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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.

Reputation plots seem to be broken at this time. There are just blank spaces, on pages where they'd normally appear.

I suggest that, if possible, the database or site-crawling used for Mapleprimes Searches not store pages ending in "/feed". It just adds to the chaff in search results.

I'd submit this as a Software Change Request, if there were a Mapleprimes checkbox on the form.

Many badges on this site will not get used for years if not decades, given the trends to date in site participation.

The suggestion has been made before. Why not rethink the criteria?

On a related note, I wonder how this Post became the first (and so far only) one to get over 1000 distinct views. (Was it imported into the "new V.2 of Mapleprimes from one of the separate and...

Why haven't MaplePrimes had the Internet icon? This small picture is the visiting card of a site. Maplesoft, Wolfram, and WolframAlpha have had the ones.

As sometimes the question comes up "how to have a pdf documents for this?" here is a free way to such on Windows:


Essentially by that you install a printer, which just does it. And as such allows to print threads here from the board, or Maple sheets or simply from any application.

After some configuration hanky-panky it is easy to use.

When I see a listing of my own posts/questions, I would rather like to see a listing much like in the format shown here  showing the postings less all the summaries. 

This would speed up my searching if I, or anyone else, was looking for a particular post of mine, or someone elses.


Though (currently) there have been 2 changes after hirnyk's reply (=21h ago, the others 18h and 14h)
the page for recent/all says: 21h old. Who ever wants to look in such, so discussions will die early.

What an incredible mess, that this still is not solved after month. It really spoils the rest of interest to
follow things here at the board, or even to contribute.

When replying to a reply, the text that is displayed is not the immediate reply, but rather the very first response.  This is rather annoying; I have to open a separate tab just to see what I am responding to.

Here, using the toolbar, I attempt to enter x-squared, using the superscript button: x. It shows up fine when I type this, but I don't see the raised 2 in the post.

This is just an idea.  Each mapleprimes user would have an adobe file (user booklet) containing all of the posts/blogs/questions he/she has ever posted/blogged/asked on mapleprimes which would be available to mapleprimes users for download.

I think it's a neat idea but I don't know how viable it is. 

As a solution to solve the disjointed answers here on mapleprimes for answers bubbling up and causing a terrible mixed flow of answers.

I propose that users have the option to have the answers sorted by date answered OR by thumbs up.  That way the flow of an answered post(question) can be followed properly or the user may just want to see the best answer first.  However I find in general I want to read all of the answers to the post but bubbling is not good...

I've been seeing a lot of double posts lately which means there is a site problem/issue.  I hope the cause of this issue is under investigation for improved updates for mapleprimes.

I'm finding that posts get burried very quickly in the new forum. 

Also why can't we have the second level selection look like the first level (as seen here  ?  Unexpanded question topics (no summary)

I find the summary info as added fluff the forum doesn't need. 

So do something like as the old one was (simplified with topics only here just for clarity and directory structure)

I'd like to suggest another improvement to cut down on noise in the result of a Mapleprimes Search.

At present, the appearance of a searched keyword in summary pages for tag hits causes those summary pages to be included in the search results. Maybe an example would help explain it:

Do an internal Mapleprimes Search for the word convex. Some of the pages with "convex" in their title are included in the results (which is fine). But some of the...

I would like to see a valid reason for having the thumbs down voting for an original first posted question.

Thumbs down, because it's not a good question? (That's not a good reason)  Thumbs down because bad code? (but that would be cleared up in the answers)  Thumbs down because ...

It's apparent the administrator will not get rid of the thumbs voting system (sigh).  As a compromise I would like to suggest as I have above, remove...

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