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How come the simplify command does not do a better job of reducing the term?  As anyone can see, all the terms share a common factor in the numerator and denominator which can be cancelled out.  And the factor jw is common to all terms.  See attachment.  Ratch

Some of my students have experienced a phenomenon where all of a sudden all the Maple input and output (this is in pretty print, not Maple text) piles up at the top of the screen all garbled and cant be recovered.  Has anyone else experienced this, or more importantly, does anyone know how to fix or prevent this?

We are running Maple 13.  Thanks.

A recent question prompted me to wonder whether other Maple users are using the latex output from Maple in their formal written work ? Personally I've found the Maple latex output to be lacking in a number of ways, one of which the writer of this question has found

I myself gave up using latex output...

I've downloaded and installed the Maple 14 but when I open it nothing works.  When I click on anything on the opening page an hour glass appears and no matter how long I wait nothing happens.

Probably a very stupid question.

After hesitating for a very long time I decided as a very satisfied user of MAPLE 12 (Classic worksheet, I'm very conservative) to migrate to MAPLE 14.
However the processing of the files is very slow, autosaving takes for example about 2 minutes while with MAPLE 12 only a few seconds. Saving the file gives an alert: there can be problems in saving due to formatting problems.

I think I have to do some formatting of my MAPLE...


In "Maplet Builder", how can i define a  procedure?


(Thank you  for your attention.)

Hi there,


i've wirtten a library for maple12, say "MyLib", which is given by the files "MyLib.ind" and "MyLib.lib".

I've done this via

> restart;  
>  march('create', "<path>/MyLib.lib", 1);
> read "functions.txt";
> savelibname:="<path>";
> savelib( `MyLib` );

where "functions.txt" is given as

MyLib:= module()

How would I compute the x-coordinate of the symmetry axe of a quadratic function?

How could I write this as a procedure?

Thanks alot in advance.

- Al

How do I convert an expression like 22=K/.9 to latex.

If I right click 22=K/.9 or write latex(22=K/.9) I get  22= 1.111111111\,K - in other words it decided to evaluate 1/.9 before converting it.  To me this 1.11111 is wrong - it's an ugly approximation of 1/.9 - why can't it just leave the equation alone?

So again, is there a way to convert an expression to latex without this evaluation happening? 

(I'm using maple13)


I'm in a calculus course in college right now and my professor wanted us to buy a copy of Maple, so I did.  I bought it for my Mac, but the software seems to be having trouble with basic operations, like adding, subtracting and multiplying.  If I were to try and add 2+3, for example, I can type in "2," but then when I try to type in "+," it deletes the two instead and freezes the Maple program itself.  I have no idea what's going on.  PLEASE HELP!!!

How to solve with numeric pdsolve?

first domain: from 0 to x1 (for example: from 0 to 0.2), thermal diffusivity, a1=1*10^(-6), lambda1=3
second domain: from x1 to x2 (for example: from 0.2 to 0.3), thermal diffusivity, a2=5*10^(-7),lambda2=1
IC:=T(x,0)=298 for both domain,
BC2:=T(x1+x2,t)=D[1](T)(x1+x2,t)=-10*(T(x1+x2), t)-298)/lambda2),


Hi, everyone.

I have got a question. There are n variables q[1],q[2],...q[n]. Each variable can take the value of 1,2, or 3, and I want get all the possible values of sum of these n variables,i.e. sum(q[i]...i=1..n). 
When n=2, I  write the procedure as follows:
    for q[1] from 1 to 3 do
      for q[2] from 1 to  3   do


I have this procedure:

f := proc(x) if x < 0 then x^2+1; else cos(x); end if; end proc:

When I calculate NLPSolve(f,-Pi..2*Pi); the result is good. In NLPSolve, f(Pi) or f(-Pi) are also calculated.

When I want to determine f(Pi), I have this error code:

Error, (in f) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: Pi < 0

Why ? 

I must change my procedure with adding "evalf" to get a result for f(Pi):...

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with CodeGeneration[C].

In my simple example that reproduces the problem, there's a procedure containing just a single rtable statement. The contents of the rtable are 6 formulae depending on a single variable, p.

When I stuff the procedure xpr_3 into CodeGeneration[C], strange things will happen. It appears to me that CodeGeneration[C] is omitting anything with the variable p in it. However xpr_3 can be evaluated the usual way.

Suppose I have, say three arrays. I want to perform division on all the same positional elements of the array one and two, and raise the result to a power of designated by the same positional element of the third array.  In other words, the function applies to each of the elements of the array separately.  How do I do that without getting into programming?  Ratch

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