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  • Using MAPLE V, Release 10, Elliptic Integrals have been presented. Furthermore, the author proposes approximations based on both FOURIER and TAYLOR series.
    Below is a link to a file I uploaded showing an example of using assigning the value obtained from eval() to a variable and then using evalf() versus using eval() inside of evalf(). The fact that there is some difference is not surprising; it's the sheer amount of difference that amazes me--up to 100%! Do also note that the difference "settle down" over time, which is to be expected. View on MapleNet or
    Hello everybody, does anyone know how to integrate the output of BsplineCurve in maple 8? I can plot it over a given interval, but if I try to perform the corresponding definite integral, I get the following error message: Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments as opposed to the output of the Spline routine, which can be integrated without problems. Thank you for your help.
    Hi. Issue: Anytime I open a recently saved Mpl worksheet, all of my 2D-MATH has been erased and replaced with a simple question mark (?).. And I've tried to open it on a Linux-based OS and trying executing it for like a hundred time. Nothing seemes to work.. Solution needed. Thanks for your time and help. Vic
    Is it possible to have installed both Maple 9.5 and Maple 11 without interference? The reason I ask instead of just trying it out myself is that when I tried to uninstall Maple 11 some days ago (in connection with my roll-back to Maple 9.5) it got stuck. So instead of risking that again, probably with some unfortunate consequences for the integrity of the registration database, I thought I might just ask your guys first. Some of you might wonder why I want to have both installed. But I thought that I might continue using Maple 9.5 for my usual research, and then using Maple 11, possibly in conjunction with a text editor, for things which cannot be done using Maple 9.5.
    I would like to see a solution to Exercise 5 at the end of Chapter 6 in the 2007 edition of the Maple 11 Introductory Programming Guide. It's on page 255. My humble attempt is: View on MapleNet or Download
    View file details I am asking this question because in the past the answers have been way cool, magic happens!
    This morning, I saw the announcement of a paper on the ArXiv, titled Inequalities for Integer and Fractional Parts. I found the results very pretty, even though many of them are rather weird. But then it struck me: this ought to be useful. In fact, it ought to be useful when doing experimental mathematics, something for which Maple is rather helpful. So why the blog post? Because of the next realization: I don't really know how I would 'integrate' this knowledge into Maple. Whatever ideas I come up with to do this seem less than half-baked.
    In my work developing Maplets for Calculus, there are many instances when I want to determine that a function is monotone (decreasing or increasing or non-decreasing or non-increasing) on an interval. If I can do one of these, I can do them all. So, let's focus on decreasing. I have no problem assuming f is continuous and differentiable on the interval. The interval could be unbounded, and I am not terribly concerned about endpoints (at least now). Given a function f, how would you use Maple to determine that f is decreasing on an interval (possibly unbounded)?
    Hi, I have a small problem. I want to export code to Matlab. The code is mostly a long expression with some named constants. The constants are set to some values in Maple and in Maple only the x-variables are therefore unknown in the expression. However, in the exported code, some of the constants are not replaced by their values. Does someone have a clue what this depends on? Best regards Johan
    Suppose the adjacency matrix M is given. How we can get the graph of it from Maple? Can we draw the graph now? Thanx.
    Can anyone explain why Maple has so much trouble deciding if sqrt(2^x+x^4) is continuous for k>=1?
    f := 2^x+x^4;
                                          x    4
                                   f :=  2  + x 
    iscont( f, x=1..infinity );
    iscont( sqrt(f), x=1..infinity );
    iscont( sqrt(f), x=1..100 );
    solve( f>0, x );
    Accoring to the online help for solve,inequal, the last result means Maple understands that f>0 for all real values of x. So, given all of this, what is the problem deciding that sqrt(f) is continuous for x>=1? OR, is this a bug?
    Origami and thales theorem See this.
    Hi again, Long time, no post but thats not an indicator of not stopping by and reading nearly every day. Now I'm looking for some advice on a bug. I'm going to be sending this MapleSoft too but I thought perhaps someone here may have some insight to its solution. Thank, Tim Bug on SuSE 10.3 I'm unable to run Maple 11 with the Java interface since upgrading to SuSE 10.3 Here are the errors messages: tim@linux-g0yu:~/maple11/bin> ./xmaple java: xcb_xlib.c:52: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed. /home/tim/maple11/bin/maple: line 446: 1881 Aborted '/home/tim/maple11/jre.IBM_INTEL_LINUX/bin/java' -Xmx400m -cp '/home/tim/maple11/java/xercesImpl.jar:/home/tim/maple11/java/xmlParserAPIs.jar
    is there any way to do quantum field theory on maple 11 even if it means to have an add on package? answer will be helpful
    In a previous blog entry I described a novel method, proposed by Robert Israel, for sorting a list of lists of small positive integers, specifically those less than 256. It is significantly faster than the usual method. Roman Pearce responded with a method for rapidly sorting listlists of integers (a listlist is a list of sublists with identical number of elements), regardless of size. While not as fast as Robert's technique, it, too, is significantly faster than the usual method and has no restriction on integer size.
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