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Spherical harmonics...

December 28 2008 jurban 12

Maybe I'm missing something (different definition), but the spherical harmonic function SphericalY gives wrong results. For example, SphericalY(0,0,0,0) evaluates to 0, but should be 1/(2*sqrt(Pi)) (see e.g., also Mathematica gives this answer). Note that there is no possibility for arguments mismatch in this case. Do you have any explanation? (I'm using Maple 10.)

I'm trying to use the scientific constants package to evaluate the product of certain constants. 

What I'm trying to calculate is the value

(mu*e^(4)/(2*hbar^2), where mu is the reduced mass of the electron and proton, and hbar is Plancks's Constant divided by 2*Pi.

This is for a Quantum Mechanics problem where I'm supposed to show for the large quantum number limit, i.e. large n, this angular frequency approaches values for the classical angular frequency of an ordinary rotating object.

I want the asymptotics for EllipticF(z,k) w.r.t. z (yes, not k).

My example is F:=I*EllipticF(c*I/x,k), c=2-2^(1/2),k=3+2*2^(1/2)
and I want the limit x ---> 0+.


results in 0.54... + 0.54...*I (real = imag, positive value).


gives (after clearing the output) the same for setting x=0.

For Numerics my setting is Digits:=24 and eps:=1/10^18.

  subs(c=2-2^(1/2), k=3+2*2^(1/2), F...


I have a question on the efficient usage of map command.


Suppose I have a function of two variables:



I would like to evaluate the function using fixed values of x and y (i.e. grid search problem):




Quantum Mechanics...

December 24 2008 dcasimir 1167

Suppose that the Hamiltonian is invariant under time reversal:

[H,T] = 0.

Show that, nevertheless, an eigenvalue of T is not a conserved quantity.



Hi guys. I have a sets of N data points in the form [x_component(1), y_component(1)], [x_component(2), y_component(2)], ... [x_component(N), y_component(N)] that I want to plot as points and draw the regression line through them. I know how to plot the regression line with the data points in the form [x_component(1), x_component(2), ..., x_component(N)] and [y_component(1), y_component(2), ..., y_component(N)] So my question is how to isolate all the x components and all the y components from my data points?

Help File...

December 24 2008 polalakiran 20


How can I create a help file in maple for a user function ?





How do I get rid of the right-hand pallete dock ?



this problem has been bugging me for months. I am defining functions with "if" in their definition.  These functions seem to be well defined, without any problem. Then I do sum and something goes wrong.  I have tried to isolate the problem to give you an example:


Significant digits...

December 23 2008 vvostri 56

Hello, I am new to Maple, and I have a novice question on rounding with evalf function.


I have an expression:



Then I set some parameters as constants:


a:=g(58); b:=g(-45); c:=g(100);


Hi Friends,


May I know How do I solve numerical differntial equation in MAPLE 12..?

My equation is very big..please send your valuable suggestion



With Regards


What is the value of u1 in this u substitution to go from -2*Pi*(int(sqrt(-3*u^2+4), u = 1 .. 0)) to -2*Pi*(int((4/3)*sqrt(3)*cos(u1)^2, u1 = (1/3)*Pi .. 0))? I'm just not seeing it.


Is it possiobe til split a function into multiple varriables? I have seen something like this is a maple function "tools->assistants->backsolver".

Does anyone have a clue how thats done? I need it to my dynamic function ^^


/Simon Johansen


How can I write a command that the Maple assigns the numerical solutions of the dsolve command in a procedure such as the simple following procedure?

Worksheet crashing my system...

December 21 2008 Joseph Renna 44
0 5
Maple solves the 4 equations for the 4 unknown, although I eventually need to end up with just the real part. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Once I get to the bottom of this worksheet and begin to try to extract (ie copy) each A1, A2, B1, B2, it freezes, my system stops functioning, to the point where I have to shut it down and restart it. Trying a few times, I see that, once I load this worksheet in, and begin at restart, once it does the last calculation, if I right click
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