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I have coded maple script and got that error. How can I fix it?

Here is my code Please help.



 Given a large rectangular wooden panel, you want to cut specific quantities of smaller rectangles from it.


I have two complex functions with 3 variables: z1,z2,t . I need the first derivative of one of these functions with respect to one variable onle. Here is what I did:



diff(f1,z1(t)) this gives me an error. I need to write the variable as z1(t) not z1 because I'm doing some calculations for different time.

Thanks for the help.


     I just purchased Maple and I am just learning calculus pretty much for fun.  I am reading "Calculus Made Easy" by Sylvanus Thompson.  On page 56 there is a set of equations for which I would like to know the steps.  I was wondering how to do this in Maple.  I played around with the Student and Tutor commands, but can't seem to get it to work.

     The equation is y+dy=(x+dx)^-2



how to change coordinate system? 

for example :

diff(f(x, y), x)   =   (diff(f(r, theta), r))*cos(theta)-(diff(f(r, theta), theta))*sin(theta)/r





There i see

for advanced users, see the routines `simplify/size/size` and `simplify/size/size/object`.

How to write coorectly in maple 15 those calls? From maple 5 (it was ~10 years ago ) i hardly remmember

that f/x also could be treated as function call f  at x or smth. like that...

I am going to use maple in connection with my project concerning non-linear dynamic and chaos, but i have never used the program before, so I hope you guys can help me with that,

I have a model of non-linear dynamic system as following:

dA/dr = k + m * Y(r) - A(r) * B(r) * B(r) - A(r)

dB/dr=1/q * [A(r) * B(r) * B(r) + A(r) - B(r)]

dY/dr=1/s * [B(r) - Y(r)] 

the values of the parameters are:
k= 10
q= 5 * 10^(-3)
s=2 * 10^(-2)

simplify(expr, power, symbol, size);

- simplification by size proceeds 1st or last?

Ok, when I run the below code which maximize the risk adjuested portfolio returns
(long and short positions) in QP matrix form on empirical data I get very strange
allocations ie we go 100% or 100% short in almost all stocks except for a few
where the allocations are more appropriate like 0.2 etc.

# Maximize Risk Adjuested Return Matrix Form
# Minimize W'.Cov.W−W'.EV
# R=Return Matrix

EV := Vector([seq(ExpectedValue(Column(R, i)), i = 1 .. N)], datatype = float[8]):

if maple cannot factor something, does it mean it cannot be factored for sure?

i have a really really long univariate polynomial with coefficients that are also variables (a[0],a[1] etc), is there any tips on how to factor this monster?

thanks in advance!

well first of all this site was very useful for doing my homework, but there is still something I didnt find on it and im sure other people may find it useful.


I have a system of 5 ode's and 6 initial conditions that ive solved successfully and plotted the graphs i need:  Position VS Time

          Speed VS Time

The only thing I initially know is the final position, which i can read on the first graph and...

I've found no questions about these types of functions. When I try to solve this equation by using the FOC function and then try to isolate one of the variables 'effort' (or optimal effort) the outcome is about 6 lines of algebra. When I use simplify it expands even further. What other options are there to get a 'nice' expression?

to find the maximum number of rectangles that can be orthogonally packed into a larger rectangle:

1) can some maple code replicate this?

2) but what i really want is: what arrangement of a given a number of rectangles (of differing widths and lengths...

Professor is working in Maple 13  I have Maple 15 just started using this. 

He types 


I can not type the math in this format in Maple 15. Can anyone help me, I keep getting error messages.




The Standard GUI has an option (Tools -> Options -> General -> Browser) for configuring an installed web browser.  The GUI uses that for its own purposes (for example, clicking on an error message opens the browser at a related Maplesoft site).  Is it possible for the user to access the configured web browser from within Maple, using Maple code?

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