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January 27 2010 kagu 60



I want to calculate the limit of the function f1 at the point z1=-I , but  I can't , it is of the form 0/0 but by hopital we can calculate it

can you help me to do this, because it is important for my procedure to construct a continued fraction


I found in the Advanced Engineering Mathematics we have the statement: qq3 := map(int,qq2,x)+(0=a); 1 - ln(2 y(x) + 1) = ln(x) + a 2 which integrates the expression qq2 and then adds a constant. What does (0=a) mean and why does it differ from just adding a? Whenever I try and use it I get this: > int1 := (2*x^2+4)*sin(x): > ans1b := map(int, int1, x)+(0 = c); -(2/3*x^3 + 4 x)*cos(x) = c - (2/3*x^3 + 4 x)* cos(x)

Hi, I've performed a for/while/do loop in Maple 12 and have generated a list of twenty solutions. Now I'd like to sum these solutions and I have no idea how to do this or if it's possible. I'd really appreciate some help, thanks.

Testing primes...

January 27 2010 CKOne 40

Could someone please help me with this procedure please. Testing weather numberss are prime of not.

local minus1, d, test,r,p,q,i,w:

while ((d mod 2) = 0) do
end do;

test:=Power(a,d) mod n:
for i from 0 to q do
w:=a^(2^(i)*d) mod n:

if (test = 1) and ( w = minus1 or w = 1) then

1) -How do i write a " do " loop to store the sequence [1, 5 , 10 , 15 , 20] in a 1-dimensional array in maple ??

and one more question please

2)-how do i write a pair of nested " do" loops to store the following 4x4 array in Maple :

Hi, I'm trying to solve a kinetics system of equation and I keep getting this error. Could anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? > eq1; {diff(A(t), t) = -0.1e-1*A(t)*B(t)^.5, diff(B(t), t) = -0.1e-1*A(t)*B(t)^.5}; print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder / d 0.5 d 0.5\ { --- A(t) = -0.01 A(t) B(t) , --- B(t) = -0.01 A(t) B(t) } \ dt dt / > ic := {A(0) = 1.0, B(0) = 3.0}; print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder

Hi, I am new to maple. I have written a program to work out every combination of different sets of numbers. It runs a procedure on each different combination and then finds the smallest value . I'd be grateful if somebody could tell me how to get maple to return me the values corresponding to the minimum of the output values.


Hi, MY problem below is basically like this: I have a grid and need to plot points on it. The color of points depend on another parameter x. So, if x=
Hi, I have a grid given by :

How to find functions


F(x) = f(x) / g(x)

G(x) = f(x) * g(x)


so that the third derivative of F(x) and G(x) = 0.


Hello, i was hoping someone would be able to help with a couple of questions im struggling with.

I need to use the syntax for the determinant to determine if the equation below has a unique solution? Ive got another 2 lots of 3 equations that require the same answer but im not really where to start.





Any help would be appreciated.


i got some problems trying to run the example I have Maple 13 on a ubuntu machine.

for your info:


Now the problem:

Compiling the java file works, but when I try

java -classpath "$MAPLE/java/externalcall.jar:$MAPLE/java/jopenmaple.jar:." test

this exception appears:

Error loading libraries: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jopenmaple in java.library.path


I don't know how to tell maple to approximate automatically all the results, for just not having to do right click->approximate

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I've been using Copernic Desktop Search for a long time now.  It's the perfect tool for me when I want to find files that contain specific words.  But now that I have more than 1 gig of files with extension *.mw (and all the others that come with other version of Maple), I am in the need to find a way to search in thoses files.

I have this Maple code that calculates the Sharpe ration= Expected return portfolio / Standard deviation return portfolio
for a pair of stocks by using permuations [ stock[i], stock[i] ]. Each stock shows up the permuation list twice first in
[ here, not here ]  and  [ not here, here ] so I just itterate over such permuation list and take a long position in the
first stock ( +1*return) and a short position in the second stock (-1*return). So I get the Sharpe ration for all

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