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Hi, all, I have a question, how to expand a multivariate polynomial, like this: F := [1-(x[1]-1)^2]*[1-(x[3]-1)^2]+[1-(x[1]-1)^2]*[1-(x[2]-2)^2]+(2*[1-(x[1]-1)^2])*[1-(x[2]-2)^2]*[1-(x[3]-1)^2] when I used expand(F); the result is the same as F itself, nothing changed. Whether there is some way to expand the multivariate polynomial into a completely expanded form, like: 2*x*y^2*z^2+2*x*y^2*z+x*y*z^2+x*y*z+x^2*z^2+x^2*z+x*z^2+x*z+x^2*y^2+2*x^2*y+x*y^2+2*x*y thanks.

Help Please...

April 08 2009 Jabz 433

Hi can someone please help me. I am trying to save a list to a file but the code below saves the list with spaces. So when i open the file they all have spaces after each number(see below). How can i save the list as it is?


Hi everybody, Using pdsolove(SyPDE, BIC, numeric), I have to model propagation of two waves , u(x,t) and v(x,t) , in two elastic test rods that are in contact. The problem are boundary conditions at the contact surfaces: values of forces and strain are equal at the first rod right end and at the second rod left end: D[1](u)(l_1,t)=D[1](v)(0,t) and (u)(l_1,t)=(v)(0,t) Maple can't do that. Should I put in code some transitional Maple expression or function for force and strain, like, for force X:=(delta*x)/l, in order to get this: D[1](u)(l_1,t)=X, D[1](v)(l_1,t)=X,
Hi, I want to plot all points (x,y,z) with the properties: z = x*y x = sqrt(9-y^2) How can I do this? Thanks.

How to find a basis...

April 08 2009 sansar 72
0 2

u:=Vector([1,1,-1]),v:=Vector([2,0,-5]),w:=Vector([5,1,-11]) (Vectors are by columns)

How can I find a basis for the subspace spanned by {u,v,w}.

Hi, I'm new to Maple,


I need to draw:

x -> --------------
     sqrt(2 x - xᄇ)
I found the integer who is :

For at least two years we have been having trouble with the Java scripts in MapleTA and SSL.  Is there anyone who is successfully running MapleTA on linux with SSL enabled?

Unfortunately MapleSoft technical support has been unable to help us.


Basic notes:

1)  Without SSL everything runs well.

2)  Even with the firewall turned off, the java applets load very slowly in Windows and not at all in Linux.  (Java works on the linux machines since the applets run when SSL is turned off.)

Can anyone please explain how to abstract all student responses to a particular assignment or question eg. text response to an essay type question? I appreciate that this is not possible simply using TA but, with access to the server folders and postgrel, is there a fairly simple recipe for someone unfamiliar with querying databases?

Many thanks

LOP tableau...

April 07 2009 msfailure 4
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large matrices...

April 07 2009 Wally 12
0 3

As soon as my matrices are larger then 10 by 10, Maple doesn't show them. Instead I get

Vector(4, {(1) = ` 14 x 14 `*Matrix, (2) = `Data Type: `*anything, (3) = `Storage: `*rectangular, (4) = `Order: `*Fortran_order})

How can I change this?



I'm a newbie with Maple12 (MacOS) and unfortunately not able to solve my problem on my own, that's why I'm asking you for help:

After importing an 8x8 matrix from Excel into Maple I cannot get the eigenvalue of my matrix. Error message:

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues) invalid input: LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues expects its 1st argument, A, to be of type Matrix(square) but received C

Why is the function Eigenvalues expecting an square Matrix???

here are my files:


I´m trying to create a 3D-plot of the following data

0.25Y               0.5Y               1Y               2Y               5Y               10Y

limit of function...

April 07 2009 kagu 60

 I m new with maple and  i want to calculate a limit of function like this one, what must i do to have the true value because i can't do this with   limit(f,x=-1),   my function is f:=(-e-xe)/xe(x+1)  at x =-1



How can I combine two plots so that one is above the other and they have the same x-axis.


Here's an example of what I want.



I tried array of plots, but in this case each plot has its own axes and they are side by side horizontally.


Any other suggestions?


I am dealing with the following problem, which has extensive symbolic computations. It was taking extremely long in MATLAB so I thought of Maple. It turns out that Maple is also taking pretty long time. Is there any way to accelerate this in Maple (or in MATLAB).

I am attaching a two-line Maple code (Thanks Alec for the previous help)

u := (1-cos(x)):
for i to 10 do u := u+int(subs(x = t, diff(u, [`$`(x, 2)])+u-A*(1+2*u+3*u^2+4*u^3))*(t-x), t = 0 .. x) end do:

where A is a constant.

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