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Could you tel me, is it possible to get free trial version of Maple 15?


I have a problem that has to do with the function dsolve in Maple 14.

This is my code:

Hi all!

I got a task on multidimensional optimization. I need a full code in a maple of this method or method Rosenbrock. I first time see Maple and i have no time for learn syntax of this. (i know only delphi)

If anybody have this codes I would appreciate.

Good afternoon

I have just installed Maple on Linux - Ubuntu, but i have problems.

Please help me. how can i do

I understand this: 23 mod 4

 - it gives me the remainder on dividing 23 by 4

But how can I do the same thing with, say, 23.4 and 5.2?

The reason I ask is because I want to divide angles (float values) by (2*Pi) (another float) and just get the remainder, i.e. I want to discard multiples of (2*Pi) from my angle.


Im using odeplot to plot the solution of a system of ordinary differential equations. I would like to extract the data to save them in a file. Ususally I use


points := op([1, 1], a); writedata("file.dat", points, float)

But when a=:odeplot(); this is not working.
Can please somebody help me?



How do I import/export excel into Maplesim? Also how do I view mpld data files? I tried viewing mpld files using maplesim and maple 14 but it didn't work.

I'm trying to use the convexhull function to plot convex hull of points. Explanation of the functions is here

The problem is that the convex hull of the plot is always shown in yellow background. Is there a way to change the color?



I can't find any command to evaluate sqrt(any square non-singular matrix) and ln(any square non-singular matrix) or exp(any square non-singular matrix).I searched inside LinearAlgebra and it's subpackages to do this kind of operations on matrices.sqrt,ln & exp produce error when the argument is a matrix(it does not matter if the matrix is the right one or wrong).

I need to find sqrt(g),where g is the 4 by 4 diagonal flat metric tensor:


Dear All

I need your help about one probability and stochastic problem.
Suppose that there is one file with size of s packets.
There is a Poisson process that generates the requests for this file.
Each request will lead to s consecutive requests (packet requests) with constatnt rate r.
It means that requests for file are generated by Poisson process and each file request generate s packet requests with constant rate r.(time between packet request of one file is

Why does this happen to Maple 15?

    `assuming`([sum(k*p*Beta(k, p+1), k = 1 .. infinity)], [p > 1]); eval(%, p = 2)

Is it possible to show with Maple that for any real p>1 the series converges to p/(p-1), e.g.,

    `assuming`([sum(k*p*Beta(k, p+1), k = 1 .. 1000)], [p > 1]): subs(p = 2, %): evalf(%)

How do I show this symbolically? Thanks.

I have a pbs: Suppose 3 vector A, B,C with noted [A:B]:=(list)[ A,B,-A,-B] (i.e a paralelogram);

An endomorphism T such that T(.) where (.)=A,B or C are B,C, and (list)[C,-A,-B,-B]
 and T([x:y])=[T([x]):T([y])] where x,y = A,B or C.

Problem: draw T^{n}[A:B] , i.e its boundary is a fractal figure when n is big.

Hello there,

Im running a fairly big algorithmn with a lot of loops , the memory counter is showing 237.89M and its been running for a long time.

The memory usage has been constant for the last 40min, the time counter still going, and the status bar says 'evaluating'

Is the maple still running fine or has maple's or my computer's limit been reached?

task manager is showing a memory usage of 40% and CPU 12%


I want to use leibniz rule to differentiate the following Integral with variable domain:
A :=(t,x) -> int(Yt^2, x = 0 .. zeta);
Yt and zeta are defined as:
When I want maple to derive D[1](A(t,x)), its answer is:
Although it uses Leibniz rule correctly, it dose not take Yt as a function of x by mistake. 2*D[1](Yt)*Yt*Zeta should had been derived as int(2*D[1](Yt)*Yt,x=0..zeta).

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