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How to speedup them? There are more than 20 functions that are evaluated one by one. Is option 'remember' + permanent remembered item of pure symbolic calculation can speedup this process? How also efficiently to do simlify itself? Can i actually use more kernels in one session or to paralilize available one?

Hello everyone

I have a function, constructed by numerically solving a set of differential equations.  I need to find a best fit for this function with an analitic model with two parameters. I tried to extract some points of this function and then using nonlinearfit:

xvalues:=Vector([seq(105 ..106,104);

yvalues:=Vector([seq(evalf(function),x=105 ..106,104)]);




I have a derivation to do for my PhD thesis, and it is long and tedious. It is essentially a case of splitting sums, making substitutions and then simplifying. I believe maple can do this for me, but have not found how yet. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. I have done this for a third order problem (three nested sums) and the derivation runs to many pages. I now need to do so for the 4th order problem, and it is a more than daunting prospect

In polar coordinate, when we differentiate er, it becomes e[theta]. However it seems Maple can't do this, even I have set it into polar coordinate.

How can I allow maple to do this?

Any Example can help see the difference between contour and simple integration?

int(XXXX, x, method = contour);

int (XXX, x)

which example can help to see the difference?

Why that Find / Replace doesn't work?

Wnat to rename some variables but it doesn't seem to find text in eval-cells at all :(


I wan`t use maple to solve my problem

x1[n]= ej*( Π/6) *n

Hey, so i guess i dont really know whats going on. I am trying to install Maple 10 on my Macbook Pro. I get an error message Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/crimson/parser/XMLReaderImpl when i try to open the program. Any help?

Want to do smth like that:

Call EvalMapleStatement from c dll.

expression always has form like "F(0.4, 0.7, 0.9);" i.e. maple defined function called. All i need it's value without any kind of caching. But memory usage dramatically grows. Help to overcome it!


Tried already EvalMapleStatement ("forget(F);") - do not work. I'm out of ideas what maple also caches. F itself is complicated enought. And not known a priori. How to clear all caches of other functions that f might call?

How to make maple to change ln(exp(x)) = x?  for example exp(ln(x)) = x, or ln(exp(x+1)) = x+1

How can I most succinctly and straightforwardly get Maple to simplify f below to g below?

> f:=(6*x^2-6*x+6)^(1/2)*(2*x^2-2*x+2)^(1/2);

                          (1/2)                 (1/2)
          /   2          \      /   2          \     
          \6 x  - 6 x + 6/      \2 x  - 2 x + 2/     

> g:=simplify(f) assuming x::real;

                        (1/2) / 2        \
                     2 3      \x  - x + 1/

> simplify(g-f...

I want to plot a random ... no, sorry, normal distribution of points around a line.  Let's supose we use the line sin(x) from x=0..2*Pi as an example. 

I have a complex nonlinear long term, I have not found a way to simulate this expression,how I can apply the method of least squares


I want to evaluate an approximation of the solution of the equation eq1 in [0,1] using 4 digits.

In first try, when I first write Digits:=4,  this seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In second try, when I write evalf(fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1),4),  evalf seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In the final try, when I write  
> fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1):
> evalf(%,4);
I have...

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