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Is there a function or procedure within Maple (v13) that will return the highest power of a polynomial?


Related to this, how do I determine the error return value from coeff(a,x,i) ?



Dears,  I want to generate a following matrix

g:=proc(i,k); if 86<=i<=100    then if i+1<=k<=100  then Y   end if end if end proc:


Is this true (Can i use two if statments)

Could any one help me



I use some commands to generate a figure, as the picture illustrated, The equators of the two balls are solid lines.

It is not proper to demonstrate a 3D figure. I want to make parts of the equators become dash lines if they are...

hoping someone can help me, one of my exam prep exercises asks the following


Consider the equation x^2+y^2 = 2+cos(x)*sin(y). Transform the equation into polar coordinates
using the ”subs” routine, and plot the resulting equation in polar coordinates (read the helppages
of plot to find the syntax for polar plots). Evaluate an appropriate integral to find the
area enclosed by the curve.  "


I did the conversion and plotting by

Hi all,

I have this two equations:



Where ap[k] and a[n] are the unknowns.

I want to convert the two equations in the Matrix form A*X=b to solve it numerically and where X=[ap[k, k=1..kk] and a[n, n=1..nn]] and A the matrix with a rand (nn+kk,nn+kk) the coef and b the second member and a vector (nn+kk)

Thank you for any help to do this with Maple

Hi everybody,


I've got a 3d maple plot which I would like to export to a 3d cad format. There are a couple of file formats and I do not want to narrow that to one (autocad, catia, solid edge, proEngineer ...)

If this is not possible: is there any file format which I can export to, from which with a third party tool it is possible to export to 3d cad file.


Thank you




I use the commands below to generate a conical helix:

x := proc (t) options operator, arrow; t*cos(t) end proc;
y := proc (t) options operator, arrow; t*sin(t) end proc;
z := proc (t) options operator, arrow; t end proc;
spacecurve([x(t), y(t), z(t)], t = 0 .. 12*Pi, thickness = 5, color = blue, axes = normal, numpoints = 500);

Not sure why, but this maplet freezes a couple of seconds after picking something from the listbox




I want to use the poset package on Maple 14 but am having trouble installing it. Could someone give me a heads up.


Dear friends,

Here a toy version of my problem. I would like  to write several equations and to export all of them to latex. It consist

in three steps


FIRST  I would like to generate for





the equations(for all the combinations of j1, j2 and j3):


assume(a>0, b>0, c>0, d >0, Qs >0):


j1*a + j2*b + j3*c + k/d*X1 = Q1

Basically I just want to have a maplet read a directory and then be able to select a maple file from within the maplet that loads into a new worksheet.

So in a very primitive form


choose a file and load the file into maple

WORKSHEET_INTERFACE(display,file="c:/mymaplefiles/ the chosen")

How can this be done in a maplet?

I am unable to solve the following differential equation for u(t). I right-click and select Solve DE but it gives me an incomprehensible solution. Kindly tell me how what to do:


diff(u(t)^2, t, t)+`&x`(`&x`(alpha, u(t)), diff(u(t), t))+`&x`(beta, u(t)^3) = 0


The same equation in "String" notation:

"2*diff(u(t),t)^2+2*u(t)*diff(diff(u(t),t),t)+alpha*u(t)*diff(u(t),t)+beta*u(t)^3 = 0"


The same equation in D notation:



I use maplesim to simulate a simple delay system,as the document illustrated,I set the delay values from 0 to 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)) . I want to use a single souce to drive four branches, and use "probe" block to generate a figure which contains four curves according to different delays. So I use  a block "4-port Demultiplexer" which selected from Signal Blocks\Routing\Demultiplexers,...


Hi, every body

I have a problem for 4 month ago. This problem is the label in figure. i want to put at label any experssion such as

x*, or x_r or line above x  so on ,

please please please help me

it is a good idea if you provide maple sheet to make it easy understand how use it

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