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How do I test a variable against itself to see if it has a value or not?

As an example


[seq(`if`(p||i=p||i,p||i,NULL),i=1..5)]  # when p||i actually equals p||i and not some value ie sequence should not include p3,p4 and p5


hi, i am a danish htx student and we use maple for our math lessons, when i started here i installed maple 13 and it has been working fine, but our serial runs out so i had to upgrade to maple 15. when i did i uninstalled the previous maple version and installed the 64 bit maple for my 64 bit windows vista. now when i try to do for instance f(x), the ( and ) breaks maple and all text/numbers vanishes, if i open my previous school homework they look empty aswell. clicking and...

Hello togehter,

i switched for various reasons from Gnuplot to Maple for plotting my data.

1) Is there a way to label the secondary x (top) and secondary y axis (right) in boxed axis style. Attached you find a picture from a Gnuplot i've done and the plot i'm currently working on in maple.

2) I do like the black "cross" in the midlle refering to the x,y axis at zero positions. Is there a way to do this, as well.


Hello there,

Im using this code


> with(ExcelTools);

> L := Import("C:\parameters15.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A2:I2");
and I keep getting :     Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) Could not open the file.
What are the possible reasons for this? I have triple checked the file name, location and extension. It's all good.
How many randomly ordered signals are required until we achieve a chaotic signal, or one that is undistinguishable from being random? Another way to put it, although not a good example, is if we had an infinitely large room full of people talking, what is the minimum number of people needed to be to make the noise appear random? Of course making a few unrealistic conditions such as the volume of each persons speech is heard at the same level and pitch no matter their distance...

sol := dsolve(edeq,Q(w));

Please help me out!

there is an error in using dsolve!

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) system must be entered as a set/list of expressions/equations

what can I do?

Eq17 := -3*m2*b*(diff(alpha(t), t))^2*(diff(alpha(t), t, t))*(1/2)+((-m2*b*(diff(beta(t), t, t))+2*m3*a*b*sin(beta(t))+b*sin(beta(t))*a*m2+m3*a*c*sin(beta(t)+theta(t)))*(diff(beta(t), t))+(m3*a*c*sin(beta(t)+theta(t))+m3*b*c*sin(theta(t)))*(diff(theta(t), t)))*(diff(alpha(t...

i follow a book's command




1. all can not run with dsolve in maple 15, error expecting ode or a set or list of ode,

2. what is the meaning of op(2,");?


I need to do this:



Notice that the elements in A can be lists themselves. How can I define such kind of function?

TIA for the help


I am trying to plot this function Sigma(R30) but I get failed to do so. Any one would like to try to help me out?

The attached maple sheet contains the asymptotic solution of the huge equation in .txt file. 




How can I plot the intersection of x^2+y^2+z^2<=9 and x^2+y^2+(z-3)^2<=9?

Is the intersection of this two equations a 3D region?



if you put these integrals into Tool...Tutors...Calculus SV ....Integration methods, you get simpler "nicer" answers than when you integrate them directly in a worksheet (even after simplification).

why the difference?


I am currently attempting to write my own program in maple for the 2nd order Runge-Kutta method for a second order differential equation. What I am finding dfficlut is assigning the initial conditions.  I want to include the condition that

(d(theta)/dt)[0]=v_0 and then proceed to evaluate using different values of v_0, however I'm not allowed to assign a value to a differential.

How do I go about including this condition?


(i^2+i*alpha+i*beta+i)*Q(n)+((-x*alpha-x*beta-2*x+beta-alpha)*n-x*alpha-x*beta-2*x+beta-alpha)*Q(n+1)+((1-x^2)*n^2+(-3*x^2+3)*n-2*x^2+2)*Q(n+2) = 0

After using diffeqtorec, there is n in coefficient, if multiply x^n/n! to all terms, i can not convert some to exponential function due to n^2, n and the difference of outer coefficient n not greater than n+2 in Q(n+2)

as i do not know the initial condition of above formula, differential equation is no use.

I wrote a procedure that solves an optimal control problem governed by volterra integral equation. This procedure  takes N , number of lagrange interpolating polynomials, as parameter and call NLPSolve function .the problem is: for N>10 maple displays this Error: Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) object too large. How can I fix this problem?

here is my procedure:

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