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Hi! I have a problem with the total PDE linear system:



X2(F)=x*F[x]+y*F[y]+z*F[z]+w*F[w] - h*F[h]=0;

X3(F)=x^2*F[x]+y^2*F[y]+z^2*F[z]+w^2*F[w] - ((z-x)*h+C*(w-y)/(z-x))F[h]=0;  (C=const)

The Poisson brackets are:

[X1,X2]=X1, [X1,X3]=2*X2, [X2,X3]=X3.

I'v tried to solve this system with pdsolve, but F=const is the only Maple's answer. But I am sure that this system has a...

I love using the inequal function to plot the feasible region for a 2-d linear programming problem.  Is there a function that does the same thing in 3-d?

Thank you.

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to integrate over summations using Maple? I know integration is a summation but is it possible to sum a sum so to speak. Thank you.


I was using the Matlab toolbox in Maple 13 and everything was great until I upgraded Matlab from version 2008b to 2010b. Is it that the new vesrion is not supported? Or can I work around that?

Thank you.


So I have an image given by plot[some function] and I need a table with 2 columns - x and f(x)...

In a previous question I answered I had attempted to turn what I did into a proc.  It works fine by itself but when it's in a proc it won't display both plots.  Not sure if it's because there's too many levels of calling or if it's a bug. 

  local a,b,to3d,c:

How would I graph this circle, in the complex plane, in Maple 12:

abs(z - 2) = 2?

Dear friends,

    The Physics package in Maple is a good tool for quantum physics. However, I came across some problems with the package when I performed a computation. Please see the figure.

The left-hand code (last two lines) shows Amx.Amy.Ket(x,1,1)=”-Ket(x,0,0)”. However, I believe that the answer is wrong; it seems that the negative sign should not be here.

The “am.Ket(B,4)=2ket(B,3)”




I would like to compare different decision methods. All these methods can be described in general with the  following function:

f:= (X::Matrix,C::Vector)-> TerminalScores::Vector

In my comparison I fix C, and X to constant numeric values. The exception is  X[1,1] :=t parameter. Hence with the unapply(f(X,C),t) I can generate a single-parameter function for each method.

Fist, I would like to diffrentiate the methods (f1, f2, f3...


is it possible to search for only real discontinuities? There is a discont command and you can see in the help that it finds discontinuities over the reals. But it searches also over the complex domain. Can I restrict the command only for the real domain? I tried to use "assuming real", "RealDomain", but nothing works.

You can try the following example function: f := x-> 3/(1-exp(1/x)):

The only real discontinuity is in 0,...

I'm going to put this plot into LaTeX, so it'd be nice if the font is similar. Both equations are functions of one variable.


Is there a nice, concise command to do this? Additionally, what's the easiest way to export this graph into a format useable by pdfLaTeX?


Thanks so much!


I'm running Maple 14, if that matters.

Hi everybody:

I was wondering if there's a tool in maple that would allow you to plot a function f(x,y) over a geometric shape (e,g,, a triangle). Sort of like the Matlab logo if you know what I mean. Or even simpler: for x=0,y=0..10, sin(y), and y=10,x=0..10, sin(x)

thanks a lot


Maples own spiralgraph or kalidascope.

It's kind of annoying sometimes when you create a plot and you haven't got enough points to see a nice smooth curve.  It's an easy fix, of course. Just add numpoints=x where x is any number you want.

However, that being neglected this simple little animation reminded me of the spiralgraph craze in the early 80's, or could even be a kalidascope if the colors changed.



Thanks to Robert Israel, I have solved my problematic PDE. 
Unfortunately it seems that solution is incorrect.
I have compared with FEA system and obtained different results.
I'm not sure but  probably point is in boundary condition (see lambda3) and I don't know
if we should not use a set of PDE's.

I will be try further but if somebody helps me I will be appreciated.
I enclosed file with calculations.


Forgive me for not using the "Maple Math" and "Maple Plot" commands.  I tried, but it says everything that I enter is an invalid expression so I'm just entering it as text...

I define two functions, they plot as expected:


f(x) := sin(x);

g(x) := 2*x;

plot( f(x) );

plot( g(x) );


Now I want to plot the composition:


plot( f(g(x)) ); 


Doesn't work!

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