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Why does Maple squawk when I submit more equations than it needs for FSOLVE?  Shouldn't Maple be able to tell that the first equation is dependent on the next two equations and ignore it?  Why can't SOLVE simply output the solutions as shown in the comment line instead of giving me all that razzamatazz about RootOf this and RootOfthat?  Thanks, Ratch

I dont know if I am suppose to post this in the Get Help Forum;

So I am trying to get ready for a skills test in using Maple and I am stuck on a couple review questions, I know they seem simple but I am really new at Maple.  Help Please?


Find the arc length of the curve y^2 + y = x with positive y-values from x =1 to x = 6 in two different ways and plot the graph of the curve with MAPLE.




Hi, all, I have a confusion when I made a newline in worksheet mode. Usually, when I hit "shift+enter", then a newline is got. However, I found that in worksheet mode, when I hit "shift+enter", there is a newline, but there is no arrow appearing at the beginning of the newline while other worksheet file (not mine) has such a arrow at the beginning of each new line. any idea? my maple is maple12. thanks

I am trying to plot four different DEs on one graph, but Maple does not like the fact that I have several constants that are not assigned to numerical values.  Here is my code:


How would the parametric equation for the following cylinder be like?


Cylinder: x^2 + y^2 = a*x  where a > 0





my system [u(t),v(t),w(t)] is highly non-linear. I want to understand the local behavior at [u=0,v=0,w=0]. The boundary conditions are as follows: u(0) is given but v(0) and w(0) are not. I want to know if there is a suitable choice of v(0) and w(0) such that the system will converge to the critical point [0,0,0].

Can this system be approximated by a linear system? Or by a two-dimensional system?



Can I use the solve function with complex number?

i.e) a simple example

7 = solve(magnitude((2+j7) / (1+j*x), x)

How to implement the above to solve x in Maple?

seems Maple doesn't treat the complex sign of j as complex.

solve(sqrt(5)=abs(1+k*I), k);

I got k as
-I*(5^(1/2)-1), (5^(1/2)+1)*I

I might expect the k for 2.




Chi Values...

December 06 2009 ki3ff 4

How do I go about calculating a chi value for a fit line?


I am trying to create a procedure for the Simpson function and i can't see why it is wrong.

This is what i have done but it keeps coming up with an error.


I have created a test bank in MapleTA. The question types are Fill-in-the Blank. Since I am new to Maple T.A I am not sure if there is a way to change the setting to relaxed grading routine (case insensitive).

For Example - the text of the student response is checked for key words that have been specified by the instructor. The system ignores other text, extra white space, and capitalization in the student response. So, the student would get full credit if they use the key words anywhere in their response.

hi everyone,

how do I tell maple that an undefined constant e.g. K is positive and real, so that the command abs(K) results in K and not |K|?

Is there a general way of applying rules and bounds on constants without defining them directly?


I would like to construct a Matrix containing the output of a function f(x,y) for different values of x and y, with the x-values varying (say) along the column and the y-values varying along the row.

Assume we have several impedance connected in parallel.

R1, L1, C1, R2

In Mathematics,

R_total = R1 || sL1 || 1/sC1 || R2

Is there possible to calculate the R_total using one of Maple function??





Assume I have a transfer function in "s" term and symbolic parameters (A, B, C, and D).

TF := (1+s*D)/(A*s^2 + B*s + C)



How can I convert the above TF in generic form in term of damping ratio?

The generic form can be written as (1+sD)/(s^2 + 2*damp*wn*s + wn^2)

Should I use a "collrect" or "simpligy" function to re-write original TF in generic form?

Let's say we re-write TF in generic form.

I'm trying to plot two "inequal" using "display". I wrote the following code:

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