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I've made a model and i wanted it to work out a distance, which it does. But it gives me an answer in the for a/pi, where a is a number. In my model I've used angles, which maple uses as radians. But I want the answer to be a decimal number and not the fraction in the form a/pi, even thought the value a/pi when worked out is right.


How can I convert this a/pi into a decimal number?

Do I need to use the convert command, and if so what goes in the brackets of this command?

Hi all

I have used pointplot3d to plot a set of points using three vecotrs v1, v2 and v3 which all contain many elements and the same number of elements.

I would like to know how to plot a new set of elements for new vectors v4,v5, and v6 on to the same plot as the previous set of values.

Could I then give each of the two sets a different color?

I want to make a numerical approximation of the number Pi to a defect that is not more than 0.0001


I use maple to verify some examples in my textbook. The followings are two warnings which I came across.


> with(DynamicSystems); sys := TransferFunction((1+.2*s)/(1+.1*s));
> ResponsePlot(sys, Step());

When running the codes above, a warning appears unexpectly.
Warning, cannot evaluate the solution past the initial point, problem may be complex, initially singular or improperly set up

With this question, I...


I'm working on implementing a plot of the Lorenz equations, and I'm trying

  proc(something, something, more something) local something more;

  uses DEtools;


  end proc

And I get this response:

  Error, `DEtools` is not a module or member

What can I do? "uses" works for plots, LinearAlgebra etc. Why doesn't it work for DEtools?

I want maple to calculate sqrt(Pi) with an accuracy of (10)^-200 with Newton Raphsons method. How do I do?


I have this non-linear ODE in q(p):

ode := diff(q(p), p) = (q(p)-a*p)/(p-a*q(p))*(p^(-b)-1)/q(p)^(-b);

for some real parameters a and b, it may be solved in exact form for the special value a=1.

Is there any hope of getting a closed-form solution or of expressing the solution in a neat way for the case 0<a<1? even some specific value of a would be of interest, e.g. a=1/2.




let us consider the series


y = a_0 - sum(a_i,i=1..n)


here the terms a_i are defined recurrsively as follows


a_i = (a_(i-1) -4*ln(x)/ln(10) + 4/10 + 4*ln(a_(i-1)) )/ ( 1+ 4/(a_(i-1) * ln(10)))


a[n] := (a[n-1]-4*ln(x)/ln(10)+4*(1/10)+4*ln(a[n-1]))/(1+4/(a[n-1]*ln(10)))


how can i program this in maple. so i can...

Why doesn't 'ln(e)' simplify to '1' in Maple 12.02?


The problem arose from trying to simplify the solution of an ODE that contains a combination of exponentials, logarithms and powers. Maple refuses to simplify, whereas I can easily read the simplified answer. Maple seems to ignore the simplest of algebra concerning power, logarithms and exponentials.


what is the general sum formula for the following seires (we may notice from these few terms it has a pattern)


From menu, Insert -> Table...  is there code to extract values from specific cells in the table?



I so thankful for your help. Please help me expressing this expression compactly is there any pattern here?


I have a mapleTA question that blocks students from starting a mastery assignment until I tell them how to do the problem. But some students are gaming it but finding out the problem from an earlier section. I want to game back by making the answer change depending on the wall clock, that is the section they are in. To do so, I need a clock function to tell the time. Since I can call maple inside mapleTA, a maple solution will also work.


I want to generate a source component,namely,acceleration function,y(t)=(1/2)*t^2,where y(t) is output of the component. Is there any way to generate it?

By the way,I find a component,named 'Real Expression',which located in Signal Blocks\Sources\Real. I thought it may solve my problem,but after reading the help document,I felt the description was too simple to understand. Can you give me an example of how it can be used?

Thank you!

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