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Hi all, i have been using maple for some time now. But one thing still bothers me. The use of radian in stead og degree. I found a way to work around it, but still.

So i looked at the help file, and found some intresting commands like:

  • AddSystem - "The AddSystem(unit_name, opts, units) function adds or redefines a system of units in the current session"
  • UseSystem

Can't that be used to forcing maple to calculate in degrees rather then radian.


/Simon Johansen


i am new to Maple (just purchased 13) as well as trigonometry, which i am using Maple for! i'm trying to use Maple for all of my Chem and Trig homework because I am a Physics major and I think i'll probably be using this for years, so might as well get accustomed now!

basically, one of the problems has a figure with a unit circle on a cartesian plane. the "t-line" (or plot line, i dont know) has tick marks that represent the length of (t), and they go from 1 to 6. to give a better "mental image":

hi all! i am **brand new** with maple 13 as well as trigonometry, which i am using the program for. i have figured out how to plot the unit circle with the command:

>plot( [cos(t), sin(t), t=0..2*Pi] );<

Dear experts, I need to know how I can calculate the mean and the standard deviation from a matrix? Can anybody help me with this? Kind regards! Marc

I would like to experiment with the Mastery Dialog option e.g. making a tutorial. Does anyone tried this in practice? And can I download a question bank that uses this option?


kind regards,

Harry Garst

Power Sensor...

August 21 2009 Oliver K 1116


the implemented Power Sensor calculates the instantenious power, it just multiplies u(t) and i(t). What i need now is a device that gives me the average power, the sources all have periodic voltages/currents (most common case: sin shaped sources). I thought i could use the power sensor and integrate over a period, but i don't know how to  enter the upper time limit.


Thoughts ?


How can I add a super-script circle degrees symbol in a plot label?


E.g. plot(x^2, labels=["Distance", "Temperature (degrees celcius)"]); ... etc


it shouldn't be hard to, do, but i cannot get this working. I just want to create a signal source that creates a pulse form signal with the pulse width parameter as a realsignal input. I used the custom component template and tried the DynamicSystems[Square] command, but the error messages that came up during this process didn't help me too much, because they seem to be unrelated (error in collect/series...). Do i have to create a new System first (DynamicSystems[NewSystem])?  

Hi all,

Wondering if there is a way to change the HUE color range that will be used for listdensity plot.

Currently default setting is to use the full HUE color. But what we need is a shorter range, e.g., only from orange to blue.

Can it be achieved?

Or the PLOT structure has to be used?


This is the code i am using now.

Is there any function that we can sort a list / vector?

What abt a matrix? e.g.

M:=Matrix([[2, 5], [4, 0], [3, 9]]);

The sorted matrix (based on its first column) will be:

Matrix([[2, 5], [3, 9],[4, 0]]);




I use


when dsol=dsolve(..........) which is a procedure to plot first derivative of X[5] now I wanna know what should I use to plot second derivative of that


I used

plots[odeplots](dsol,[t,(D[1,1](X[5](t))(t),0..5,numpoints=100); but nothing shows up

and some other commands none of them works for me.










August 20 2009 nmani 136

Is there any maple command that I can use dsolve with method=implicit I could not find that in help?





A:=RandomMatrix(3,2, generator=1..3);

                               [1   1]
                               [       ]

> A:=Matrix([[1,2,2,3],[5,1,0,4],[6,7,3,4]]);
> V:=<6,5,9>;

I want to add vector V as a new column [e.g. 3rd column] in matrix A, is there any function to do that simply? What abt to add as a row?


I've been having problems trying to get Maple to multiply matrices together inside of a for loop (well, 3 actually).  In fact it sometimes has the same problem outside of the list, but not always.  I've included the file below: it's a cut down version of the normal page, but it gives the same error.  Note that Maple is fine for multiplying matrices together in the first few cases (defining M, M2, N1, N2), but it breaks down on L - despite the fact that it can do the very same calculation at the bottom of the page without problem.

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