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how can i solve these two massive nonlinear equations ? and by which way ?

the 1st is:-

map VS subsop...

November 06 2009 casperyc 892


I am just wondering, if dealing with 'large' numbers,

which one is better? or which is approiate?


t:=time():map(i->Power(i,43214342341) mod 5423524532,a);time()-t;



for i to nops(a) do
a:=subsop(i = `mod`(Power(a[i],43214342341),5423524532),a):



I'm sorry about the weird subject of this topic.

Somewher in my calculation with maple I expect to find integrals of products of derivatives of a function of (say) f and M other parameters (say a vector theta) , possibly with constant (symbolic) coefficients, times f^alpha  (alpha real. Something like

Int(  N* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_a))* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_b))* f^alpha)

(N is an unknown constant)
I want, if possible to tell to maple:

programming help needed...

November 06 2009 Jabz 433

I need help on turning this code into a procedure and what changes do i have to make  so it works like the gauss-seidel algorithm. I have tried many times on my own but can't seem to get my head around it. Any help would be appriciated greatly.


The Game of Pig...

November 06 2009 marc005 3048

How can I set up the game of Pig in Maple ?

Does anyone have any experience with such an game in Maple ?

Could anyone please explain the solution in simple terms ?


I'm using Maple to write a report.Maple always produces quite complicated results during some steps while I only want to print the last simplified one.I need to keep those intermediate expressions because some errors will occur when reevalutes worksheet without them.
So can I hide intermediate results?Thanks.

I tried posting this on a similar post but didn't get a response:

I'm trying a similar thing but the intermediate voltages (in my case Va, and Vb) are not being removed.  Here are my equations:

First of all: I'm so sorry, I posted my question to a wrong place ( into the poll).

So I copy here the question and the answer of jakubi and my reply to jakubi.


I would like to solve the following system

x*(2*sin(x)*y^2+x^3*cos(x)+x*cos(x)*y^2) = y*(2*sin(y)*x^2+y*cos(y)*x^2+y^3*cos(y)),

-x*sin(x) = y*sin(y);

Until I have founded only the solutions

x = k*Pi,  y = +/- k*Pi;    k is any integer.

jakubi's answer:

more solutions

Hello every body,  and many thanks for our help !!!

i have the following transient heat conduction  equation:

dT/dt = a * d^2T/dx^2

now i have:

T(0,t ) = k1(t) : boundary condition

T(L,t) = k2(t) : boundary condtion

T(x,0) = k3(x) : initial condition


T(x,t) : solution at all the time

how to find out

a ?

I need to plot the slope field for this DE: (y'(x))^2 - 4*x*(y'(x)) + 4*y(x) = 0 I'm very new to Maple (tonight was my first time using it) and I'm not a good programmer, so any light you can shed on my problems would be much appreciated. This is what I tried: > with(DEtools); > eq := (diff(y(x), x))^2-4*x*(diff(y(x), x))+4*y(x) = 0; > DEplot(eq, y(x), x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 5); And then I get this error: Error, (in DEtools/DEplot/CheckDE) unable to isolate DEs for required derivatives Thanks

The fubction I've got  for ex:

f(x,y)= sum(exp(x*r[i])*a(r[i]),i=1..3):


r[1],r[2],r[3] are functionsof y

I plot f in 3d in the case when r[i] are values. no problem

but i got confused when r[i] are functions

work with literal subscript. desire to isolate theta [B]. I show in the picture what the steps in Malpas and their outputs. With the last option Maple returns nothing.

Hi, I'm trying to solve a non-linear difference equation numerically, but I receive following error: "Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system" I filtered the essential parts out of my code: a:=t->T(t)/m(t)-G0*m_aarde/(R_aarde+y(t))^2;




I don't find how to assume that the codomain of a function is the real range (0,infinity)

I want to define  g:= h-> A(h) and tell to maple that A(h) (or g(h) which is the same) is real for each h, even if the function A is still unknown.


Aditionally I can't undestand why I obtain


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