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I am given parametric equations for space curves but I need to show whether or not they intersect with a list of given surfaces. I'm not too sure how to go about solving this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For instance at the moment I need to write a for loop, with an 'if element' (I assume this can be done with maple)

if the elements satisfy it then I want to add the answer into an array X:=[a1,a2,a3.....] without changing or having to rewrite the data already in X.

Is there any way to do this, or would I have to write the array myself and put all of the elements in at one time?

So I'm doing a problem in my physics text and I start by

Loading Units:-Standard

Maple Equation

I am tyring to plot a directional field for a few simple differential equations.  I keep getting an invalid range error for the independent variable.  I am new to Maple and have been using the program for a couple of days.  Can someone help me with this?  I know the answer is probably simple but I can't figure it out.


Operations on matrices that presumably contain information on a physical field such as stress, voltage potential, or temperatures should essentially be the same between tensor vs vector operations is my understanding.  The only difference is conventions in how the expressions are conveyed on paper, ie- indicial vs vector notation?

In one case, I have a sequence that starts at zero and increments by 0.1. I enclose it in square brackets to form a list.  I have another list of function values evaluated at these points.  Then, I have a similar sequence that starts at zero, but increments by 0.05.  Again, I evaluate the same function for a total of 4 lists.  Two inputs, two outputs. 

I create a table from these and want to get the data out at, say, 0.2. 

Hi, all When I read the contents read from a file, I found the order was different from that in file. For example, In file a.txt: a+b+c; d+f+g; b+c+d; d+e+g; m+g+a; a+m+f+1; After reading, I stored them in a list: L := [d+f+g, b+c+d, d+e+g, a+m+f+1, m+g+a, a+b+c]; The order is changed somehow. The procedure I am using here is: HandleGB :=proc(file) local line, T,L,f,cnt; f:=fopen(file,READ); try T:=table(); line:=readline(f); T[cnt]:=parse(line); for cnt do line:=readline(f); if line=0 then break; end if; T[cnt]:=parse(line); end do; finally

How can i delay the evaluation in add. I want add to return

add( i, i=1..10)


Now it returns

add(i, i=1..10)

Hi everyone!

Based on a recent post ( ) I have the following piece from a Maple worksheet, which I do not understand. First, I define A and B, where A is supposed to be substituted into B. If I have a "p" in A, then I get a "subs" as variable in B after frontend/curry with subs:

timelimit for each loop...

February 15 2010 os 34

I am trying to set a timelimit for each loop, i.e.

for i from 1 to 10 do
        timelimit(10,print(someproc())); #print result from the procedure being called
    catch "time expired":
        print(i, "time expire");
    end try;
end do;

However, it doesn't move to the next loop. It just terminates after completely the first loop (i.e. i=1).

If I am correct is the gradient of a the 3X3 tensor each element on the same row differentiated with each coordinate variable x, y ,z or is that a different operation?  I am unable to find the correct operation or I am not using the MAPLE command correctly to get an output.  I did load the Vector Calculus package.

What is my problem??

hey do u know a website where i can find information about gravel pacing and screen of a bore hole..i really can't find anything

Dear Community

I have a problem with units definition,I'm working with maple with kgf and tonf,

I read in help page this "A tonforce is defined  as the force of gravity on a short ton.......", so when I convert 1 tonf to kgf I get 907.18kgf,

I know this is OK, but since I don't use short ton in my country I would like to define in METRIC 1tonf = 1000kgf.

How can I do this? Here is a conversion table where it says 1tonf = 1000kgf (metric), not (short)


I  would like to perform inverse Fourier transformation, but I get an error message::


Error, (in gcd/gcdchrem1) input polynomials have too large a degree

I have Maple 13.

Thanks four your help in advance.


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