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I have looked at the maple help for the ErrorPlot function, but i can't make it work for my plot. 

I have the following procedure:

K := 1.; Xrng := [seq(dt*i, i = 0 .. ntime)];

value := array(1 .. ntime+1);

ave := array(1 .. ntime+1);

for j to ntime+1 do:

discountfactor := exp(-r*j*dt);

Stot := 0.;

Stot1 := 0.;

for i to npath do:

Spath := max(Spot[i][j]-K, 0);

Stot := Stot+Spath;

What does it mean when I get the message, "Warning, model is not of full rank"?

Thank you.

Hi all,

Is there some way i can find the width of a plot?

I have the equation below:




Which produces a gaussian looking plot, the plot reaches zero at some...

When entering an expression into Maple that is not in simplest form (2*(x +y)/2 Maple desktop will automatically change it to x+y. I have tried subtracting equivalent expressions, using evalb, using convert, and using simplify, but I cannot get 2*(x+y)/2 to be equivalent to (x+y) using the MapleNet web service.

Any help appreciated.

Although i have defined K5 as a constant before solving the equations , maple returns an error message saying that

"Error, (in fsolve) k5 is in the equation, and is not solved for"

And i am alos trying t find the roots of the equations in a certain range as specified above.

Dear All!

Could you explain how the coulditbe() function works?

> assume(q, integer, w, integer); about(q, w); coulditbe(q/w < 1); coulditbe(q < w);
Originally q, renamed q~:
is assumed to be: integer

Originally w, renamed w~:
is assumed to be: integer




Zoltán Faigl

Good Morning.

I have problem when i want to graph my equations. I received this error: 

Error, (in plots/odeplot) curve is not fully specified in terms of the ODE solution, found additional unknowns {t}
I would like to know how i can solve it
Thanks in advance 


Dear All,

I ran into a problem, which I can not resolve. 

> Eqs := [x*0 = y*0]; Vars := [x, y];
[0 = 0]
[x, y]
> solution := solve(Eqs, Vars);
[[x = x, y = y]]
> Eqs := [x*b = y*b, b = 0]; Vars := [x, y];
[x b = y b, b = 0]
[x, y]
> solution := solve(Eqs, Vars);

Hi guys,

I have a question.

I ploted two graphs using "spacecurve" function, respectively.

But, I want to plot two curves in one graphes.

(One the other hand, I want to compare two curves numerically).

thanks, and Have a good day!


version : Maple 11

Major : Physics.


Hi, my professor wants our graphs to be labeled (which is reasonable). How can I label the graph I made this way:


>inequal({x[1] >= 0, x[2] >= 0, x[1]-3*x[2] >= -3, 2*x[1]+3*x[2] <= 6}, x[1] = 0 .. 3.5, x[2] = 0 .. 2.5)



I am trying to solve for the 2D temperature distribution (heat flow) through a brick, using finite element analysis.  I created a 341*341 matrix for each nodal equation, and a column vector that is the solutions to each equation.  I want to find the temperature at each node using A^-1 * B or LinearSolve(A,B).  My problem is that when I do this the entire solution vector is 15.  I have a constraint where the bottome nodes are all at 0 degrees. ...

I have an array of 2 vectors in a do loop, the vectors being i (path number) and j (time).

i goes from 0 to ntime, and j goes from 1 to ntime+1.

The array is called Spot[i][j] and i need to find the average of this array but dont know how.

Any help would be appreciated!



Can anyone help me  please in how to compute the Big oh in this example?

since I didn't get any exact solution.

I'm not sure my upload worked but I have either missed something or I still have trouble with maple speak. My problem shown in my work sheet. Maybe I missed a substituton somewhere I'm not sure, but either way I end up with 2 equations in 3 unknowns.If the worksheet did not upload I'll try again.


Thanks to all who can help..

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