Recently, a Maplesoft customer service representative received an e-mail from one of our users with the subject line: A Simple Thank You. We wanted to share this message with you, as it demonstrates how the power and flexibility of Maple helped one student get ahead in his studies.

The following is an actual email we received from Eli E., which describes his experience using Maple as a university student.

Hello, my name is Eli E. and I am a junior Mathematics undergraduate at Transylvania University. I have been using your Maple products since entering college.

I now consider Maple to be a better interpreter than its competitors. I have bought and read Maple 5: First leaves / Language reference manual, and learned how to write Maple procedures, and they are beautiful in their design. I had not taken any Pascal, which is supposed to be very close in design to Maple's language, but I have programmed in LisP and C, as well as QBasic, and I think the Maple procedure language is a fantastic unity of simplicity in structure, and relatability in design.

I have also seen the power of the Maple kernel! There were textbooks that could not do certain problems in [competitor product], they would refer to a more powerful kernel--namely Maple! This was an enlightening prospect for someone thinking that other interpreters could do better--a common theme in my university class.

Anyway, I would just like to thank the development team for the power of Maple, and the immense(!) help filesection of Maple. It is an irreplaceable tool for the precocious and perspicacious. This is a program I plan to use for years to come.

We hope this user story illustrates the potential Maple has for providing an innovative and enriching experience for students that allows them to become more engaged in learning.

If you’ve had similar experiences, we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email or post your experiences here on MaplePrimes.

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