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Why does Maple Italicize every letter I type whenever I create a new file?

Is there a way to disable this automatic italicization?

How to work out this integral

I have a problem with dsolve that is explained bellow:


In Maple 14, I get the following result
d / d \ M(x)
--- |--- u(x)| = - ----
dx \ dx / EI
u(0) = 0, u(l) = 0
/ 1 1 1 \

hi, could You help me to write script(program) with maple( maple 13) exercise....?

1) The velocity of a freely falling object near Earth's surface is described by the equation
dv/dt=-g     (1.1)
where v is the velocity, g=9.8m/s^2 . Write a program that employs the Euler method to compute to solution to (1.1); that is, calculate v as a function of t. For simpilicity, assume that the initial velocity is zero-that is, the object starts from rest-and...

Hi and thank you for looking.

I have recently begun advanced maths and need help with maple. Is it possible to input an algebra equation and have maple rearrange it to make it a different subject?


I am new to maple and maths again so any help much appreciated. 


Also can maple for example if I input 6 equations could it or is there a way to get maple to pick two like equations out of them.


Thanks again, Danny 

I wrote a module that has quite a few commands in it. I want to make a help file for it so that when you type something like ?mypackage, something like this will pop up! thanks in advance!


So, I am reading the blog post about Mean Absolute Deviation portfolio optimization that


claims that the traditional portfolio optimization problem can be expressed as seen below:

I am not sure however that it is 100% correct for example you have (r[i,t...

Dear Prof

i need a maple code for solving non linear equations by variational iteration mthod.please help me in this problem.

with best regards

hamed daei kasmaei

A := 0.5e-1:

I need to solve the below nonlinear equation for n numerically, assuming taut and taum are between zero and one, not inclusive of zero and one. 

I first used "solve(EQN,n, useassumptions)assuming taum>0, taum<1, taut>0, taut<1;", but no solution was generated. I thus removed useassumptions, and used "solve(EQN,n);", but I received the message "Warning, solutions may have been lost" from Maple. How to solve this problem?


fsolve((a^2-1)/a, fulldigits, -4..4, a=9.0)

say that ' a=9.0' is invalid range?


P.S. If answer exist it also should work with avoid option.

P.P.S. Arguments processing of fsolve is terrible. After formatting and trying to understand eval(fsolve) my brain blows up. Why maple has no universal argument processing utilite avoiding dozenz of 'ifs'?

Is it somehow possible to apply the Explore command to a procedure with numerical parameters?
It would be convenient in some cases. For example, let us consider  the following  procedure:
K := proc (alpha, theta1, theta2, sigma, n::posint)
uses Statistics;
t[alpha] := fsolve(CDF(RandomVariable(NormalDistribution(0, 1)), -t) = alpha, t);
 beta := evalf(CDF(RandomVariable(NormalDistribution(0, 1)),

As far as I know, exporting an Array or Matrix of plot is not directly possible in Maple 15. Is that right? Is there a workaround?

Refer to this comment:

However, I read a suggestion by dskoog that seemed to work:

I need to plot two sets of data versus the same X- axis. For instanse, I want to plot <1,2,3,5,6> and <23,51,54,65,24> versus X-axis of <1,2,3,4,5>. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks for your kind help.

Code must not work in such way. See attach.

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