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I was going to demonstrate the action of Maple for a symmetric 3 by 3 real matrix with 1, 2, and 3 distinct eigenvalues and got strange results.  It may be that I need to explicitly tell Maple that the matrix is symmetric and real. (How would I do this?)

For example, after   with(LinearAlgebra)    I put   tmat1:=Matrix(3,3,[1,2,3,2,4,5,3,5,6]), and get eigenvalues with small imaginary parts (!).   When I put   tmat2:=Matrix(3,3,[0,1,1,1,0,1,1,1,0...


Was wondering why I am getting such a variety of outputs when I input what is essentially the same expression each time ?

See attached screenshot.


There have been many times when I want to see what the graph a function looks like, but don't have numbers to put in there. Sure, I could just plug in numbers, but that often affects the graph - such as slope. Is there any way for Maple to show me the shape of a graph with a symbolic function?


How to compress the following equation to make it more easly readable.





If I have an ODE say dg/dx = g I can't seem to get a solution I can work with directly. Of course with dsolve I can get an expression which I can cut and paste into a function definition: ie.

ode:=diff(g(x),x) - g = 0


g:=x->"output from dsolve"


But how do I get g(x) without the cut and paste. I have tried a number of ideas (rhs, subs) but I cannot get a function I can use  for example to calculate g(0) or g(1)

I am facing a problem dsolve/numeric, and I am attaching two files: dsolve-issue.mws and dsolve-issue2.mws the first one shows a simplified version of the problem, the second one is an actual example of one the DE systems I desperately need to solve. There are brief comments in the files describing the problem, but here is the summary:


Maple 13 here. Is there a tutor which gives you a step-by-step solving process for linear 1st and 2nd order ODEs (similar to the one for Calculus/Integration Methods) ? I have been disappointed in not being able to find this, unless I am missing something.


Good Afternoon.

I have a problem with that project, because the when i move the dial (DialKp1) the component Mathbase don´t update the lat change.

I don´t know how can i do for updating it?







How to skip error and continue to run in procedure?

Hi Experts,

Here is my File. I use the DirectSearch2 Library.

Searching the Minimum works fine. (800 sec on i7 PC)

But the Datafit runs endless.

I tried to make the fit with min SSE that works, but why does DataFit not succeed?


Thanks for answering.


Hello Everybody


for Solving a parabolic Inhomogeneous  PDE, I used the Green's Function,

I tried to simplify the Inhomogeneous term, But still can not calculate the answer.


this is my file :


Please HELP !

I like the pretty print of maple, and I want to print the output to a file instead Maple document (if it could be, print in both of 2).

For example:

exprs := [ (a*x + b)/sin(x) = 0, (a*x^2 + b*x + c)/(d*x + e) = 0 ]:

And my output text file may be somthing like this:
                          a x + b    

As an exercise to find the solution of this equation,

         (a^(x+2))^(1/3)  =  (a^(x-5))^(1/2)

Maple 14 and 15 provide no answer, which preceding releases found to be x = 19,

but complain about a "numeric exception: division by zero"!

     Is that progress with Maple?

> r= r*cos(theta) + r*sin(theta);

le the ODE, ode.


> G=6.67 * 10^(-11);


> F1=(m*a);


> F2=(-G*M*m)/(abs(r^(3)));


> solve(m*a)=(-G*M*m)/(abs(r^(3)));


> with(DifferentialAlgebra:-Tools);
Error, `DifferentialAlgebra` does not evaluate to a module
> with(DifferentialAlgebra);
Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received DifferentialAlgebra

don't know why maple 12 give these error, how to import differentialalgebra package?

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