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It seems if I have already looked at a mapleprimes question, and I reload it again when it has been updated, mapleprimes does not load the latest information but instead loads what I have previously looked at. In order to view the updated page, I have to load the page and then refresh it. I don't think it's too much to ask to fix this. If I check the recent tab it will only show when I checked it last (ie. if it was last night and I load it now, I'll see last nights...

It's now possible to get a list of all posts with a given tag. Simply click on that tag from the tags page.

And we can use the Search box at that page.

But how can we do "advanced" searches, for combinations of tags built up with not/and/or, etc?

Sorry, if it's obvious.

"No one has posted an comment to this post yet.." has a spelling mistake.

Why are old posts with no recent replies showing up in the all recent category??

If I click on most any of the tags listed at, I see a list of relevant posts. That is great. But it gets me a 404 missing error, if I click on the name of a tag that starts with a numeral.

I'd like to propose a new tab (somewhere) which would allow viewing all posts sorted by thumbs-up. Basically, a way for everyone to see the best posts and replies.

It might have a url something like, or

The thumbs-up may turn out to be an ok mechanism by which this community can recognize good quality posts and responses. But most posts are only likely to get rated thusly by a handful of members willing to do the few extra clicks. I wonder whether there might be other good ways to get approval ratings, either automatically or semi-automatically.

One possibility that occurs to me is citation. The buttons/icons on the Editor menubar already have a Link item (the chain link, for inserting URLs). How about a similar button for adding a citation? The idea being that such a Citation would always be positive, and bring about an additional automatic thumbs-up (maybe allowing more than one-per-member for that particular recipient post). A negative or neutral cite could still be made with the existing Link button.

I'm going to guess that, if all the previous links to Joe Riel's Sorting with Attributes post were such citations, that it would already have more than the number of approvals for the great post class.

Does anyone see the Maple 2D Math output in the replies to this post?  What I see is a lot of Maple Equation markers.

How the badges are updated? Is it done manually?

In particular, I voted many posts up (Thumbs Up), used 2D-math more than 5 times (2-Dimensional), left more than 10 comments (Commenter) etc.

How about allowing members to add tags to others' posts/questions?

It could be done without too much risk of vandalism. It could require a certain reputation to be enabled. Or it could allow only addition of tags and not removal. Or it could allow adding tags only from the preexisting tag list (or, getting fancy, the full list from a few days earlier).

There is a huge volume of very nice old posts buried in this site. Without tags, it will be much harder to...

I've just published an update to MaplePrimes that fixes a few minor bugs and adds one new feature:

  • Your Bio is now displayed on your profile page. This can be edited on your edit profile page
  • The paging between Answers, Questions and Posts on a user's profile is now working.
  • The rendered image from the 2-D math button is now up 300px wide, which should cause most math to appear better.
  • When creating a post, the date is now stored correctly instead of 4 hours off as it was before.
  • The "Mark Page as Read" button now works on the Recent tab.

Several of my posts were voted up or down, and I couldn't see who did that. It would be a useful feature to be able to see who voted posts up or down - at least for your own posts.

When I want to look through somebody's (including my own) posts, who has several pages of them, neither clicking the arrow nor clicking another page number works - even if the new page says something like page 2 of 6, or page 3 of 7, it shows exactly the same posts that were on page 1.

When I tabbed on the recent tab I thought I was back home at the old mapleprimes.  The layout is much nicer there.

Will you be transforming the rest of the site to that layout?

On another note, I made two posts, but I had disabled scripts at my end.  And it doesn't look like they were posted (this one re-doing and another) I've turned it back on and I will see if it posts.

I just finished a post and it said it was posted 4 hours ago?
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