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T(t) = 20 + 74e (-ln(.4t) / 2)...

February 25 2009 evielam 8
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The time derivative problem I had earlier is solved, thanks very much, except for the equation below:

diff(x3, t) = 2*lambda*a(1-p)*[x1*(x1-1)+x2*(x2-1)]-2*a*p*x3*[x2+2*(x3-1)]-2*delta*x3

which I seek to solve using:

dsolve(diff(x3(t), t) = 2*lambda*a(1-p)*[x1*(x1-1)+x2*(x2-1)]-2*a*x3(t)*p*[x2+2*(x3(t)-1)]-2*delta*x3(t));

Somehow the following error keeps coming back:

<p>Hello,<br />
<br />
I cannot figure out how to solve the following time derivative (I use the dot notation for x1 but don't think thats relevant):<br />
<br />
diff(x1, t) = -2*a*x1*(x1-1)+(1-b)*x0<br />
<br />
because when I use dsolve for this equation:<br />
<br />
dsolve(diff(x1, t) = -2*a*x1*(x1-1)+(1-b)*x0)<br />
<br />
there comes a error, stating 'Error, (in dsolve) expecting an ODE or a set or list of ODEs. Received 0 = -0.4e-2*x1*(x1-1)+.10*x3+.10*x5'<br />

Operator inverse fuction...

February 23 2009 herclau 993

How to achieve an operator to obtain the inverse of a function?


Algorithm used by InterReduce...

February 23 2009 domo 52
Hi! Does anybody know which algorithm is used when the command "InterReduce" is envoked? I'm using Maple 12 and I want to interreduce a list of four homogeneous polynomials in 9 unknowns. I thought that "InterReduce" would use the F4 algorithm to reduce the polynomials, but the process does not finish, even after six hours. When I interreduce the polynomials "by hand" using the command "Reduce" everything is finished after 10 minutes. So, the question is, what does "InterReduce"? Which algorithm is used? Thanks a lot!! domo

export plot to word...

February 23 2009 ciccarese 81


I'm using Maple 11 and trying to export Maple plots to Word 2007. However, no matter what I do, the quality is always quite poor. In detail the plots look like in a low resolution, i.e. lines are not smooth, although I have already set the resolution to a higher value. What would be the best way to do this? Any tips?

Thanks in advance,



February 23 2009 grigxc 84
I got an expression: R:=(2*E-2*sqrt(E)*sqrt(E-V0)-V0)/(sqrt(E)+sqrt(E-V0))^2; I would like to plot R as a function of E/V0. I tried to substitute E=mu*V0 to R, then plot(R,mu=0.1..1),but failed to get the plot. How can I get the right figure? thanks.
<p>I have a 16x1 matrix in maple, and maple only displays: [matrix 16x1; data type: anything; storage:rectangular; order: fortran_order]</p>
<p>I want to actually see all the numbers, and not by applying the command v[i] for i = 1..16.</p>
<p>Is this possible??</p>
<p>I tried eval(v) but it still gives me the same result.</p>


how can I save a generated plot *and* show it on the screen (just like default-setting) at the same time? Using the plotoutput-command, it accepts only one out of the two options. Preferably, the size of each output (file and screen) can be set independently.

System: Maple 12 Worksheet mode.

Thank you guys very much in advance!


I want to use a term after it has been isolated.

For example, say that I have equation1 (eq1) and I want to use the y term in the next equation, s. 




This returns s=z+y not s=z+x-2. I would like s=z+x-2. How do I do that?



vector field...

February 22 2009 eeeeaaii 4

I am trying to do animated plots of vector fields and I'm running into a problem with the fieldstrength parameter.

Basically the way a typical vector field plot works is that every time it plots a vector it scales it by some amount based on field strengths of the other vectors on the plot.  So for example, if you use the "fixed" option it scales arrows by 0.9 times the maximum arrow size for the grid.

I have a nonlinear algebraic system with x ,y unknowns and beta parameter (0<beta<1); I want to plot in 3d the triplets (x,y,beta), where x and y are the solution of system for ten different values of beta.

For now I am able only to solve the system with fsolve, but I don't want to copy the solutions with copy and paste, because in the future I have to give to beta much more values than 10. Can anyone help me, please? This is the program:

F:= <<-3u|u|u|u>, <u|-3u|u|u>, <u|u|-3u|u>,<u|u|u|-3u>>;

There is a very nice sheet by Sergej Moiseev Orthogonal Functions, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Orthogonal Wavelets series expansions of function at the Application Center,

I am trying to create a simple loglogplot, but i am getting an empty plot error. Here is my code:





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