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large matrices...

April 07 2009 Wally 12
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As soon as my matrices are larger then 10 by 10, Maple doesn't show them. Instead I get

Vector(4, {(1) = ` 14 x 14 `*Matrix, (2) = `Data Type: `*anything, (3) = `Storage: `*rectangular, (4) = `Order: `*Fortran_order})

How can I change this?



I'm a newbie with Maple12 (MacOS) and unfortunately not able to solve my problem on my own, that's why I'm asking you for help:

After importing an 8x8 matrix from Excel into Maple I cannot get the eigenvalue of my matrix. Error message:

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues) invalid input: LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues expects its 1st argument, A, to be of type Matrix(square) but received C

Why is the function Eigenvalues expecting an square Matrix???

here are my files:


I´m trying to create a 3D-plot of the following data

0.25Y               0.5Y               1Y               2Y               5Y               10Y

limit of function...

April 07 2009 kagu 60

 I m new with maple and  i want to calculate a limit of function like this one, what must i do to have the true value because i can't do this with   limit(f,x=-1),   my function is f:=(-e-xe)/xe(x+1)  at x =-1



How can I combine two plots so that one is above the other and they have the same x-axis.


Here's an example of what I want.



I tried array of plots, but in this case each plot has its own axes and they are side by side horizontally.


Any other suggestions?


I am dealing with the following problem, which has extensive symbolic computations. It was taking extremely long in MATLAB so I thought of Maple. It turns out that Maple is also taking pretty long time. Is there any way to accelerate this in Maple (or in MATLAB).

I am attaching a two-line Maple code (Thanks Alec for the previous help)

u := (1-cos(x)):
for i to 10 do u := u+int(subs(x = t, diff(u, [`$`(x, 2)])+u-A*(1+2*u+3*u^2+4*u^3))*(t-x), t = 0 .. x) end do:

where A is a constant.


I am new to Maple and wish to convert the following simple code written in Matlab to its equivalent Maple.


syms x
for i=1:5


Does anybody know how to solve the attached quation analytically for rho? The solve command fails.

(Solving numerically and plotting with implicitplot3d works well.)

View on MapleNet or Download
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How would I find the number of vertices, the number of edges and the degree of each vertex in the given undirected graph.

Please see the attached Maple file.  It has my work.

I would really appreciate any reply back.

Take care


Say I have an expression like this:

E = 1/(x^2 + y^2) + (x^2+y^2)

And let's say I want to make a substitution for t = (x^2 + y^2);

E = 1/t + t

Now I want to be able to differentiate this.  eg,

diff(E, x)

I should get:

- dt/dx / t^2 + dt/dx

How can I make Maple provide output in this form?  ie, I do not want to see an output of - 2*x/(x^2+y^2)^2 + 2*x

Hey, does anyone here know how to program the product Nystrom method for solving integral equations of the second kind? Thanks

Hi i am having difficulty converting a text file consisting of words into ascii code. using maple and vice versa.
I dont know how to.

My notepad text is  "(testing)" and i wanted maple to show me "testing"  in ascii code but i just dnt knw how to get it to do it.

Can someone please help me i would be very gratefull

Thank u


Hello.  I'm quite new to Maple and I've run into a problem.

My assignment is to create a program that takes input as plaintext, converts it into a matrix X using an alphabet, then encrypts it by multiplying the matrix X by a key matrix M.  Only problem is, I can't even get Maple to recognize a proper if statement.  The if statement is never triggered.


block := 3;

maplet := Maplet(


I have a Bivariate Distribution that has a PDF equal to 






Hi everyone,

I am trying to write a proc for the binomial method for option prices.  I have the following code:

treeStockPrices := proc (s0, X, r, sigma, T, N)

local dt, u, d, a, b, p, L, i, j, k, m;

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