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I have to prove a trig identity with Maple for class. It's rather simple, but I can't figure out how to get the right-hand side into the form I want. What I have is:


tan(x)^2*sin(x)^2 = sin(x)^4/cos(x)^2


I simply want to convert sin(x)^4/cos(x)^2 into tan(x)^2*sin(x)^2.

The conversion is apparent to anyone looking at it but I simply cannot figure out how to put it in the right form, and I can't change the left-hand...

Hi all,

I have those functions



u1:=(r,theta)->sum((r^n*AI[n]+r^(-n)*BI[n]+W(n,r)*sin(n*theta0))*sin(n*theta)+(r^n*CI[n]+r^(-n)*DI[n]+W(n,r)*cos(n*theta0))*cos(n*theta),n = 1 .. nn);


Error, (in type/polynom) too many levels of recursion

Hi all,

I need to find a specific temperature which I named T2 to cross the zeroline in a plot but maple doesn't plot or give a solution at all. I'm very confused and also new with this software.

My code is as follows:

R = 8.314472;
> A = 1.935;
> B = 36.915*E-3;
> C = -11.402*E-6;
> P2 = 10*10^5;
> P1 = 101300;
> T1=365;
> Tc=425.1;
> Tw=T2/T1;
> Pc = 37.96*10^5;
> Pr1=P1/Pc;


I have got a question. I have an Hamiltonianfunctionand want to differentiate this function to all variables. There is no problem with most of the variables, but one doesn't work. The error above occures, when I use the button "execute the entire worksheet". When I just press Enter, the errror does not occure and the right results are presented. But I am not abel to use the results.

Has anyone an idea how I can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I do not have any experience with maple and have a homework assignment due tomorrow. I have been staring at a screen blankly for an hour now trying to research how to do this but have had no luck. Here is my problem...

compute the projection of w onto v. call proj w onto v "p" and let q be vector perpendicular to p so that p+q=w. plot all four vectors together.


I have no idea where to even begin. I can do this by hand but it's the computer stuff...


After using my command FOR --DO (see the commands below of the attached file) I would like that appears only the last graphic ( and not the previous "plot"s neither the matrix ww).


How could be done it?

Thanks in advance,





for w1 from 1/27 by 7/27 to 1/2 do

ww:= [seq( [n, add(1/(n+1), k=ceil(  max(0,(q-w1...

Hello, I am using maple 7 and I want to find all the solutions to a set of 4 equations with 4 variables.  These equations are all trigonometric.  fsolve of course only gives a single solution and using the avoid unction doesn't work.


I have tried to write something like this:





and this always gives the same solution.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

Hey folks I have a question regarding how to fill an Array.


Lets say I do this...


Array(1..10, [seq(i, i=0..9)]);


This produces [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9] as output which is fine.


Now lets say I want a 2x10 array (2 rows, 10 columns), the top row being the digits 0-9 (as above) and the second row being something else (in this case it is counting the number of times each digit appears in Pi)

I would like to use Maple to visualize some data produced by a computational geometry application I am working on.  However, my coordinate system is different than a standard cartesian system.  In my case, the positive Y direction is downward.


Can I re-orient the Y axis on a point plot to go downwards instead of upwards?


I want to solve the non linear recurrency system:

x[1](k*T+T) = x[1](k*T)+2*u[1]*psi*cos(alpha); x[2](k*T+T) = x[2](k*T)+2*u[1]*psi*sin(alpha); theta[0](k*T+T) = theta[0](k*T)+T*u[2];


psi := piecewise(u2 <> 0, sin((1/2)*T*u[2])/u[2], (1/2)*T); alpha := theta[0]+(1/2)*T*u[2];

and u1 and u2 some functions of x1(kT) and x2(kT).

I tried to use the rsolve command but didn't work.

Can you help me, please? Is there some way to solve this?...

ex1 := {
evalDG( d(x) = w1*e1 + w2*e2),
evalDG(d(e1) = w12*e2 + w13*e3),
evalDG(d(e2) = -w12*e1 + w23*e3),
evalDG(d(e3) = -w13*e1 - w23*e3)

> ex1 := {evalDG(d(e1) = w12*e2+w13*e3), evalDG(d(e2) = -w12*e1+w23*e3), evalDG(d(e3) = -w13*e1-w23*e3), evalDG(d(x) = w1*e1+w2*e2)}; ExteriorDerivative(ex1);
{d(e1) = w12 e2 + w13 e3, d(e2) = -w12 e1 + w23 e3, d(e3) = -w13 e1 - w23 e3,

  d(x) = w1 e1 + w2 e2}


Is there a way to export a file from Maple so that somebody without Maple can use ? My project is a dynamic one with components that need to be used by the "Reader".






I have a rather large output of quotients of polynomial terms in Maple, things like coeffiencient*r^6*(sqrt(1+r^2...)/(1+r^2+r^4), what I have to do at the moment is scan through them by eye taking the large r limits, to see if e.g. an expression goes like 1/r, or 1/r^2 etc at large r..

I was wondering if there is anyway I can automate Maple to scan through the terms for me, systematically taking each limit, and only keeping terms to a certain power in r?

What is the equivalent of

Shift+Tab = move the cursor to the previous region

on linux?? it is listed as working on windowns/macs but not on linux.

Also is there a way to customize keyboard shortucts? I am a vim user and navigating around a document in maple's gui is really painful (by the way I work in the "worksheet" mode)

thank you.

I try to solve the following, but it have the error of singular. can any one help me solve it.

> restart;
> dsys1 := diff(y(x), `$`(x, 2))+(lambda*lambda)*y(x) = 0;
              / d  / d      \\         2        
              |--- |--- y(x...

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