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Hello guys,

I am unfamiliar with maple and have problems with dsolve complex system:


where i not equal to j and z* is conjugate(z).

here is my code:

for i from 1 to 2 do



for j from 1 to 2 do

for i from 1 to 2 do

if i <> j then


end if



for j from 1 to 2 do

Dear Forum

I'm trying to evaluate the following expression:

Int(Int(Int(N*exp(-alpha*r^2)*N*exp(-alpha*r^2)*r^2,r=0..infinity) *sin(t), t=0..Pi),p=0..2*Pi)

The value of the integral should equal 1 and from that the value of the normalization constant N can be obtained. It should equal sqrt...


 Hi all,

I'm trying to use the geometry module. I tried the following code:

> with(geometry);
> point(A, xA, xB);
> point(B, xB, yB);
> line(AB, [A, B]);
line: One of the following conditions must be satisfied xA-xB <> 0 xB-yB <> 0
Error, (in geometry:-line) not enough information: the line is not defined

As you can see, maple is unable to create the line object since the two points can be the same....

calchas:~ sedoglavic$ maple
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> 264 ;


I have downloaded the quaternion package in Maple but I can't figure out how to plot them. According to the help page I need a package 'with(Plots)' (with a capital P for plots). Has anyone had any success in plotting quaternions? I'd really appreciate some help.


Thank you.

What is the total number of the nonnegative integer solutions of the system
{x+2*y+5*z-10^2012<=0, x+3*y+4*z-10^2012<=0}?
Edit. Bad copy and paste and  the tags.

What is the total number of the natural solutions of the equation
2*x+3*y+5*z+8*t-10^2012 = 0? How to find it with Maple?

Is there some way to shade in the region between the red and blue curves?


implicitplot([y = (1/5)*x^2+5, y = (1/20)*(x-5)*(x+3)*(x-10)+30, x = 2, x = 10], x = 0 .. 12, y = 0 .. 40, color = [red, blue, black, black], thickness = 3)

I tried this, but it doesn't seem to like having the x's and y's in the z range. 

 implicitplot3d(x = 6, x = 1 .. 7, y = 2 .. 5, z = 0 .. (1/4)*(x-4)^2+(1/5)*(y-3)^2+10
  , view = [0 .. 8, 0 .. 8, 0 .. 20], transparency = .5, style = hidden);
Error, (in plots/iplot3d/implicit3d) bad range arguments x = 1 .. 7, y = 2 .. 5, z = 0 .. (1/4)*(x-4)^2+(1/5)*(y-3)^2+10

I'm trying to plot a surface above the xy plane that looks like a solid,...

Which algorithm does maple follow for singular value decomposition by command 'SingularValues' in LinearAlgebra Package ?  Is it is QRSVD or divide and conquer or any other   .As far as  I know, MATLAB uses QRSVD.

Dear Maplers

I would like to define a component in MapleSim, which is difficult to write with a single equation, but rather it would be defined with a bunch of equations (a procedure). Can it be done programatically, i.e. can I write my own code (procedure) in Maple programming language to define the component? Or should I subdivide the problem to smaller steps (equations) and define a component for each of them? What would be the best way? Could you possibly give an example?


I have this spring setup:

spring setup


Now I wan't to analyse the motion of the springs, so i create this equations:

I am planning to buy a new graphics card to use the CUDA support of Maple. I have some questions:


1. I have two choices: A professional graphics card (PNY Quadro 600 1GB GDDR3) or a "normal" (or gamers') card (ASUS ENGTX480/2DI/1536MD5 1536 MB DDR5 384 Bit or MSI N570GTX-M2D12D5 GTX 570 1280 MB GDDR5 320 Bit). Which one would be more efficient for the Maple usage?


2. Are there any symbolic procedures that use the GPU in Maple (or...

As usual happens in symbolic calculations - small change of input parameters leads to drammatical change in consuptions. I had talk about many other partial issues in  this forum. Many other issues i just tried myself without any success (for example try convert(exp(x)+x, FormalPowerSeries)) and now i must take decision: wheather or not to continue work with maple at all. It's totally clear for me that others (like Wolfram mathematica) not much better. Only one other...

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