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Thanks for all the above input.


Now I have imported my text file using TOOLS->ASSISTANTS->IMPORT DATA .

Text file has 3 columns: x, y and z.


How can I get a contour plot 3d from this matrix i.e. plot z using x and y values as axes.


Thanks again.

Dear Colleagues, I need your cooperation.
How to make the following graphs to illustrate the SVD of a Matrix


How do I insert a hyperlink with this new site?  The link icon on the toolbar is grayed-out.

Just a simple histogram, but how do I select the values from the graph. 

op(b) pulls out the data of the graph

POLYGONS([[1., 0], [2., 0], [2., 1], [1., 1]], [[2., 0], [3., 0], [3., 0], [2., 0]], [[3., 0], [4., 0], [4., 1], [3., 1]], [[4., 0], [5., 0], [5., 2], [4., 2]], [[5., 0], [6., 0], [6., 1], [5., 1]], [[6., 0], [7., 0], [7., 1], [6., 1]], [[7., 0], [8., 0], [8., 1], [7., 1]], [[8., 0], [9., 0], [9., 4], [8., 4]], COLOUR(HSV, .5476190475, 1.000000000, .7000000000))

Can anyone explain the below printscreen in simple terms ?

It is taken from

on pages 24. Why do we have such a ratio (second formula) ?


Hi friends,
here is a paper from a book, which partiell diff equation I would like to solve with MathCAD or Mathematica or Maple. WHo can help? Thanks  a lot spending your time.  here is the PDF File with the paper

Is there a way to show posts in chronological order on Mapleprimes ?



first : My English not good,so excuse me.
I have a problem with this:

1)C+Z*(C)*X=D where;

I know D , Z and X are matrix(n*n),(known)
but i can`t find C or Solve (1)finding C(matrix(n*n))

Help Me


In all versions prior to and including Maple 13 the Histogram default incorrectly displays the data.  Has this been fixed in 14?




Clearly the...

I am taking up a research project that another student began last semester that utilizes Maple.  His program solved the problem correctly, but the program takes ages to do so. My Professor concluded that the other student erred because Excel can instantly handle the calculations while Maple can not.  Unfortunately, I've been looking at the code this other student wrote and cannot seem to figure out what went wrong.

I remember reading in the past that...

On another topic, I was curious about programming style in Maple.

If I declare these large matrices as local outside my procedures, can I pass them in as arguments by reference (like C++)?  Or should I just make them global?  What is the typically protocol here?

I am a little confused with exactly how arguments are passed into procedures.  More specifically, I am unsure what conditions determine whether or not a variable passed into a procedure...

I have tried MaplePrimes at various times of the day, and every time I have tried it, it has been bordering on unusably slow.  I have an extremely fast connection, and other like sites are snappy.  So why not primes?  This slowness might drive me away again.

The sample code below generates a message: Error, too many levels of recursion.  It appears to be in the permute function, and seems to be related to variable names I have in my program.  The "error" is intermittent - it appears to work for some but not others eg  aaa:=permute([a,e,i,l,z], mm); does not work but aaa:=permute([e,e,k,n,s], mm); does.  I suspect that it is not liking some variable names in my program.  Any hints or suggestions much appreciated.

How can I animate a plot into another plot?

For example x^2   into  x^3. 
I know this doesn't work but I mean something like this   animate(plot,[x,x=x^2..x^3])


Is it possible to use Maple 14 to solve a system of second order partial differential equations numerically. I have tried to do this and keep getting the following error messages:


Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/plot) unable to compute solution for t>0.: matrix is singular.

Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module.

I am concerned that there may actually be a problem with the system of PDE's I have set up not...

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