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Calculating a given total using only given specific values

Greetings All

I'm trying to figure out a way to calculate a given total
using only given specific values.

The total given is 46

The numbers I can use are 56,38,20,12,4, and 1

Dear all,

I'm stuck here with a parameter passing issue, I understand that the parameters I define are global to all items "below", incuding nested subsystems, this seems logical and works nicely in MapleSim.

Dear all

I get a nasty message when trying to "Analys" a module representing some hardware with an analog output clipping signal (standard MapleSim block): " ...cannot create DynamicSystems with Model that consists of bolean equations ..."

I have a DAE,ODE system which is not linear in all leading derivatives or leading dependent functions. This system is really big if I use explicit=true it goes for ever.

I need to know in what way I can use (dsolve/numeric, implicit=true) to solve this system?

Due to big big big system explicit is impossible.

and due to not being linear it can not be done by implicit=true.

Could you please help me?

How can  I solve this by maple?


plot by maple...

October 25 2009 ranosh 8

i need to plot points on 2D from text file saved on c directory

please help me

Hello, so i have been given the daunting task of figuring out what some maple stuff means in a worksheet. Now this is complete gibberish to me so i was hoping someone can kind of dumb it down for me and explain what is going on in the BOLD TYPE portion of the worksheet below. At the bottom i have also attached my maple file so you can look at it in actually maple. What the professor has asked from me is;



sum(((n+1)/n-1)*(12*n^2+12*n+1)/((1+((n+1)/n)^(1/3))*(12*n^3+18*n^2+6*n)), n = 1 .. infinity)

hello, im trying to numericaly solve this differencal equaion and i cant see what the issue is with my boundery condions. the only thing i can guess at is the bondrey conditions are ant the limits of the range im intergrating over. any help would be amazing

E := -2;


not this form “⫋”



October 24 2009 dkrbabajee 44

Hi I 'm using algsubs and i want to substitute p=((m-b)/m) in the


f:=((m-b)/m)^2m+b^2*m so that

i obtain


When i use algsubs((m-b)/m)=p,f) it does simplify.

Then i use algsubs(m-b=m*p,f) i got p^m+(1-2*p+p^2)*m

i do not want the last part to be expressed in terms of p.

I will appreciate your help and suggestion.





October 24 2009 dkrbabajee 44
<p>Hi i m trying to simplify this expression:</p>
<p>i use simplify, factor but it remains the same.</p>
<p>It should be 1/(e^p+1)</p>
<p>I will appreciate ypur help or any suggestions.</p>


I have a long formula having 6 variables in it of which 2 can be set 'freely', all others have assumed resctrictions to be real and positive. The formula in overall has to produce a real valued result. Is it possible with Maple to find out a formal expression for the 2 'free' parameters where all the assumptions will be met?

Thank you!

I want to disable automatic simplification for certain operation(s), for example, instead of usual response

How would i plot this surface? 7x+22xy+7y+14xz(sqrt(3))+14yz(sqrt(3))-5z=180


I havn't ever used this program before and my teacher didnt teach us how to use it and wants us to use it.  I tried to plot it but dont understand how to.

Hi there,



What's the most efficient way to delete the 'extra' 32s when converting it back?




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