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Simply using display(array) we can create larger zoomed sized plots that I think some people would like but only for 2d but what about 3d plots ? - read on. 

Now this expands only the width of the plot and works for all 2d plots.
display(array([a]))  # displays plot at screen width size

What I think most people want is an easy way to adjust plot sizes from the default Maple install without having to load any special packages ...

I've made exam questions for students that they have to answer by doing some calculations in Maple.

I would like to let them copy the commands they used to a Maple TA text field.

However, the standard worksheet in our computer lab uses 2-D math. Copying this 2-D math to Maple TA works fine with "paste as plain text", but copying 1-D math also works with ctrl-v in Maple TA, which is more convenient for students under stress.

Since I am not allowed change...

Hi everyone.

I am currently trying to write the gradient projection algorythm for an optimal control problem with Maple.

This involves calculation of the gradient of the objective function at every new iteration, which would be not a problem per se. However, in optimal control problem this last depends on state and costate variables which, in turn, are given by the system of ODEs. This system is solved numerically only. As far as I understood Maple is recalculating...

Am i undestand right that all GUI-changed properties of plot are not accessable via command-line because with already pictured plot there are no binded variables and no method to bind? For example after manual streching and moving i need to work in interest area of graph i.e. includding new textplots there and so on. See only way to work with via DocumentTools component and it events to get e.g. xrange  and yrange. Is there better way?

Cannot find own answer in

via searching in my answers. Is it because original message is too old and thats why should be so?

[A]+[B] N+[C] N^(2)+[D] N^(3)+...N^(8)

[A],[B],[C],[D],... is known 8*8 matrix ;

how to find Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors and N?

eig([A],[B],[C],[D],...) ?!?!?

Hi there

I'm a new user of Maple 15 and would really appreciate some tips on how to get started, this time more specifically on how to change the axis orientation. I'm a geotechnical engineer and in practice we always plot all the soil properties (strength, density, water content, etc) with depth, and so it should be positive downwards. 

I've seen a few posts where the issue was raised by some people years ago but was just curious to know if the new version...

Hi all,

I've got the following Maple math code (its called the 'Strickler function', giving a relation between water hight 'y' in a channel and other paramaters), that works like a charm and correctly outputs my function Q =

> restart;
> A := (b+m*y)*y;
> R := A/(b+2*y*sqrt(1+m^2));
> Q := k*A*R^(2/3)*s^(1/2);

However, all contants in the functions are know, except for 'y' (Q is known as well). How do I solve the last equation for...

My problem: Write the equation of the line (Delta) passing the point A(-2;3;4), perpendicular to the line

(l): x = -t + 1, y = 2t, z = 3t + 1

and have a distance from the point B(1;2;-4) obtain

a) maximum;

b) minimum.

Can you write for me a code? Thank you.


I would like to know how can I go out from two nested loops. I tried with the command 'break', but it go out only from the one loop. For example,

for i from 0 to 10 do

for j from 0 to 10 do

for z from 0 to 10 do


if p<=40 then print(p)

else break fi;

od; od;


I execue flow command,but it doesnot generate;

how i fix it?


> with(CodeGeneration);

> m:=diff(theta1(t),t);

> Matlab(m);

Warning, the function names {diff, theta1} are not recognized in the target language

cg0 = diff(theta1(t), t);

Hey guys !


I wondered if it's possible in maple to hundle functions, for exemple to know if a function is a sum or a product of two functions.


Is there a function like this : sum (\x -> x+3)  -------->  [(\x -> x), \x -> 3] ?


If I ask this, is because I want to know if it's possible de rewrite the function `deriv` or `integrate` or `simplify` by hands, without using the native functions.

Problem. Let A(-1,3,-2), B(-3,7,-18), C(2,-1,-3) be three points and (P):
2*x - y +z  + 1 = 0 be a plane. Find the coordinates of the point M lies on the plane (P) so that MA^2 + 2MB^2 + 3MC^2 obtain the minimum value.
This is my code.
restart: with(geom3d):
A:=: B:=: C:=:
M:=: o:=:
eq:=solve([seq(o[i] = (A-M + 2*(B-M) + 3*(C-M))[i], i=1..3)]);
point(T, -1/6, 7/3, -43/6); # put T by my hand
plane(P,2*x - y +z + 1 = 0,[x,y,z]):


how I import maple code in matalb for matlab simulink?


Hi,  I have and integral its results contains Beta function and hypergeometric function.
I found a difficulty to program the hypergeometric function with Maple 13. is any one can solve this problem



The problem in written...

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