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I'm looking to display some results in my for loop but not others.  This is my code:

for j from 0 to 10 do
    fileName := sprintf(`destination%d.txt`, j):
    datalist := readdata(fileName, integer, 3):
    pointplot3d(datalist, style = line, linestyle = solid, thickness = 5);
end do;



I'm sort of new with Maple and programming so I would like to ask a couple of questions related to Matrix polishing / changing numbers in Matrix. The example code is as follows:

Just like the "hold on" in matlab, I think it is a good function:)

Guys, I solved a huge set of non linear equations for a range of input values and the results printed out are of a great volume and it is too hard to read the value for a particular set of input values.Is there any way i cud get the results in a table form as we get it in matlab in the workspace window.So i cud easily copy paste in excel sheets.
Hi all, I need to solve these two nonlinear equations for unknowns b and u. I have used solve command and maple is evaluating for last 5 hours. Is there any faster way to solve these equations? Also, can I somehow check if maple is not stuck in an infinite loop? equation 1: 16*Pi^2*1.5)*10^6*sqrt(Pi/(2*b^3))*((1000/3*((2/3)*exp(b*(u-4300))+3/4))*(exp(b*(u-4300)))^(3/2)/(exp(b*(u-4300))+1)+500*sqrt(exp(b*(u-4300)))^ln(exp(-b*(u-4300))+1)) = 1, equation 2:

I used seq command to get a list of numbers......seq(2*x+8,x=1..10)...for example.

How can I take the output and convert it to a table? Thanks in advance.

I have some expression given as a "RootOf": i.e.


sol := RootOf(p(_Z));


How do I grab a hold of the polynomial inside?  This should be in the RootOf help file ... am I missing it?

I have an array called plotter[1..20]; each element in the array is a set of coordinates for a point plot in 3d.



output: ARRAY([1..105],[(1)=(3,3,4), (2)=(2,3,4)....etc   ]

I am able to plot them individually, but the different array elements are dependent on each other and I want to see how they change over time.

Ideally I would like to use animate3d but I don't feel like the parameters support what I'm trying to do. Is there any other function which would work for this process?

Is it possible to define a symbol for pointplot and pointplot3d (beyond the ones listed in the options help pages)?

Specifically, can I define a character from an installed font as the plot symbol? 

who can tell me how to find distance of point p from line L by using maple

(user of Maple 12)

I'm creating a program to graph the vertices of polygons.

My general variables are xcoord[ ][ ], ycoord[ ][ ], and zcoord[ ][ ], where for example xcoord[i][j] would represent the jth x coordinate of the ith polygon.

I have all the data generated, and am wanting to plot a particular polygon of my choice, but the arrays are giving me a bit of trouble.

I'm pretty new to maple and I haven't been able to figure out the syntax for everything.

The bit of code I'm using is:


I am trying to write a program for calculating the number of ways to place k non-attacking rooks on an m x n board with restricted positions defined in B.  If i remove "option remember" the program works but it doesn't work very efficiently, and my goal is to extend this into three dimensions, so it needs to work fairly quickly in 2 dimensions.  The problem comes when I put in "option remember&q

To whom it may concern:

It appears that 'GraphTheory[Trail]' is missing from the Maple help function. Am I overlooking something? I am running Maple 12.01.



Dear all,

      I really really need a command for getting the inflection point of a expression. Thank you very much!:)

Best regards.


Dear all,

I use solve() to sove a equation group. when I typed the command and press Enter. there is no response even a error or fail. what is the reason?

BTW: the equation is complex.

Best regards!

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