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Hi, would anyone mind explaining the use of k:=op(J)[1] in this code below. 'Int((3*polylog(5/2, -exp(b*(u-i)))/b^(5/2)+i*polylog(3/2, -exp(b*(u-i)))/b^(3/2))*r^2, r = 0. .. 10.)'; J:= convert(%, rational); K:='op(J)[1]'; with(codegen); makeproc(K,r): KK:=optimize(%, 'tryhard'); 'Int( KK(r) , r=0.6 .. 10, method = _d01akc, digits=8)'; evalf(%); Thanks MS

Hi, I need to put a 2-dimensional quadric (given as an equation including x's & y's) into normal form. How can I do this? I skimmed through the Geometry/2D-Euclidean directory of the Maple help but didn't find a solution.

Thanks in advance.


I am an absolute beginner with Maple and am appreciating any help.

Basically, I want to use maple because it can deal with algebraic expressions. For example with Matrixmultiplication I don't just want to see the final result, but also I want to see the algebra behind each matrix element. 

So I have defined the following 2 matrices :

rot_x := matrix([[1,0,0], [0, cos(alpha), -sin(alpha)], [sin(alpha), cos(alpha), 0]]); 

rot_y := matrix([[cos(alpha), 0, sin(alpha)],[0,1,0],[-sin(alpha), 0, cos(alpha)]]);

Hi everybody, I have a series and I want maple to truncate small variations of a variable of the order greater than n. For example, series1:=1+x+x^2+O(x^3) = 1+x+x^2. Thank you,

hi, i want to solve these 4 equations and i have two problems

1-when i use the function SOLVE , the output is empty brackets, why?

2-how can i add constrains or inequalities to make maple consider them in the solution

the solve line is

lim  (x+2cos/4x+sinx)

I'd like to generate several random matrices within the same question. If I put this code under "Algorithm", both matrices are the same (although they both change to a new matrix if you refresh the question):


Is there a faster way to do the following code? This takes 6.5 hours to run for n:=10...

> with(Statistics):
n := 1:
A := Array(1..10000000):

> for k to 10000000 do
t := RandomTools:-Generate(list(float(range=0..1,digits=20,method=uniform), n)):  # chooses 6 random variables from the interval [0,1]

t := sort(t):   # sort them in ascending order


I want to find symbolic roots of

                                                      expr := (A^2 * B^2 * Pi^4) + (2*A*B*C^2*Pi^2) Z^4 + (D*L^4) Z^6  + L^4 Z^8

  i tried in maple

Rootof(expr) ;


Hi all,

I am using the Physics package. I have an expression with many terms and need to contract indices with the Simplify command. It returns the following

> KLMN := Simplify(subs(substtot, G4Z2s));
Error, (in Check) unable to handle tensor expressions as 4*I

Has anybody come across this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to write a Maple T.A. question bank in LaTeX, since the online question bank editor was too slow to be usable. Running LaTeX even on the "Sample Question Bank" from the documentation gives 25 errors, mostly of the form:

hello, im just trying to do a solve function in  maple 13 for this equation.....1.5=2.4713(1+e^-t+1)*(1-1.23934*e^-0.2145(t+1))^3

I want to solve for T but it keeps telling me that the solutions are lost when i try to solve, please helppppp.  im freaking out here.  and the "e's" in the equation are the exponent function, not another variable.

hello, can solve the riccati equation for nonlinear time invariant systems, please give example with 4X4 matrices.

2.for the same problem how one can get  the plot for input and states by new method called (theta- D). suboptimal nonlinear control technique.



Hi all, Is there any way I can check what my maple is doing? It's running this code for almost two days now.



I need help in solving following 4th order system of 02 ODEs which are coupled

where, indicates derivative w.r.t  time t , and A,B are constants.

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