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wrong taylor expansion result...

Yesterday at 3:45 AM _zgj 60

taylor(1/(1+z^2), z = 1, 4)

The result is 


but in fact the result is 


my Maple is Maple 16,How to solve this problem?

Hi there,

is it possible to have the legend of a pointplot accepting arguments?

Say I have an array of 3 values (e.g. p:=[1.5,2,2.5]) representing a given parameter for a function. When representing this function by means of a plot, I would like the legend (legend="Parameter " + value in array; legend=["Parameter", "Parameter", "Parameter") to accept the contents of the array, without entering the values manually:

Parameter 1.5

Parameter 2

Parameter 2.5


How can this be achieved?




When I plot an expresion I would the graphics be framed. What I am getting, instead, is the curve and the axis, whith no frame at all. How can I force Maple to make the graphic surrounded by a frame? 

Archimedes supposedlly, was asked to determine whether a crown made for the king consisted of pure gold. According to 

legend, he solved this problem by weighing the crown first in air and then in water. Suppose the scale read 7.84 N when the 

crown was in the air and 6.84 N when it was in water.


What should Archimedes have told the king ?


Matlab to maple...

October 29 2014 hikki 5

Hi! I have a matlab worksheet that i need to convert it to Maplesoft. Is it possible?



Take a look at below. I was expecting maple to give me "g'(1)"! :)

hi.i am a problem with following dsolve.please help me....thanks alot

dsys3 := {10*f2(x)+12*(diff(f1(x), x))+14*f3(x) = 0, 2*(diff(f1(x), x, x))+4*(diff(f2(x), x))+6*(diff(f3(x), x)) = 0, 16*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x, x))+19*(diff(f3(x), x, x))+22*(diff(f1(x), x))+25*f2(x)+27*f3(x)+29*f3(x)+31+32 = 0, f1(0) = 0, f1(1) = 0, f2(0) = 0, f2(1) = 0, f3(0) = 0, f3(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(1) = 0}; dsol5 := dsolve(dsys3, 'maxmesh' = 500, numeric, range = 0 .. 1, abserr = .1, output = listprocedure); fy3 := eval(f3(x), dsol5); fy2 := eval(f2(x), dsol5); fy1 := eval(f1(x), dsol5)



Suppose an ideal gas expands to four times its initial volume. From experience for this process, the initial and final 

temperature are the same.

  1. Using a macroscopic approach, calculate the entropy change for the gas
  2. Using statistical considerations, calculate the change in entropy for the gas and show that it agrees with the answer 
    you obtained in part 1.

What is the probability that the total of two dice will be greater than 9, given that the first die is a 5?


Let N be an integer. 


For each pair of integers (n,m) where 1<= n,m <= N, we have a variable f_{n,m}(t). 


Then for these we have a system of ODEs 


d/dt f_{n,m}(t) = \sum_{n', m'} f_m'n' * f_m''n'' * (m'n'' - m''n') 


where m''=m-m', n''=n=n', and the sum is simply over for all pairs (n',m'). 


I simply do not know how to put these set of equations into Maple in a nice way. 


I will really appreciate any help!

  1. Sketch the two vectors listed after the formula for r (t).
  2. Sketch, on the same plane, the curve C dterminated by r (t), and indicate the orientation for the given values of t.

    r (t)=t*i +4*cos (t)j +9*sin (t)k,

    r (0), r(Pi/4),  t>=0

Cause CodeTools:-Test will not eval the paramater:

f := x -> x+1;

y := 2;

CodeTools:-Test( f(1), 2); # this will work as normal

CodeTools:-Test( f(1), y); # this will not work because `y` will not eval as 2


So current my solution is

test := subs(y=2, () -> CodeTools:-Test( f(1), y));




I don't know is there any more proper solution for this.

More general, is there a way to force evaluate an `uneval` parameter?





the final result I want to get should be b*x

Thank you.

How to convert an  algebraic equation to a parametrized one ?


How to sketch the curve of a circular cylinder , x^2+y^3^=a^2 with the parametric equations lying on it ?

x=a*cos't) , y=a*sin(t) , z=b*t , if t varies from 0 to 2*Pi, the point P starts at(a,0,0) and moves upward.

How to show that the parametric equations are indeed lying on the cylinder ?

How to plot the whole things ?



m:=2; k:=75.11; L:=3; a=k-m*L; b:=k+m*L-1;

m := 2

k := 75.11

L := 3

a = 69.11

b := 80.11


z := 150.22/snr


z1 := 0.1893190041e89*(1/snr)^40.55500000


x := 0.4283082808e-21*(1/snr)^40.55500000


me := MeijerG([[1.-.5000000000*a, 1.+.5000000000*a, 41.55500000, 41.55500000], []], [[41.55500000], [40.55500000]], 0.6656903209e-2*snr)


cap := 0.4283082808e-21*(1/snr)^40.55500000*MeijerG([[1.-.5000000000*a, 1.+.5000000000*a, 41.55500000, 41.55500000], []], [[41.55500000], [40.55500000]], 0.6656903209e-2*snr)


Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined


Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct

Error, empty plot





Just a begineer in maple and dont know how to rectify this error.

any help..???


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