.

For example, I have defined :




I would define R in the parameters area so as to use it for some definitions in the definition of body (i use especially maplesim for multibody systems.)

How is it possible to define parameters thanks to relations ?

I am writing a code in maple and I need to run another code at the end,  something like external subroutine. Could you possibly help me about it? 




What I hope to get is a vector with i-th entry being the dervative of f, differentiated w.r.s.t the i-th parameter, like this



Is there a more efficient (built-in) command to do this?


VectorCalculus[diff] does not do what I want.







I am using the Map function from the Threads package on a quad core processor, it only seems to use one thread however. The Array I am processing holds over 2 million entries and takes over 10 hours to calculate (single threaded).

Is this behavoir normal? I already tried to define a tasksize but that didn't work.

Kind regards


Hi there

I have have a 18*18 matrix which almost each of its element are in symbolic form. Now I need to have all of its eigenvectors. Unfortunately when I use the "Eigenvalues()" function in maple i got nothing. In fact I got the error which comes below.

Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled

I need to know if there's a solution to eliminate the error? If not, what can I do to determine the eigenvectors and eigenvalues in symbolic form?

I'll be appreciated your help

Hi Maple friends.

I have a plot. I click on the plot, and the blue border appears the around the plot. I press the delete key on my keyboard, and the plot is not deleted. Not deleted when I press the backspace key either. I can right-click on the plot and choose 'cut', but that just copies the plot to the clipboard.

So how can I delete a plot from the worksheet, without deleting anything else?

Thanks in advance.


i have data in a file excell(attach in below) and i will import them to maple and plot the figure,how do this work?

with regards...


Hi Maple friends.

I am trying to differentiate these:

1. csc(x)/x

2. 3*x^2*cot(x)

From doing it by hand, I am getting:

1. -cosec(x)*(xcot(x) + 1)

2. 6x*cot(x) - 3x^2*cosec^2(x)

But Maple is giving the answer:

1. diff(csc(x)/x, x);


2. diff(3*x^2*cot(x), x);


My answers don't look like Maple's answers. Are they actually the same?

Thanks in advance.


The problem is how to plot a linear transformation, for example,


As, I searched, I found out that the code "LinearTransformPlot" can do that but it defines to act for example on lines or a certain subspace. May I ask you to learn the solution. Should we have a subspace untill we can plot the transformation? Thanks

a problem of subs...

August 17 2014 taro 100

Hello people in mapleprimes,


I want to modify the next equation: 

(**)  a:=sigma*omega*alpha = mu(H, H)*s*omega*gamma1*L+mu(F, H)*s*L-mu(F, H)*s*L*gamma1;

to be

(***)    sigma*omega*alpha = mu(H, H)*s*omega*gamma1*L+(1-gamma1)*mu(F, H)*s*L;


For that, first I defined b as


, and substituted this to a with



But, what I could obtain was only the orignal equation (**) not (***).

Please tell me how to use subs to this problem to obtain (***)。

Thanks in advance.



I know


works well as for what I wrote (**) as above.

But, originally, it was a result from substituting various equations into an equation.

For it, (****) does not work well.  



Whenever i open Maple 18, some symbols are missing including the arrows. I use Maple 18 to do math assingments, and the arrows are useful. It seems like a lot of other content is missing in Maple 18 as well. Below is a picture of the missing symbols, or there should be one. Any help on how i get the arrows back, would be amazing.

Symbols missing

Hi, i'm trying to make a function to create 2 polygons with the same number of sides, the same center but different radius. These 2 polygons have to be on the same draw. I tried by doing this function but its not working..

 If anyone could help me it would be great and sorry for my bad english i'm from France.


Use DrawSubgroupLattice for G:=Symm(4) then


Drawing this Series there are red marked 30,29,21,1.

But why not 8 or 9 or 10 which are between 21 and 1?

Best regards


Kurt Ewald


i solved nonlinear ode in terms of t (y(t)) with dsolve command,how i will evaluate value function(y(t)) in points t=0..1 with delta t=0.01 and results(t and y(t)) inside a excel file?

eq := diff(y(t), t, t)-y(t)^2 = 1
res := dsolve({eq, y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0}, {y(t)}, numeric)


Hello! How can I find extremes of numeric solution of ODE system obtained using "dsolve"? Can I use something like "extrema" function?

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