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Math question...

February 03 2009 Alynn 8

What is the sum of the central angles of a circle?

Is this normal. There is a way that when you type enter, display the graph. And no need to call back to the assigned variable.
Hello, this is kind of a newb problem, and isn't even terribly important cause it's just an irritant, but I'd love to know how to get around it. The problem s that Maple occasionally pulls constants out of fractional equations and puts them separately at the front. This might sound confusing so here's an example of what I mean. Take the following two equations: sigma[1] := (sqrt(T^2+1))/(4*(K+sqrt(T^2+1))); sigma[2] := (sqrt(T^2+1))/(4*K*(1+sqrt(T^2+1)));

I'm trying to plot the following simple procedure with conditional check.

> t := proc (x) if 1 < x then x else x+1 end if end proc;
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
proc(x) ... end;
> plot(f(x), x = -1 .. 4);
Error, (in t) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 1 < x

I get this error. Any thoughts?



Is there any way to plot complex numbers in polar form in maple 11? I have looked around the help section as well as these forums (where I found one post on the subject), but I have still not gotten any closer to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




I use Maple 11 on windows (Processor Intel Centrino 1.4 Ghz and 512 Mb RAM).

I have problem with plotting of my function. Time of ploting is about 30-40 seconds. I try to use evalhf in different way for my function, but get different errors. My problem is that function in example is the most simple case in my physics model. It is ideal case, but in other not ideal case time of plotting increasing to 200 or 300 seconds. It's very dramatically for me :(

My example is:



I've got weird problems with maple 12 that often does not evaluate things, even when using eval() or simplify():


Can you help me figuring htat out?

Thanks a lot!

I try to calculate integral from complicated function (contain sqrt from complex varianles, Imaganary and real part, Matrix and so on).

When I exec command

evalf(Int(f(z), z=0.0..0.1));

it works correct

When i try to increase limits on integral, i have error

evalf(Int(f(z), z=0.0..0.2));

Error, (in signum/main) too many levels of recursion


I use Maple on Windows, May be it hardware limit?

command kernelopts returns

Basic Question...

January 30 2009 Enders_Game 4
How do I keep it from reverting to text mode every time I press enter. It gets annoying having to switch it back constantly. Search wasn't helpful -_- Thanks in advance.

When implementing the Groebner Basis over Galois Field(2^m), I found an interesting thing: to represent and compute over GF, you have to map first.

 for example

generally the function having zero points or poles with non-integer order such as f(z) = (z-a)^(1.5+i0.3) must be dealt with on appropriate Riemann surface. In the following link I tried to extend the argument principle for such functions on a single sheet of Riemann surface and got a formula similar to that of ordinary argument principle. Using that formula the winding number of f(z) = (z-a)^(1.5+i0.3) around the origin is expressed as 1.5+i0.3.


I would like to find the date 6 months from a given date and also how many days are elapsed between two dates ? Are there any date functions defined in maple to perform above tasks ?


I have a matrix;   

                1   -4  1

A4:           0    7  5     

                 0    0   0

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