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Is there a way I can plot 5 different functions together?I only require specific sections of the graphs, like between [0,3] for the first, (3,6] for the next, etc?


Hi, I have the following problem: Input: positive integer n, real number y (1) a:=1, b:=1 (2) for i =1 to n do (3) a:= (a*y)/i, (4) b:=b+a (5) end do (6) output: b I am struggling to find the number of assignments in terms of n. I understand for (2), I will need (n-1) assignments. For (3), will I need the sum of (i+1)? Not sure what to do with the rest of it... Any help would be appreciated. thanx. antonio
I am trying to solve the differential equation below using the following code. deq := diff(c(x), x, x) = c(x)*exp(gamma*beta*(1-c(x))/(1+beta*(1-c(x)))) ic := (D(c))(1) = 0, c(0) = lambda dsol := dsolve({deq, ic}, numeric, output=array([0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,1.0]), continuation = lambda)

The question is in the subject. Please help. Thanks


November 14 2008 DSP2006 4

Three soccer teams will finish first,second,and third in of 11 evenly matched teams, which includes 4 European teams. What are the chances of a European medal sweep?



C. 0.03535

D. 0.02424


 A RSA with the modulus n = 119 and the exponent e = 7, with the 95-character
alphabet consisting of the printable ASCII characters to encrypt the word “Yes”.
so that Y=58, e=70, s=84. Give your encryption as a list of three numbers.

Then use the same set (that is the modulus n = 119 and the exponent e = 7) to decrypy the list of number  [42,59,4,59,27,59]

Here is my code, what's wrong with it. Please help. Thanks

I would like to compile a Maple procedure to compute a large matrix.  However, I cannot find a way to send it back from the procedure.  Does any feasible way exist?



anyone have any extra documentation for the Physics Package? Something more systematic then the example worksheet and docs in the help file perhaps...

The idea is so very good, but I can't use it for a lack of a detailed description of the commands, specially in the Feynmann Diagrams command (I really didn't even get what is the output of this command...).



My actual problem is more complicated, but how do I get

     subs((x+1)^2 = a, (x+1)^6+2)

to look for transformations of the expression for which I'd like to substitute--


    subs((x+1)^2 = a, (x^2+2x+1)^3+2)


Perhaps this is just too much to expect.  Maple already blows my mind.  8-)

My teacher gave us an assignment where we have to plot two polar equations on the same graph using the display command, to find the points of intersection.  I thought i was doing it right but apparently not. the equations are: r=1/1-cos(t), and 3/1+cos(t). Could you please help?

When a system of symbolic equations of order five or greater is solved by Maple, the function RootOf compares in the solutions. In order to get an explicit form of all the possibles solutions I set the option of the solve command:


The problem is that sometimes the solutions are very complex, involving atan with uge arguments.

My problem is to simplify these kind of solutions.

The only method that gave me some results was:

Expand->"one of the specific simplifying commands as 'factor' "->simplify.

make a semilogplot?...

November 12 2008 Uffe 8
0 2
I can't make logplot or semilogplot, what is wrong? When I write "plot(x -> 10^x)" I get a nice plot in linear paper, but when I write "logplot(x -> 10^x)" or "semilogplot(x -> 10^x)" nothing happens. What do I do wrong? - Uffe

PDE Question...

November 12 2008 Kanellopoulos 85

My question is really naive but i need help...

Is there a way with Maple 12 to determine if your PDE is elliptic,parabolic or hyperbolic type?? And more important, which numeric method is best suited for each one??



I have a problem with code generation to matlab. I have a model in maple that I have sampled for som values and I now want to import these matrices.  The problem is that I want to name the matrises "A(:,:,1)","A(:,:,2)",... i.e. "A(:,:,i)", 3d matrices in matlab.

simplify polynomials?...

November 12 2008 ali701 28

hi all.

I have calculated an integral. the answer is a polynomial containing large power of  parameters ( i.g. x).

how could I reasonably simplify the polynomial? it has a long function too. ( 5 pages)


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