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how can i form a taylor series of:


here F(x,y) = [f1(x,y); f2(x,y)]

about a point X = [alpha, beta] such that F(alpha, beta) = 0

I want to do a very high-dimensional sum.

Particularly, this sum, where each of those indices can be either 0 or 1:


I started doing something like:



But it seems that there must be a better way (one in which I can genarlize to n dimersions). Is such a thing possible in maple ??


can Maple do the termwise integration?I'm not familiar with that,

The part on the right of equal sign is what I copied from arctan(z),of course the equation doesn't exist,and that is what I would edit manual,

but the equal sign is strange,which to choose ? though that is unrelated to the overall situation...


anyone can tell me something about termwise integration in maple?


Whenever I integrate ((sinx)^4)*((cosx)^3), MAPLE gives ((sinx)^4)*((cosx)^3)x as an answer, effectively just sticking an x on the end of it.

Surely this is incorrect? How do I get it to integrate properly?

I am very new to MAPLE by the way so please speak in basic language!


Thank you to anyone who replies

c := proc (n) options operator, arrow; z^n/factorial(n) end proc

limit(c(n)^(1/n), n = infinity),

limit(c(n)^(1/n), n = 6)

eval(limit((z^n/factorial(n))^(1/n), n = 6))=(1/60)*12^(2/3)*5^(5/6)*(z^6)^(1/6)

evalf(limit((z^n/factorial(n))^(1/n), n = 6))=.3340241884*(z^6)^(1/6)

how to get z but (z^6)^(1/6)


how to input suspension points,and that in a matrix or determinant……


I want to solve a system of 2 equations and 2 variables with solve functions.But,I receive invalid argument error.the problem is following:

 R11 := {(200*(-0.8e-1*t+0.8000000000e-1))/p^2-(120*(t-0.3999999999e-1*t^2+0.3010e-1*t^2.5))/p^3-25.0000*t^1.5/p^3-(46.67*(-5.760000000+6*t-.24*t^2))/p^3-(100*(0.8000000000e-1+0.50e-1*t^1.5))/p^3 = 0}


I,m totally new to maple and am trying this as a tool to help me with my calculus class. I'm trying to figure out how to create a plot from a table of x and y values, but I'm not having a lot of luck.

The goal would be to plot a Riemann sum once I have created the plot. If anybody can point me in the right direction that would be great.



method 1:

p := [`$`([n, 1], n = 2 and n = 3 and n = 5 and n = 7)]

plot(l, x = 0 .. 15, style = point, symbol = circle)

how to make method 1 right,I know if n=1..7,that's right,but n should be prime numbers.

Is there prime plot?


plot(piecewise(x = 2, 1), x = -2 .. 6) or plot(piecewise(x = 2 and x=3 and x=5 and x=7, 1), x = -2 .. 6)

why this is not right,I can't see the point (2,1)...(3,1),(5,1),(7,1)


add plot label directly,p1 := plot(piecewise(x< 2, 1), x = -2 .. 6)

I use eliminate to get a relation of two independent variables,and then I want to use plot to draw a picture of the two independene variable,such as

eliminate({L[A]+L[DD], S[A]+S[DD]}, kk)

and I got the relationship of kk&w,I want to draw the relationship,maybe plot can not do it ,what others I can do?

thank you

Is there some palettes to choose font (size) more convenient?

can I set the defaut size of "Heading 1","Serif",size 18 as 14,for example.

question2:ctrl+period hotkey doesn't work.


If I do:




I get a rational funciton that goes through those points.


What I want to do is interpolate the following function of x:

evalf(int(exp(-a^2 + x),a=0..5);

So, now instead of:


I have something like:


December 20 2009 lei_xiaowen 269

I want to get a common divisor from multinomial,such as (b-a), can I use the order collect (S,(b-a)),maybe it is wrong,what others I can use?

thank you

Hi, I want to create an array as following:

Array(0 .. t, 1 .. 2)

I need to initialize it with <i, 0> where i is the index of each element. The Maple help suggests to use a "set of equations of the form (indices) = value". But I have no idea what that actually means. "(indices) = value" is totally unspecific to me. I guess I have to name the indices first or something like that...

Thanks in advance.

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