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Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all have buttons/badges to allow users to promote their profiles/pages on their own external websites.  Does MaplePrimes have anything similar?  MaplePrimes members would love it, and it would it be a great way to raise the visibility of MaplePrimes on the vast web landscape. For comparison, here are the pages where Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook supply their buttons/badges:!/pages/manage/promo_guidelines.php

I have just published a new update to MaplePrimes. This fixes a number of issues and ads a couple of new features.

  • Autocompletion of tags now works. When you are typing a tag in, a list of possible completions appears, you can click or arrow down to select one of these tags.
  • We have added a new Products list. This shows all Maplesoft products that have Posts or Questions associated with them. This link has been added to the top bar, the Tags link has been moved to the "More" drop down. 
  • The ordering on the Recent pages has been fixed to sort by last action date descending.
  • You can now view tags such as 2Dmath
  • Paging has been fixed for many sections of the site including the tag details page
  • If you choose to upload files when editing an item, the new file will now work correctly.
  • If you choose to convert your Comment into an Answer, you now have the ability to choose the correct parent for that comment.

Some mailing systems are down.  So anyone sending a message from mapleprimes won't recieve it until the systems are back online, which could be a few days (rather quite annoying).  Other mailing systems go down at various times as well. 

Rest assured, before, as long as you could log into mapleprimes, you could message any mapleprime member and at least you knew who that person was.  As with the new primes if in your own hotmail, gmail, sympatico...

In the recent tab, the time goes from 59 min to 2 hours ago. There is no such thing as an hour ago.

Before I used to be able to call a list of everything I ever posted into one list ... nice

Now I have 3 seperate buttons I have to search (all questions, all answers or all posts) to go to if I'm searching for something I posted.  It is slower than before so even though it's only 3 buttons to search through, it's a bit of a pain.

Can we have one button for that?

When typing in mapleprimes there is a delay when you type.  I am on dial-up so if you highspeed users think it's slow, it is.  Fixing this problem will help speed up high speed users too.

William fixed this issue a while ago but this problem has come back about a week ago or more.

How is the mapleprimes site usage statistics now after the site change over?

Does the site have less traffic from it's regular or veteran users?  I know there are many more posts related to mapleprimes format and probably less related to Maple software except for new users popping in to ask questions. 

I find myself visiting this site less frequently than I used to. 

I've seen a few people talk about how they are bookmarking /recent/all instead of /recent/unread. I wasn't sure why they were working this way, but realized they might not realize how /unread works.

/unread lists all Posts and Questions on MaplePrimes that you have not viewed. Once you click on one of those items, it no longer appears on the list. However, if the item is updated or a comment or answer is added to the item, it will re-appear in the /unread list. This means that by checking /unread, you will see everything that is posted to MaplePrimes, even if it posted after you last viewed that thread.

I believe the confusion was that items don't re-appear in the /unread when replies are posted, so people were viewing /all so they could see everything. I hope this clears things up.

I just fixed several of the MaplePrimes badges. Two of the badges, 2-Dimensional and Historian weren't being awarded when they should have been. This has been fixed, and now two people have earned the 2-Dimensional badge, and 91 people, the Historian badge.

I also updated the text for the "Popular Post" and "Popular Question" badges. They both now state that the question needs to be viewed by over 1000 people. The number that is displayed at the bottom of Posts and Questions is the total number of views, so refreshing the page counts as another view. To earn the badge, 1000 unique IP addresses need to view your Post or Question. There are several items that have almost 500 unique visitors thus far, so in a couple of weeks, the first people will start earning these badges.

Does the Historian badge verification work only for Questions posted since the Mapleprimes system upgrade?

It seems that links to files in the old forum do not work,

for example

This is the link as seen in


Or otherway asked: where do I find my files (as former user no. 102)?

I can save it as one html, but would miss graphics etc (but do not want to save the full web page).

That's why I usually print as pdf (using pdfcreator) or as postscript (properly installed ps-printer, filing outputs) to a file.

That needs some space on the disk, but so what ...

However for the new board only the first page is 'printed' into that  documents.

Is there a way to get them completely?

One inconvenient work around is: opening the page in Winword ...

Recently (last few months) I created a post. Then during migration images were lost. It was the post about converting 2d to 3d discs. So I updated the post by adding the images. Copied it to a word file and saved it on a USB for personal reference. Now I can't find it on my USB and I'm having trouble locating it here. Now I went searching for it under my name (my contributions) and could not find it anywhere. In fact I've found some posts of mine that should be there...

Will posted recently rules for Maplesoft employees on this site. I think, it might be a good idea to have some rules for not Maplesoft employees, too. Hopefully, they can be created collaboratively. At this time, I came to the following 5.

  1. Search Mapleprimes before asking your question. It may be already answered earlier.
  2. Be polite.
  3. Vote up the answers to your questions if you learned something from them, even if they didn't solve the problem.
  4. If you answer to somebody else's question - vote that question up - if you answering to it, you found it interesting enough to do that.
  5. Don't vote anybody's posts down - that feature is reserved for Maplesoft employees (current or former) to show us what they don't like in our posts.

This post reports the number of replies as 7 when there are actually 13 replies

As you mentioned in the other post, the comments to answers are not tallied, you might want to change the reply column as well to reflect the total number of replies and not to discount comments to answers there too.  

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