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I saw an image yesterday of some math done similar to how one can write on paper, with each new reformulation shown on the next line, with a down-arrow between each such line. In other words, operations and output moving down the sheet rather than along it to the right.

The first thing that came to mind was: can this be done in Maple with context-menus?

Here is an attempt,

Worksheet inclusion in Mapleprimes is broken, but here are some exported images of how it appears in the Document..



One easy way to extend it would be to have add a new `generic` context-menu item, labeled say "apply command", which opened a Maplet with an entry box so as to query for the command to apply. The Maple would likely need to be launched from yet another new corresponding Entry Generator (see the code). That generic item would get inserted with the down-arrow, but be otherwise unannotated.

A more interesting question is whether all instances of the typeset "operator" (ie. arrow, say, plus annotation) in the default installed context-menu (stored in the Library) could be replaced altogether with a new, customized look  and feel. That would be a nice finesse.


ps. The attached Document seems to work as intended in 64bit Maple 13.0, 14.01 and 15.01, on Windows 7. It doesn't work in Maple 12.02.

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