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  • As a direct result of the tab indentation nuisance reported in the three threads today I have rolled back my system from Maple 11 to Maple 9.5: I have spend quite some time today manually going through all the Maple documents which have been contaminated by loads and loads of XML codes which Maple 11 produces.
    Hi, I was wondering, how the Boolean matrices can be operated (multiplied, added etc) in Maple? Can we find their eigenvalues etc? Your reply would do great help to me. Many Thanks. Athar Kharal
    My apologies if this has been posted before, but a quick search didn't turn it up. I'd like to have a simple, "clickable" way, preferably in the "PlotBuilder", to shade in the region *between* two 2D curves or two 3D surfaces. I know that there are packages to do this, but I'd like my students to be able to do it without learning any new commands or loading any new packages --- it's just too useful when you are teaching calculus. Thanks for listening! ----Josh
    I have been unable to send a MaplePrimes post by e-mail. I click the e-mail link, enter an e-mail address (my own, for testing), confirm that there is a link to be sent, enter something in the message body, and press Send Message. A message arrives in my inbox, but it does not contain the post I was trying to send. Here is the text version of the body of the e-mail message I received from MaplePrimes: I have confirmed that this is repeatable (at least twice in the past day).
    So I am trying to install Maple on OSX 10.5 and I am getting this error: Cannot launch Java application Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "TipCount" Any suggestions? I have a feeling it is not a problem with 10.5 but just a Java problem in general. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Brandon
    I was recently asked what I thought of using Approximate Entropy in financial trading. I was not much familiar with ApEn; so I experimented a little. A natural thing to do is consider long bit strings that are suspected of being able to (but not known to) pass general tests for randomness. Examples include leading bits of Pi, sqrt(2), etc. So I began with the following. PiFive:=evalf[350000](Pi): bits:=convert(PiFive,binary,1000000): (Such things are helpful in various applications, not just studying ApEn.)
    Can anyone remove blog entries that they have created ? If that option is available, can someone show me how to do this?
    Hi All. To find all solutions to a trig eqn in Maple 11 you do the following (See attached file). My question is what commands do I use in Maple 10 to replicate the Maple 11 results. M11 is too slow on my machine. (in M10 all i get is error message "solutions lost"). rgds View 2735_Solutions with on MapleNet or Download 2735_Solutions with
    Maple currently cannot output graphics as pdf. It would be convenient for me (and anyone else who uses pdf(la)tex) to have this facility rather than converting the .eps output to pdf before inserting into a tex document. Thanks Mark
    It is easy to not notice that there is new mail in my inbox. How about a more prominent notice, when the inbox is non-empty?—e.g. something like the boxed notice that appears at the top when I earn new points?
    find the small x series which approximates


    by plotting the function and the series approximations investigate how accurate this approximation is over the range 0<x< Pi/2 when different numbers are included in the series

    i have no clue where to start can anyone help me please???
    On the ground of problems with tab indentation, see my former thread, I now instead use spaces as indentation (as I suppose the majority of you do too, or what?) Using spaces comes at a price, though: Each indentation of mine consists of three spaces. For deeper nested/indented structures of code these, I think, becomes quite tedious to enter. Therefore, the following question: When using Shift + Enter, that is, creating a new line, is there some way to tweak Maple to automatically position the curs
    I need to sketch a graph of a sail and indicate the location of the center of pressure. I'm semi new to maple, so if you could explain step by step, that would help me. Points (0,0),(2,1),(0,5) The lines would be y=-2x+5, y=0, & y=x/2 How do I get all three of them into one graph and only from ththe points? Also, how do I indicate the center of pressure which is (31/12,7/12) ? Thanks, Jerry
    Hi All In M11 you do the following; _EnvAllSolutions := true: _EnvExplicit := true: solve([sin(x)*cos(x)=0,x>0,x
    I can't seem to figure out how to plot the following in polar form. Can you help please. I'm semi new, so not to fast please. -9/(4*r^2+36)
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