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Substituting Periodic Fourier series expansion equation with standing wave equation


Maple formatting cuts off some of the information/question 
I've included a link to an image of the full question
and as text file

I would like to know how to program this equation in MAPLE to iterate and derive my results (values of "h") in the form of plots....

I would like someone to take a look at my equation and tell me if its solvable...coz am not able to graduate!!!! :(

Hi there,

Often an expression has more than one output, for example, when simply more solutions exist: sol1, sol2, ...

Then I would get the second solution by %[2]. So far so good.

Anyway sometimes the output is splited in cases, with the { notation. How do I read out a specific case of such a solution?

thx :)

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-MatrixInverse) singular matrix


what does this mean?

I have 2 equations that are made up of various powers of 2 different variables. Is there any command to retain only terms of the first order? E.g. no "x^2", "x^{3/2}", etc, just "x"s.

He guys!

I had Maple 11 installed on my Mac, and yesterday upgraded to Maple 15, which was installed in a separate folder. My question is if I now can uninstall Maple 11 from my computer, or will Maple 15 need the files, since it was an upgrade, and no full version?

If I can uninstall it: How do I do it properly? I'm on a Mac with OS X 10.6. Maple 11 is installed in a separate folder in the applications folder. There is no uninstall file however. Is just dragging...

I have just upgraded from Maple 12 to Maple 14.  I opened an old file (Maple 12 format) and when I tried to use display to replot the data - there were capital letters where the fit line should be and the axes were also strange.  Is anyone else having this problem and what should I do about it.  Below is a copy of my info:


[animate, animate3d, animatecurve, arrow, changecoords,

complexplot, complexplot3d, conformal, conformal3d,

I want to assign




When I do this, it print f(x), v(x), s(x) in the integral and I don't want should stay as f,v,s. Am I doing something wrong?



a very simple problem, but nevertheless I am really struggling with it and would appreciate any help.




This generates the output:  .20000000

However, I need the output in the format 0.20

I've already tried the numeric formatting dialogue but it didn't change anything.

Any hints?



test := proc (value)
  local a, i:
  a := [jack, john, will]:
  for i in a do
    assign('i', value):
  end do:
end proc:


outside of the proc it works like I want it to

for i in a do

I want to solve a series of differential equations, and then plot the results, but I'm having a bit of trouble with evaluating them using dsolve. My code is:





I expect the first call to Length to return a value of 63.  The backslashes are being ignored.  Is this a "feature", or is the Length command not behaving as it should?

Is there a simple way to assign a single value to multiple variables?

just as an example, instead of labouriously entering a1:=5: a2:=5: a3:=5  ... a40:=5:

This way I present here doesn't work as I thought.


for ii in a do
end do:


Any suggestions?

Hi Maple experts,

is there a way to tell Maple, that it only gives me the first 10 solutions it finds.

My problem is, that I have an equation

eq := f(x,a,b)=0

with probably millions of solution pairs

(a_0 , b_0).

I use

solve(eq, {a,b} )

Therefore, maple thinks the whole night, fills 2Gb of memory untill I have to interruped the calculation.


Indeed I need only 1 nontrivial solution (a,b)  !

I was wondering whether The Mathematics Survival Kit is now also available for Mac? When I downloaded it for version 14 it was a windows version which I was unable to use because I'm a Mac user... ;-( So I am concerned that when I buy it now for Maple 15 I might get another useless version...

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