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Hi to everybody.  I have to manipulate a system of partial differential equation,one by one.I have in particolar to derive a lot of time my differential equations(shallow water equations),and then to group, to substitute and at the and I need time derivative in function of spatial derivative.

I'm almost done. The problem is that now every time that  I execute a command it takes  a lot of time. The entire file takes some minuts to compile. It's so slow.

Hi all,

Suppose that you want to solve x'(t)=f(x,t)   x(t0)=x0

The theory show that:

x(t+h)=x(t)+1/2*h*(F1+F2) where F1=f(x,t) and F2=f(x+F1,t+h)

SO I made procedure:


July 09 2008 Wolfie7873 209

Is there a switch/case statement in Maple?  So that instead of:


if (a = a1) then


elif (a = a2) then


elif (a = a3) then


end if


Something like:


switch (a) {

case: a1 {b1}

case: a2 {b2}

case: a3 {b3}





I'm potentially going to have a long list of elif's and might need  more efficient way of doing it.


July 09 2008 leslieglasser 4

How do I plot a 3d helicoid?  I can easily plot a helix, but cannot figure out how to fill the plane to the axis, to generate the helicoid?


Hi all,

while studying this ODE

I now have 77 points and I am getting worried as it may suggest I know 77 points worth of maple.

However, all my points come from asking questions.

I wonder whether two types of pointing should be created: one for very grateful receivers such as I and one for all you wonderful givers - thank you - who are prepared to shed light on so many questions.

Just a thought.


I have been trying to get a numerical solution to the following ode system for weeks. I am new to Maple, and I think my issues might be with the coding rather than the maths.

I get the error message:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/checksing) ode system has a removable singularity at t=0. Initial data is restricted to {v(t) = 0., Phi(t) = 0.}

I know there is a singularity at t=0, so I tried setting the 'range' option to something just above 0, but it is still not working.

Hallo thar. I’m new to both Maple and programming. I’ve been searching for a Maple programming introduction online that would allow me to work on the following problem but haven’t turned up anything.  Hoping some of you can point me in the right direction.


I have two sets of integers {Y1,Y2..Yn} and {B1,B2…Bn}. For each value in the Y set I need to solve a function F(x) for a number of iterations given by the B value corresponding to the Y value (B1 for Y1).

Hi all,
> deq := diff(theta(t), t, t) = -g*sin(theta(t))/L;


So, Maple is quite helpful in that it will automatically make certain simplifications for me.  But what if I don't want it to.  For example, if I enter 2*(2+x), how do I get it to not just simply return 4+2*x?


Consider this to by end goal:

evalb(2*(2+x) = 4+2*x) => false

I have some troubles in solving a system of three trigonometric equations using the function 'solve' of Matleb.The program finds three solutions but a message of 'Warning: Warning, solutions may have been lost' also appears. Does it mean that there are other three solutions? If yes, how can I see also these three numbers?


In particular because the TAB key doesn't work in Maple, is it possible to define a shortcut key for a few spaces? I found this quite annoying that I couldn't simply tab over a few spaces when programming. Is Maple going to fix it in the future? Why doesn't TAB work anyway, did they forget about it?
I have a particular system of partial differential equations to which I want to apply a change of variables involving square roots using PDEtools[dchange]. The result turns out to be not in a simple form due to the square roots. Why is this so ? Is there a better way solving the problem than the one I am suggesting below ? The system of partial differential equations of interest is the following:
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