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I am working on hybrid dynamical systems an encounter the warning: "dependencies in discrete equations cannot be ordered". What does this mean and should I care about it?

> restart;

> with(plots);

BridgeHeight := 40;

BridgeFromCenter := 20;

BridgeToEdge := 35;

BridgeWidth := BridgeToEdge+BridgeFromCenter;

BridgeFromTheWater := 15;

BridgeLines := 10;

SpaceBetweenLines := 2*BridgeToEdge/BridgeLines;


LineStart := BridgeWidth;

CountLines := 0;

LineWidth := BridgeWidth;

while BridgeLines > CountLines do

CountLines := CountLines+1;

If i have the line:

S:=Sum( 1/16^k))*(4/(8*k+1)-2/ (8*k+4)-1/ (8*k+5)-1/ (8*k+6)), k=0..m);


and i want to establish the first m for which |Pi-Sm|<= 10^(-8)

when putting it into a while loop i get the error message that it cannot determine whether the expression is true or false:

while (Pi-S <= 10^(-8)) do





what am i doing wrong here?

with(Optimization); nx := Maximize(abs(.5539395590*x^2+1.130864333*x+.9891410756-exp(x)), {-1. <= x, x <= 1.})

give [0.443368608590448687e-1, [x = 1.]]

but I know that it is not the maximum because:


with(Optimization); nx := maximize(abs((29.83428688*x-57.16914857)/(x-2.196093020)-exp(x)), x = 5.0 .. 6.0, location)


if we plot this function we see that the solution exists.

with(Optimization); nx := maximize(abs(.5547114632*x^2+1.130478381*x+.9883691714-exp(x)), x = -1 .. 1, location)

nx := 0.4568872387e-1, {[{x = 1.002012310}, 0.4568872387e-1]}

but 1.002 isn't in -1..1

I have a set of functions and parameters, I am computing Jacobian to those functions. I get a matrix rectangular in dimensions. So, determine Jacobian of sub-matrices(formed by removing one column for each sub-matrix) and equating them to zero.

> T := Matrix([[0], [4*t], [0]]); X := Matrix([[x1], [x2], [x3]]); R := Matrix([[1, 0, 0], [0, cos(pi*t), -sin(pi*t)], [0, sin(pi*t), cos(pi*t)]]);

> c1 := x1^2+x2^2-1/4-(1/4)*sin(l1); c2 := x3-sin(l2); c3 := t-1/2-(1/2)*sin(l3);>

Hi e-friends,

I want to minimize a function subject to a set of S restrictions.

The restrictions are related to matrices V, W, X and Y:


V = [v1, .., vS]  order L x S

W = [w1, .., wS] order L x S


X = [x1, .., xS]  order LxS

Y = [y11,.. yS] order L x S


How may I write in MAPLE in compact form  the following S inequalities (for any arbitrary integers L and S)?. ...

In the help, a structure block diagram is given under the DynamicSystems[SystemConnect] command for the explaination of the use for the general connection,

that's intuitive and gives clear connections among every structure block,

so, I wonder whether there is a method to build that diagram or similar fig using the GraphTheory package,

that will be amazing,

is there a method? I want to know how to get it.

What it is wrong with this one-line-document:


with(Optimization): nx := Maximize(e^x, {x <= 1.})


that give this answer:


[9.99990000000000000*10^19, [e = 9.99990000000000000*10^19, x = 1.]]

this is the model of my laptop : Sony VAIO VGN-FE590P

I am going to work with maple 14 on it ,
please check its hardware details !
and tell me usually a laptop with this condition ...

Let X=(0,∞) x R and y=>g(y) be a given function. Find the solution:


To the initial value problem

(-x-y)ux(x,y)-(y)uy(x,y)+u(x,y)=0 for all (x,y)belonging to X

subject to u(0,y)=g(y).


I keep getting stuck; Any help would be amazing!

here is a matrix

A := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = ((1/2)*I)*E[0]*d[ba]/`&hbar;`, (1, 2) = -((1/2)*I)*delta, (2, 1) = ((1/2)*I)*delta, (2, 2) = ((1/2)*I)*E[0]*d[ab]/`&hbar;`})

it is clear that there is a common coeff with each element by ((1/2)*I,i just want to show the matrix with traditional way.

#A:="((1/2)*I*Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = -E[0]*d[ba]/`&hbar;`, (1, 2) = delta, (2, 1) = -delta, (2, 2) = -E[0]*d[ab]/`&hbar;`})"


I have a complicated function (combination of exponential and sin), and I want to find the infinite integral of that from 0 to infinity which I know that the function itself converges to zero at infinity. I used evalf to force maple to do that but it fails to give the numerical answer. How can I resolve the problem?




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