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I am trying to plot a function and its horizontal and vertical asyptotes into one graph. I have been trying but unable to get the results I need. I am getting too many Maple errors. What is the correct way to do this? The function is : 6x^2+5x-4/2x^2-7x-4. The asymptotes are y=3,x=-1/2,


I would like to plot three dimention using plot3d,

How to make label using plot3d. If i assume the label is [a,b,d] how to insert in plot label

could you please help me with provide Example.

when i type in the command plot3d(sin(x*y),x=-Pi..Pi,y=-x..x) maple keeps returning error. why is that so?

I've looked at a number of plot options, and don't see how to get the same relative size in my printed doc that I see on the screen...the plot size wrt the text and formulas. Is this related to the same problem that I have getting images in general to be a predictable size?

I have a document that prints a square over one of the letters in a string when I export as PDF. This does not happen when I print to CutePDF...I suspect some sort of "hidden" character in the file, but don't know how to access it...

I don't seem to be able to get Help to respond to searches with more than one keyword...for example, I entered "date format" and received "No Matches Found."

In an erlier post, I referred to the foot date format, and that post didn't trigger a reply, so I imagine that there is no satisfactory answer..

Help states, for FormatTime, "The default format is the ISO 8601 standard default date format..." but the date in the footer is of the style "12/1/10" which has obvious faults. Is there a way to get a decent date format in the footer other than putting it in by hand?

Good morning,

I want to  to show the 2-simplex (in R^2) obtained from the inequality


x+ y+ z < = 12*a

 with a:=1;

x, y, z  >= 0.

(the angles of the triangle are (12,0,0), (0,12,0) and (0,0,12) )


The CORE of a cooperative game, is the set points that additionally satisfy the system


x+ y >= 6

x+ z >= 6

y + z >= 6



Is there a way of plotting the vertical axis in reverse order. i.e, zero at top of graph and numbers increasing downwards??



Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience.

I assign Maple projects to my students in table format.  They do their work in the first column and I write my comments in the second column.

I noticed that while I grade a worksheet (Maple 14 on a Windows 7 laptop), Maple becomes very sluggish.  I started monitoring  Maple's memory usage while editing.  When I open the file, the memory footprint is roughly 60,000K....


say i have an equation that represents the variation of some quanity with height. I naturally want to plot height on the vertical axis and the equation on the horizontal. Is there any way of doing this? E.g, the eqaution below, where z is a vertical coordinate...

> E := proc (z) options operator, arrow; 2000+5*z end proc;


I have the simplified version of what I want to do:

restart: with(LinearAlgebra):



But I get the following error:

Error, (in Matrix) integer indices required for Matrix

Help appreciated.




Hello friends,

I would like to obtain the "n" for which the second column reaches its maximum and minimum (in the case of my example below, n= 5, 11 and 17 (for -10) and n = 8 and 14 (for 10))


Matrix([  seq([ n,round(10*sin(n)),round(10*cos(n))], n=1..20)]  );

How can I do that?


Thanks a lot for you attention,




I use the following commands to generate some complex numbers:

equ := 2+(s+1)*exp(tau*s) = 0;

a := [0, .8, 2*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)), 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3))];

for i to nops(a) do

   evalf(solve(subs(tau = a[i], equ), s));

end do

then maple output four complex numbers. I want to get a list which contains the four output complex numbers,how can I do that without retyping the output numbers manually?

By the...

I am trying to use Maple 14.01 for implementing the computation of some cooperative game solutions with transferable utility.

As a first step for computing the CORE, I need to be able to draw the 2-simplices ( a triangle in R^2 with vertices (1,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,1) and 3-simplices ( a tetrahedron  with vertices  (1,0,0,0), (0,1,0,0), (0,0,1,0), (0,0,0,1) ). Certainly, I would like to be able to rotate and to visualize from different angles the figure.

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