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for example, how to define f(x,y)=sin(x+y) inside a triangle but f(x,y)=0 elsewhere? fsolve test


i want to write an integer n into all possible sums ,  i found

I'd like to hear a sound alert when Maple 15 (64bit version, on Windows 7 64bit) finishes the execution of a command.

For example, I have a very lengthy function to simplify. I use


but it takes too long. It would be very helpful for me to hear a sound when this simplification finishes so that I can come back to see the result and go on.


I got a worksheed with some dualaxisplots generated in a loop. As it would take some time to rightclick on each of them and export it as eps, I'm searching for a fine solution to automatically export them. For plot(); and display(); I found some nice solutions, but using dualaxisplot, I receive the following error:

Error, (in plots:-dualaxisplot) dual-axis plots are not available for the current interface or device


Hi everybody,

How can i plot a vector field and an animated curve on the same plotting window ?



A simple question. I have this:



And I want to group it by x, y, z, so that I would get:



I'm using Maple 11.

Hey, I'm just starting to work with maple and I have no idea how i could restract a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i in a 3x3 matrix

Hello everyone

I want to check whether a recurrence relation produces integers. What I have written is rather messy, I ideally would like some kind of Proc where I can just put in the recurrence relation, the initial conditions and the number of terms I would like to check. Then get a result out which tells me whether the terms in the sequence are all integer. 


I have written the following (which tells me what I want to know but in a crude way)

problem := ur+dr, {con1, con4, con5}, seq(w[i] = 0 .. 1, i = 1 .. N):
problem_matrix_form := Optimization:-Convert:-AlgebraicForm:-LPToMatrix(problem):

Optimization:-LPSolve(problem, maximize = true);
Optimization:-LPSolve(problem_matrix_form[2 .. 4], maximize = true);

The above trick-conversion method works for all LP and QP problems
However it does not work on NLP problems. I have attached the workshet


I'm studying Computational Mechanic at the Technical University in Munich. Would you please be so kind and help solving this. During my study I'm encountered with Dimensionless Analysis which I do with Buckingham Pi-Theorem. There I have to set up a matrix, each of the colums get a name wich refers to a certain physical quantity. When you are applying the Buckinham Theorem, in most case you are dealing with a rank defiecient matrix. so many of the columns of my...

I want to ask a question about parallel programming capability of Maple (for Maple15). I have a 4-core PC (intel i7 processor) running under Windows-7(64-bits). I'm making a monte carlo simulation by using maple15. The simulation is very complicated such that it includes loops and inside these loops we use Newton-raphson method (a numerical algorithm). Because of being complicated iterative calculations, one simulation needs approximately 50 hours to be completed. And this...

I have a 3rd order nonlinear recurrence relation and I would like to produce the associated sequence.

Here is the relation x[n+2]:=(((x[n+1]*x[n])^2+x[n]^2+x[n+1]^3))/x[n-1]. At the moment the method I am using (a standard do command) is very computationally heavy when I want lots of iterates. I was wondering if there were faster loops, or procs.

Also I would like some kind of way to check if all the terms are integers, maybe some kind of summation where an...

Can Maple 13 solve nonlinear algebraic equations system numerically without using fsolve? for example Gauss siedel iterative method .

And indeed it has, 3/4th of my document is gone. What to do? Is there any way to fix this?

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