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I have


-Copy full precision

-Copy as MathML

-Why am I able to use whatever strange copy method I have the feeling is useless to me but no simple, plain Copy? Why? Why were you able to implement strange copy functions but not one like the simple one of Windows Notepad.exe's and whatsoever? Or what am I doing wrong?

I have been looking in Maple User Manual on how to create tables. It does describe how to do it manually going from cell to cell. What I am looking for is however a way to do it more automatically, like for example in Microsoft Excel, where you only need to write the formula in one cell and then copy down the formula to the rest of the cells in the actual column by dragging. I know Maple doesn't work the same way, I just want the proces automated ...

I've got a system of ODEs I need to solve for dependant variables phi(t) and a(t) with independant variable t.(appologies, it's a bit messy; the maple tag isn't making things render nicely)

dsys := {(D(D(phi)))(t)+3*a(t)*(D(phi))(t)/(D(a))(t)+dOm(phi(t), a(t)) = 0, a(1000) = sqrt(2*sqrt((8*Pi^3*(1/45))*To)*1000), phi(1000) = 12*M^(alpha+4)*alpha*g^2*sqrt(8*Pi^3*(1/45))*To^((1/2)*alpha-1)*10^(1/(alpha+2)), (D(a))(t) = sqrt(RhoDE(phi(t), a(t))+RhoM(a(t))+RhoR(a(t)))*a(t...

I'm trying to find out whether or not Maple V R5 can plot a polynomial with a specified area under the curve shaded.

Any other "old timers" here?


 ~ Mark Morse (Tutor), Seattle Central Community College


so i need to check that these solutions are in fact solutions. they are obviously very close but i can't get the boolean output to be "true".

for m from 1 to N do
this_soln:=fsolve( eqn1 , x=(m-1/2)*Pi..(m+1/2)*Pi );
soln_array[m]:=[this_soln, tan(this_soln)];
end do:
for m from 1 to N do
this_soln:=fsolve( eqn1 , x=(m-1/2)*Pi..(m+1/2)*Pi );
end do;

I was playing around with loops and came up with this simple while loop that is reacting different than I am expecting

while a() <> 4 do print(a()); od:

the output includes 4's ??

I'm new here so apologies if the solution to this is is obvious.

I am getting the following message in Maplesim 3 when I try and run a simulation. At least I think it is an error message, could just be a statement?


Starting simulation...
Preparing model...
(in MapleSim:-Modelica:-Flatten) duplicate definition of `Main.Turbo.C`

Any tips on what this might mean would be appreciated as it means nothing to me...

I'm trying to pointplot two arrays (vectors) but no matter what I change in the listing below Maple 11 keeps considering the second vector as an option.

Rolling Dice Again...

January 29 2010 poorman 40

Hi, continuing on from my previous question. The question now is that how many times do I need to roll the dice to have at least 1 one, 2 twos, 3 threes, 4 fours, 5 fives, and 6 sixes.


Thanks for all the help!

Can Maple embed ActiveX objects ?

such as discussed here

I want to plot y=f(x) where f(x) may be in the form: f(x) = kx... I need to supply several values, or parameters, for the constant k. For example, k=2,4,8,10. If I can get someone's help on this plotting question, I think I'll be on my way to figuring out other issues using the Mable Help menus. I'm a self-study student, so I don't have a professor to check with. Thx. (I realize this is extremely simple)

In principle I think this should be pretty easy. I need to make a MAPLE code that uses loops and arrays to carry out the prcedure described here:  

I've compared that with the Math Input Panel associated with Windows 7 just by mouse

,and another software made by my handwriting pen's manufacturer.

What's your point?

Wish a great progress in the following version of Maple,I think the Ocr function can also be associated.

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