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I replied to the following thread but after further thought I probably start a new thread:

hey all

I want to write an algorithm similar to this but instead of ''w1:=a+h''   I have to put about 75 commands. how can i do this?


Can someone help me please?


Hello all!

I am an Open University student just starting with Maple 11. I am studying the course MS325 Computer Algebra, Chaos and Simulations and we have to use the classic interface.

I use Fedora 11 Linux on my Acer Aspire One netbook. I have loaded Maple 11 for Linux, and the standard version opens OK by using ./xmaple

But if I try to open the classic interface with ./maple -cw

I get this:

I know it is possible to change the "Look and Feel" of Java applications, and i was wondering if there was any way to do this on Maple? (Maple 13 for Linux, to be exact.) 

What am i doing wrong?


> restart;
> g := .2189750324;

> m2 := 1;

> a := 1;

> c2 := -1;

> equation2 := y = m2*X+c2; 

> area1 := int(equation2, X = g .. a, numeric);

Error, (in int) invalid arguments


Can i make an algorithm like this in maple?

w= 4

for k= 1 to 10 do

             for h = 1 to 20 do

                      for a = 4 to 15 do

                               w1= a+hk

Objective: plot a graph from data drawn from two arrays. I would like to have the data points marked with a symbol (point, circle, or diamond, etc.) on the graph. How do I do that? Following is the code: -- two arrays of data point: engineeringStress and epsilon(engineering strain) -- Zip is used to put two arrays into data points (x,y) to create stressStrainData -- plot is used to graph The plot shows a line; I would like to have the data points marked (visibly seen) on the graph. Thanks. --mdc > restart; > with(plots); with(plottools);


I would like to create a literal subscript using a mac and international keyboard.

Unfortunately the symbol on the expression palette does not work so I need to use a keyboard shortcut. I have been searching the internet and maple help for hours, but I cannot find it. What I did find is:

Eigenvector ordering...

February 05 2010 mjmoore 45

Hi all,

Is there a way to call Eigenvectors(), order the returned eigenvalues from largest to smallest, and have the returned eigenvectors reflect this ordering? I've tried a sort() on the eigenvalues which orders them successfully, but I can't seem to figure out how to apply the ordering changes to my eigenvectors.

I am trying to substitute 2 solutions from each loop into a general matrix but i cannot do this.


File attached.


Thank you,View 11295_loop on MapleNet or Download 11295_loop
View file details

How do I calculate the derivative of C(r,t) with respect to r evaluated at r=a? I can do it in multiple lines like this:





But this is a pretty ghetto way of doing this, how do I solve for R in one line? I thought diff or D could do it but I can't seem to get the syntax right :(


From the program below



Hi everyone!

I am part of a team managing a multi-user network at a mathematics institute in erlangen. 

We are working with Sun Solaris 5.10 and have got a problem plotting with plot3d(plot works fine though).

Any 3d plot results in a black screen. When I resize the plotting frame, the plot gets visible, but it immediately returns to a distorted black frame, when I release the mouse button. Updating the display on the rays doesn't help at all.

Have you any ideas how we can get Maple to plot  regularily?

Thank you and best wishes!

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