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Complex conjugate...

November 11 2008 pie 8

Hello everyone,

I can't succeed in obtaining the complex conjugate of a function like this:

 suu:=x->( e^(-Iq(x)b)*(cosh(q(x)*b)) )^2 - I*sinh(q(x)*b) * e^(-4iq(x)b)

where q(x) is:


and m, V and h are respectively mass of electron, 1 eV and Plank constant /2 pi.

what I need is |suu(x)|^2 (where the * stands for product and not for complex conjugate!) but succeding in obtaining the complex conjugate of the function wold be enough.


Can you help me?


I am using Maple11 for an Adv. Computer Applications Lab.  I am being directed to use the "implicitplot" function to plot a polynomial, and also plot a previous function that used the "spline" command to plot it on the same graph. 

Can someone please offer a suggestion?

Also, for the polynomial. how do I find all "x,y pairs? " I used the "solve" command to evaluate for 'x' and then 'y'. 

Is this correct?

3D Implicit Plots...

November 11 2008 Adnan Zuberi 6
0 0
Hello there,   the attached worksheet gives several examples of how to create implicit plots without commands and with commands.  

non zero value for c...

November 11 2008 a5mcdonald 4


in maple how do i determine the non zero value of c so the function u(x,t)=c((exp(x-4t)+exp(4t-x))) also satisfies (∂u/∂t)+u(∂u/∂x)+(∂u/∂x)=0
this is my first class using maple so i need as much help as possible
thank you


I am making a maplet that guides a user through crafting a Taylor series equivalent of a function. Obviously this involves finding a formula for the nth derivative of the function. Can Maple calculate this?


November 10 2008 Kaz 20

I need help with a coursework question. Would be greatful if anyone could help!
the question is: solve this x[i-1] + i*x[i] + x[i+1] = i where i=1,2,...n and x[0] = 0. Give your answer in decimals.

wat method would you use to solve these equations? the code I have put in is:

for i from 1 to 3 do:
  eq[i]:=x[i-1] + i*x[i] + x[i+1] = i
sol:fsolve({eqns});   assign(sol);

am i on the right path? is there anything i am doing wrong? if so, what is it?

I am multiplying an n x n matrix by an n x 1 matrix of unknowns, y(xi), to get the result of my particular solution.  How do I create an n x n matrix with a 3 term diagonal?  For example:

b   c   0   0   0   0

a   b   c   0   0   0

0   a   b   c   0   0

0   0   a   b   c   0

What is -0 all about?...

November 10 2008 George Kinnear 60
0 3
On top of all the serious problems in producing questions for Maple TA, we have to contend with silly bugs like this: $a=0; $d=0; $b=$a+$d; $b is given the value -0. This looks ugly and may cause confusion if it's used in a question. I've got round this by setting $b=int($a+$d). Is there some reason why -0 is a valid result for 0+0, or is this just sloppy programming?

Hi all,

can someone show me the steps of how to do it? one of my points is a decimal, do i need to revert it to a whole number?

cross multiple of vectors...

November 09 2008 kayha 12


does anyone know how to find a cross multiple of 2 del vectors (delf and delg)?

they each have 3 variables x.y.and z.



i been stuck on the attached files for days and i'm stuck on the regression line


I tried to get a 3D "surface" plot (comapreable to a matrix surface plot or matrixplot) of a list in the form:


where xi are the x-data, yi are the y-data and zi are some velocity data. Unfortunately I found only the possibility to draw a pointplot3d. Maybe anybody can help me.



<p>Hello! Its my first post.</p>
<p>I have been able to modify an example program. It uses the || operator to accumulate data into an object in the form of multiple polygonplot(...) objects. After the loop exits, I can do something like "display(obj1, obj2...)" and everything is displayed.</p>
<p>What I would like to do is instead of accumulating the data first, execute the commands to display from inside the loop of the procedure. This would hopefully eliminate the time lag before starting to draw, as well as allow me to draw more things.</p>
If my numbers is a decimal point, do i have to revert it to a whole number
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