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Hi everybody:

I just recently "discovered" Maple components based on an interesting blog posted by Dr. Lopez and I am trying to figure out what's really possible. Is it meant for "Big Time" or for small (but still usefull) things? Specifically, I don't see any provision about creating custom components. Not even as simple as an on/off switch. For sure you can combine the ones from the palette and achieve certain customization but you're going to waste quite a bit...


I am trying to run the following sample code


but I get error msg

fatal error(-1) loading GMP library: C:\Programme\Maple 12\java\\libgmp-3.dll


"Error Lauching openmaple splash screen"


the file "libgmp-3.dll" is in the correct directory


I am using Maple 12, jdk 1.6.0_23 and WinXP

First a little background: I am using Maple 14 on a Windows 64 bit machine.

I first imported some x,y data using the readdata function. Then I made a Spline function from this data like so: f :=x->Spline(data,x);

Then I created a second function, lets call it g(z) which calls f like so: g:=z->f(1/z);

If I simply try to evaluate g(z) at a point it works. But if I try to plot g(z), like so: plot(g(z), z=5..7) I get the error: Error, (in CurveFitting:-Spline...

How do i input the following function on maple:


f o g(x) ?

if the function f(x) is defined as well as that of g(x)....

Question: (how to do this)

Write a procedure that takes as input a lowercase text string and returns a list 26 integers.
the fist entry is a count of the number of letter 'a's,the second the number of lette 'b's ,.... , the 26th the numberof letter 'z'.

Thank you 

A mounth ago, I noticed a command which could express an expression by a charactor. For example: We can define r equals sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2). When we compute ∂xr, it will give the answer like x/r. In the examples, this compared with 'subs','eval','algsubs'. So I am sure it is different from the three commands before. Now I need to use this command, but I cannot remembered what it is. Who can tell me. Thanks.

dear all,

          i have a simple optimization problem. the objective function is like A*X + B = E and the constraints are 100 <E < 8000 and 10<X<600. I want to find the Min and Max ranges of A and B such that Amin*Xmin+Bmin=Emin and analogous for maximum. I am not sure about the correctness of my modeling. Please guide me to proceed. Thanks.

I would like to ask, whether MAPLE can compute expressions written in covariant notation, like these ones (I have written it in LATEX): $u^{\mu \alpha}_{\nu} u_{\mu} u^{\nu} v_{\alpha}$, (where $\mu, \nu, \alpha = 0,...3$), i.e. whether we can compute the summation (like in these above examples), contraction, substitute ansatzes for $u$, compute derivatives of this above expressions, etc. I looked for any information in documentation, but I did not found anything. I checked,...

Hyperlinks ars restricted to URL, Mail, Maple, etc. For Windows I would like to see a new type called Double Click.

The location and file name would be entered. Executing this Hyperlink would be just like double clicking the file in Windows. The file could be anything as long as the underlying software is installed on the computer.

The file could be video, mp3, image, etc. This would have no restrictions.

It would help to make Maple even more multimedia.

Hello, so while I am toying with Maple and some excersizes, I have realized my skills aren't what I thought they were from when I last used Maple 8. I swear the program gets smarter and returns more errors now that I cannot properly define some functions.

For example, I have attempted to plot the vector function r(t)=<cos(t), sin(t), exp(sin(t))>. Required, in the same plot region, same graph, is to plot A) the function r(t), B) the derivative r'(t) AND the C...

I have a more relavant form of a question regarding procedures. I need to write a procedure with parameter f(x) and result in the plot of the function f(x) along with the plot of the curvature of f on the same graph. Ideally, parameter f(x) could be requested to be any function, such as x^2 or cos(x). I am new to procedures and do now know where to begin, even at such a basic level.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I am using Maple 14 and struggling with writing procedures. Here is an example of what I need to be able to program. I require a procedure which will receive as a parameter a function f(x) and plot that function (say in red) along with the curvature function (say in blue) on the same graph. Sample parameters include the functions f(x)=x^2 or sin(x) or exp(-x^2).

I feel somewhat confident in my maple commands, but procedures are a whole new thing to me. If even a basic...


I have those questions:

1) set

When I write these inputs,

x:={1,3,2}; y:={b,a,d,c}; z:={a[1],a[1,1],b[0],d[0],c[0],a[0],2};

the results are x := {1, 2, 3}, y := {a, b, c, d}, z := {2, a[0], a[1], a[1,1], b[0], c[0], d[0]}

Is there a way to get what I input

2) This problem in ordering numbers and words is verry important and hard when solving a large system of equations with:

restart:with(SolveTools): eqns:=[a[0...

The following simple procedure: 
SubsColumn: = proc (A, V, k) 
local B, m; 
with (LinearAlgebra); 
m: = ColumnDimension (A); 
B: = <A[..,1..m]|V>; 
B: = ColumnOperation (B, [k, m +1]); 
B: = DeleteColumn (B, m +1); 
end proc; 

solve the problem of...


Could you please tell me, how can I model a varying stiffness spring using MapleSim 4?

I think, this can realized using a varying "c" parameter of a standard spring from the MapleSim library, but I don't know, how I can change the "c"-stiffness value during the modeling process.

Thank you.

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