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I've been trying to evaluate another integral, like exp(-(alpha*x)^2) from 0, to infinity;


However it expresses the answer as a limit of some function(alpha), how do I get the integral to come out more exactly?



I have to find the internal of
E_field := conjugate((-.7147663039-.8729430992*I)*exp((9.123185068*I)*cos(phi))*cos(phi)+(0.3187576278e-1+0.3371906130e-1*I)*sin(phi)*exp((4.561592534*I)*(-1.*sin(phi)+cos(phi)))+(0.7062621752e-1+.1302618973*I)*cos(phi)*exp((2.000000000*10^(-11)*I)*(53.*cos(phi)+1.570796328*10^11))+(-0.3187599160e-1-0.3371906130e-1*I)*sin(phi)*exp((4.561592534*I)*(sin(phi)+cos(phi))))*sin(phi):

I try to solve by
evalf(simpson(E_field, phi = 0..2*Pi));

How does one read in files with incremental names?

I have

for i from 1 to 10 do
end do:

I don't know how to escape the i out of the quotes so it can be used in the loop. 


I was trying to evaluate a 2-dimensional integral, but my answer contained an expression like pi/pi^2;  even trying to simplify this did not reduce the fraction properly. Why does this happen, and how can I get it to display the answer properly?



Hey everyone,

I've been using nonisomorphicgraphs for a while now, and my professor would really like to know if there is a pattern in the order in which it spits out the graphs. I've noticed that they pair them up in complements of each other(or as close as possible), but has anyone found the order in which they come out, and what the reason for this order is?



I have an issue while permanently deleting students from the system, the MapleTA 4.0 enviroment report this error:

An unknown error occurred when uploading the roster file: "com.maplesoft.mapleta.persistence.service.profiles.exception.ProfileServiceProviderException: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute update query". Please see the roster.log file for more details. 

I got two columns of data in excel: current (I) and voltage (V). What i want to do the following things:

1. read the data set into Maple 12.

2. plot the current vs voltage

3. Fit the plot to the function with polynomial form:  I=aV^2+bV

4. find the R-squared value of the fitted function.

Could anyone kindly tell me the detailed code to achieve this, thanks a million.


Current I need model a mechanical system with kinematic loop. In Maplesim4 the calculation speed is too slow. I need to use this model in HILS. How to solve this problem? I check the 'four bar' example, It's too slow(simulation 1 second, 40second is needed, Intel xeon 3GHz,2cpu) Anyone who can help me? Thanks! Wander

A method of fitting a curve to data points so as to minimize the sum of the squares of the distances of the points from the curve.
For example (yei,x1i,x2i,x3i,x4i) is experimental data and relevant function is y=f (x1,x2,x3,x4), some unnkown parameters

(a1,a2,a3,a4) can be solved by minimizing the sum of squares of residues.
Procedure is:
Tr:=sum(f, i = k .. n);
da1:=diff(Tr, a1);da2:=diff(Tr, a2);da3:=diff(Tr, a3);da4:=diff(Tr, a4);


I have the function of x and y


with n summed up from 1 to an integer - say 100 (couldn't get the summation sign in here). When plotting this function with plot3d it works just fine with 100 as the summation limit. The problem is, when I increase the limit to say 500, a part of the graph ...


I was wondering if it is possible to plot a heat distribution within a thin square plate in Maple knowing the temperature as a function of the coordinates in the plate? The result would be a plot with, for example, red representing the hotter regions and blue representing the colder regions.

Thanks in advance.

how can I simulate the motion of the domain walls motion , using maple soft?

Is there a programme , or a special equation the does that?

Who knows how to model a brushless dc motor?  Can I use a synchronous machine and some circuits? Brushless dc motors do require rotor position information in order to select the appropriate commutation angle. Using three Hall sensors? But how to model a hall sensor or something which can specify the rotor's position and send out a signal? I am looking forward to your answer. If you have some experiences of modeling a double closed-loop dc machine using maplesim, please tell me too.

when I do the integration


the result  obtained is  "undefined  "

but, actually it equals  Dirac(p). How can I get this result?  I badly need this.

well,it's the Fourier transformation of the constant function 1, but I don't want to use the internal function fourier();

Thank you!


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