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for i from 0 to 4 do > evalf(poi(i)*10000,2) > od;


  1. Is there a way to write procedures in Maple which return procedures?
    1. If there is, would you please give me an exemple?
  2. What's the difference between writing a procedure with '->' and 'proc'?


I have an equation written in several terms: Q:= T1+T2+...+T37.

I want Maple to present my equation Q in the order I typed but it sorts it in an strange way, for example, the order would be: Q:=T5+T3+T35+...+T3.

Because terms T1...T37 are quite complicated expressions, I need Maple to keep them in the order I indicated in the sum.

Is there anyway that I can force Maple to keep it in the right order?



my programme seems to be giving me all permutations on a nXn board been trying to find where i went wrong but its took me days and still cant locate ... i want this procedure to give me the n queens on a nxn board that are non attacking. please help

global L;
local i,k;
L:= Array(1..k);
for i from 1 to k do
if L(i)=L(k) # two in the same column
or abs(L(i)-L(k)) = abs(i-k) # in the same diagonal
return (false);
return (true);
end proc:

I am trying to view some fairly involved 3D plots in Maple 10, where I both construct some polyhedra, and label the points. When I click on the image, in order to rotate it, etc., it vanishes. Generally, I can recover it if I slightly scroll the page up or down (manually -- Maple 10 has no scrolling from the mouse -ack!). But if I touch the image again, it vanishes again. This does not seem to happen if I view simpler images, but I need to view the sets, and their labels (vertices). Any ideas? Thanks!


I know that it is too simple, but if my expression has lots of these terms then it will take me some time to simplify it by hand.

I am looking for an automatic way to do it in Maple.




March 06 2010 mathperson 32

tlist := [ [s] ]:
  for j to 4 do
    if tlist[-1,1]=s then
      tlist := [ tlist[], [t,tlist[-1][]] ]
   tlist := [ tlist[], [s,tlist[-1][]] ]
  end if
 end do:

which gives result

[[s], [t, s], [s, t, s], [t, s, t, s], [s, t, s, t, s]]


is there an easier way of writing this?

Hi I am trying to plot sin (pi x) but maple says

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct

I cant understand this warning, as when i put 3.14 instead of pi it plots a nice graph.


Please help

In Maple 13, I use: convert(arccosh(x),ln); Maple gives: ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)); which is fine. Now try and convert back: convert(ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)),arctrigh); Maple gives: ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)); Why doesn't Maple return arccosh(x)? Thanks.


I was trying to use the command readdata to read a *.txt file in which I saved the results of some calculations that I obtained with a program that I wrote in C language.

I'm organizing the data in columns on the *.txt file. For example:

hello, how do I simplify an equation in cos and sin (or any other) into either of only cos or only sin. for example, imagine we have y=sinx + cosx. How do we ask maple to change the whole equation into terms of only sin or only cos?


tank you

rect := t -> Heaviside(t + 1/2) - Heaviside(t - 1/2)
intConv := (f1,f2) -> t -> (int(f1(t-tau)*f1(tau), tau = -infinity..infinity));

What I now wanna do is something like
plot(intConv(Heaviside, rect(-t)));
but it doesn't work and only
plot(intConv(Heaviside, rect));
works without giving arguments at all, even
plot(intConv(Heaviside(t), rect(t)));
doesn't work?

How can i input two equations in maple and intruct maple to find the points of intersection? giving me the coordinates of each point

I am running Maple 13.0 on Ubuntu 9.04 and I'm having Maple give me some strange outputs. 

In this first block of code, I define an expression f which I try to evaluate (unsuccessfully) at a partiuclar value of t and g.   If I expand first, then I get an answer, which is not correct.

How do I check the content of the color channels in an image? I am using

if C[i,j]=[0,0,0] then...

where C is the image name, but it looks like it doesn't work


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