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i have the following command.

y := 23.45*sin((360*(x+284))/284):
seq('y'(x) = evalf(y), x = 1..365);

i want to calculate:

arccos(-tan(10)*tan(all the y(x) values))

how can i get maple to do this?

can anyone please help....

Judith  sn_union2.txt  Hi all! Can anyone tell me what the problem is in my worksheet? It works for first two initial conditions but then it does not work. The data file that is needed to run the program has attached, too. Thanks. 

How do you write a code which involves the proc command and a sequence to plot a a series of lines that are represented by points in a matrix.

Dear guys! I want to solve a system of ODEs but I have some problems. Plaese have a look and let me know:

> Omega_m0 := 0.22: Zeta_m := 10^(-4): n := 0.35: h := 0.63: omega := 1:

> eq := z-> 1 = H^(2*n-2)*(1-Omega_m0)/(h^(2*n-2)) + h^2*Omega_m0*(1+z)^3*(1+Zeta_m*exp(-2*psi(z)))/(H^2) + omega*H^2*(1+z)^2*(diff(psi(z),z))^2/(6*h^2);

> yp := implicitdiff(eq(z), H, z);

> ode1 := diff(H(z),z)=subs(H=H(z),yp);

> ode2 := H(z...

How to find the limit

>limit(sum(1/binomial(n, k), k = 1 .. n),n=infinity);

with Maple?

How to find the limit
limit(sum(n*x/(n^2+x)^2, n = 1 .. infinity), x = infinity);
with Maple?

With Maple15.01 on a x86_64 linux box running Fedora 14, I get the following error when trying to run a basic comand from LinearAlgebra:

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> R := RandomMatrix(4, 4):
> Eigenvalues(R);
Error, (in ifactor/SmallFactors/ext) external library could not be found/used

Could someone please tell me what the required environment setup is so that Maple can find and use the external shared libraries?...


I have a problem that Maple 15 is not possible to start (process is there but GUI is not visible).

On the same computer (HP 8540w) I have the problem with Maple 14 too. The GUI is started but it is not possible to do any action in it because it does not respond.

This problem occures now. I am sure that some months ago it works properly.

If you have any suggestion I do welcome it.




I am trying to evauate a function 23.45*sin((360*(x+284))/284) for x=1..365

how can i do it without having to type in eval(a,x=x1) 365 times....

thank you in advance for your suggestions



I am creating a maple document to display the tangent plane to a function. the resulting function and tangent plane are displayed in a plot component. The problem I am having is that I can display both the function and the tangent plant at the same time with the foloowing statements:

PlotSurfs := plot3d([Func,TanPln], x = Xo-DmX .. Xo+DmX, y = Yo-DmY .. Yo+DmY,axes=VarAxes,scaling=VarScl,orientation=[OrX,OrY,OrZ]);

 DocumentTools[SetProperty](PlotWin, value, PlotSurfs);

I'm trying to make a Cayley table with a group of permutations (Specifically S3 and A4) and can't figure it out.  I've been looking through the help without much success.  Here is the code I have so far:


Matrix(nops(permgroup(6, {[[1, 2]], [[2, 3]]})), proc (i, j) options operator, arrow; multperms(i, j, permgroup(6, {[[1, 2]], [[2, 3]]})) end proc)



I have a calculation (analytic) involving sums (finite) that ends up with an expression structured like a sum over an expression with several terms, like

sum(Y(t)*cos(omega*t) + a*sin(omega*t)+b*cos(omega*t),t);

(The real case is more involved but this simple example shows the issue.)

What I want is to distribute the sum over each term separately, observing that a & b are numbers & therefore can be pulled out of the sum. Note that the expression...


I've figured out several ways to accomplish this, using a series of commands, but is it possible using only dsolve to solve a first-order ivp involving two constants: the constant of integration and a constant of proportionality. For example, the type that arise using Newton's basic law of heating/cooling:

y'(t) = k*(y(t)-10), y(0)=70, y(1/2)=50

I welcome all ideas, especially if there is something easy I'm missing, thanks! 

Hi there,

I am designing a Buck Converter Power Supply, and in that regard I need to design the input filter and compare it to the characteristics of the converter, and for that I need to compare two Bodeplots.

How can I plot the two Bodeplots that I have attached in one?

Thank you



I have problem because mserver.exe stopped working


Yesterday that file was working very well.


help me please



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