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  I am having problems making histograms in maple. It seems that the default Maple command plots a Histogram (that is the command Histogram), with which the area of the bars is overall normalized to 1. How do I get rid of this feature? If I plot the data set (1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) with a binwidth of 1. I should expect 6 bars each of count 2 except the last 1. However in maple I get something completely strange using the command Histogram(DATASET, binwidth=1). I am using Maple 12.

1) compute the first ten derivatives of f(x)=sin(x)cos(x) using a loop. Describe the pattern for the derivatives. Use your description to predict the 2500th derivative form. 2) Expand the do-loop code in the first question to include a command line inside the loop that plots each derivative. The output shows that each derivative is plotted separately. To plot the derivatives simultaneously after the loop has terminated, save the plot inside the loop using a label such as pl[i]:=plot(df[i],x=-10..10_.
Hi, all, I want to sort hundreds of variables which are read from a file. Basically, this is what I want to use: Basis(L,plex(V)); "L" is a variable of list which is read froma file. This part is done. "V" is a variable of list which is read from a file. Well, this part is not done yet. Because I have no idea how to do this. For example, in a file, there are some variables: a, b ,c,d,e,f,g and I can read them into a variable of list: V=[a,b,c,d,e,f,g]; But the problem here is you cannot use it as plex(V) in Groebner basis package. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Gepo


I 'd like to use j as imaginary unit, and I want to display it in the title of a plot using typeset, but it doesn't work (in the expression F):

restart ;interface(imaginaryunit=j);sqrt(-1);

Thanks for help in advance.


Hi All,

I am new to maple and I am having problems writing to a file, the problem that i am having is that maple rounds
the small numbers into 0 when I write into a file but does not round if it outputs to the screen,
how can I get the screen output written in a file? Also, is it possible to write to a comma delimited file ".csv".  the code is below

I apprreciate your help


file := fopen("table.txt",'WRITE');  

Someone has implemented Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. That is implemented in the  Dr. DE Holmgren's procedure in

But it  returned the error: Error, (in ln) numeric exception: division by zero for the function a * x ^ b.



I have an area delimited by y=sqrt(x), y=0 and x=4. I want to rotate this area around the y axis to get the solid of revolution, but instead I get another solid. I am using: VolumeOfRevolution(sqrt(x),x=0..4,axis='vertical','distancefromaxis'=0,'output'='plot'); If you look at the resulting solid, you'll see that is the product of rotating the area limited by y^2(reverse function of sqrt(x)), x=0 and y=2 around the y axis, but not of the area delimited by y=sqrt(x), y=0 and x=4. How can I plot it with VolumeOfRevolution command?


i want to fit the parameters of a function for a set of points in 2D, problem is, the function is not explicitly given as y=f(x), but in parametric form.


N := 200:
U := Sample(Normal(0, 1), N):
X := <seq(cos(2*Pi*i/N)+U[i]/5, i = 1..N)>:
Y := <seq(sin(2*Pi*i/N)+U[i]/15, i = 1..N)>:
ScatterPlot(X, Y);

Lets say i want to fit a,b of the parametric model function [a*cos(t),b*sin(t)], t=0..2*Pi

I have now used quite some time trying to find out how to display an isotope in Maple in 2D-math notation. In He-4-2 I want the nucleon (or mass) number 4 to stay as a superscript, but to the left of He, and the proton number 2 as a subscript also to the left of He. How can this be done in Maple in 2D-math notation? I hope someone can help.

Erik V.

Does anybody knows of a lens distortion correction module written in Maple?

I'm guessing that this has already been dealt with somewhere, but I seem to be unable to locate it. Is it possible to create a journal quality figure using maple?  Currently I end up exporting all my data and replotting it with gnuplot or xmgrace or matlab (which can be forced to make reasonable plots), but it would be convienent to be able to skip this step.  Any suggestions (or redirections towards a webpage with such info) would be helpful.


January 19 2010 Marduk 444

Hi I need to find the solutions of sin(x)=0 in terms of n*pi... Can maple do this?




I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but why if I assume


I can't use this information as a bolean test for an if cycle?


if a >0 then a end if;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < a

Thank for any hints


Dear Maple Users

I am trying to minimize a cost function C subject to conditions t1>0 , t2>0 and t1< t2 by using maple 10

First of all, let me apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, I couldn't find any place for technical help requests.. So I just installed Maple 13. I used to have version 12 already installed. From the moment I installed 13, I had problems running both versions. I guess I shouldn't install them both together. So I deleted the installation folders (/opt/maple12 and /opt/maple13) as well as any configuration files (~/.maple). I couldn't find anything else containing the word
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