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i := 2:
y[i] := y[i-1]-(y[1]-y[2+1])*(1/2):
g[i] := (y[i+1]-y[i+2])*x/(y[i]-y[i+1])+(y[i+2]*y[i]-y[i+1]*y[i+1])/(y[i]-y[i+1]):
g[i] := unapply(g[i], x):
h[i] := unapply(solve(y = g[i](x), x), y):
for i from 2 by 1 to 7 do
end do:

for i from -1 by -1 to -8 do

Is it possible to write a Maple program which prints itself and only itself?

Hey guys I'd be grateful if you can help me plot the following graph. It's the position of an elementary volume before a supernova takes place.






create a mesh of 10 mesh points, divide the ranges

0<r<any positive value

Usually Maple gives solutions in terms of radicals only up to degree=4
(for example using RootOf + allvalues).

Using 'irreduc' (to test first) and 'galois' (to check for the Galois
group, if degree <= 9) I have cases, where the result implies, that by
theory the roots can be given through radicals:

Though the results are difficult to read in my case they are 'C(6)' or
'C(8)', the cyclic groups of that order - thus abelian and IIRC those
groups are solvable.

Hi all,

I have maple 13 and have been trying to set up some plot of a single point on a plane, to teach plotting in two dimensional plane.The figure at the following page may help you to get an insight of what I am trying to do in maple:


Any advice?





Basically I have two curves, P1 and P2, which are dependent on Q1 and Q2 in a square manner. For example, P1:=1+Q1^2 and P2:=5-Q2^2. I now want to plot P1 and P2 on the same graph with the values of P1 and P2 on the same z-axis and Q1 and Q2 along the x- and y-axes. Consequently I would get two orthogonal parabolic curves. plot3d([P1,P2],Q1=-1..1,Q2=-1..1) doesn't work because it obviously draws two surfaces rather than two curves for P1 with Q2 always equal to...

Can anybody please help :

a_j := [-1/2 (r-q) j Delta t + 1/2 sigma^2 j^2 Delta t] / 1 + r Delta t

b_j := [1 - sigma^2 j^2 Delta t] / 1 + r Delta t

c_j := [1/2 (r-q) j Delta t + 1/2 sigma^2 j^2 Delta t] / 1 + r Delta t


with r:= 0.05, Delta t:= T/N , Delta S:=S/M, T:=0.4, q:=0, K:=1.1, S:=2, M=N:=10


Then I defined i:=N; such that f_{i,j}:=max(K - j*Delta S, 0);

And next I defined g_{k,j}:=f_{i,j}...

Could somebody help me I am having trouble with an if statement.

I have defined three functions a.b and c in terms of one variable j.

I have correctly defined g_{k,j} as well as other functions and now I have run into trouble with my if statement.

p:=(k,j)->if k=0 then max(K-j*S,0) else g_{k,j} end if

I think its clear what i am trying to achieve in the if statement as I want to be able to enter p(1,4), p(4,3) etc. . .  after the if statement...

Please help me with the following.


I have this function

y(theta,t):=1/4*Pi + A*sin(m*theta) + A*sin(m*theta)* (exp(-1/4 *alpha^2*beta^2)-2)/(4*Pi)*t;

which can also be written as


I am trying to simplify this: (a+b)(a-b). As we all know, this is a2-b2. Maple, though, returns this: a(a+b) - b(a+b) which is also correct, but not what I want it to show :D Any way to make it show a2-b2?

I tried simplify, factor, expand - they all give the same result. Am I doing it wrong? :D

Thanks in advance

I try to sketch and solve PDE


with boundary condition

u(0,t):=piecewise(0<t and t<=2*pi, sin*t,0) 

how to get the solution u(x,t) and sketch u(x,0),u(x,pi),u(x,2*pi),u(x,3*pi)?

the derivative of the improper integral int(cos(1/sqrt(u))^2,u=0..x) at the point x=0 with Maple?


As a new user I'm having some trouble using indexes in matrix and vector operations. For instance, I can declare three vectors from the 3 by 3 matrix E using index i: 


for i from 1 to 3 do Eigenvector[i] := Column(E, i) end do


This creates 3 vectors with indexes 1 to 3 out of the matrix E as expected. However, Maple seems unable to transpose one of the indexed vectors:

Im trying the plot the roots of


on the complex plane but its not allowing me to do so, and when i just plot it only the axes come up and no points.

Any help is appreciated.



Using Maplets Elements I'm trying to program some inputs which I then want to use to solve a differential equation. My Problem is that my inputs are somehow in the wrong data type. I actually don't even know what data type they are, but it's not string and no number as I can't calculate with them.

I do have a little programming experience (php, Java, C++) but it's my 1st maple program which I need for school.

My code so far is:


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