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I tried to solve this problem. 

It is a Maple TA question, but I get my solution wrong.



There is given a linear equation system consisting of two equations with four unknowns.

-x[1]-2*x[2]+x[3]+2*x[4] = 8

I want to differentiate the following (example) sum with respect to each variable.


By hand I solved it like that:

solve({g1,g2,g3}, [x[1], x[2], x[3]]);

This works for i=1..3 but later I want to have it approach infinity. I don't have that much time to do it by hand -- what's a cleaner solution?

I would like to express a matrix in a neat(er) form.  For example, both matrices;

Matrix([[1/4, 1/2], [1/2, 1/4]]);

(1/2)*Matrix([[1/2, 1],[1, 1/2]]);

return the same thing.  I would like maple to print the latter with the factor 1/2 preceding the matrix for better clarity.  Is there a simple command that will do this?

Cheers in advance.


Are there a way to this in calculate this in Maple?

I have a system of linear equations, with two equations:


x[1]+x[2]+2*x[3] = -5

x[1]+x[2]-2*x[3] = 3


a) Find one solution to this nonhomogeneous equationsystem? The answer need to be in vector form.

b) Find the "complete" solution to the homogeneous equationsystem? The answer need to be in para mite based vector form.

How do I find find an invertible matrix P and the diagonal matrix D such that A=PDP. Are there a Maple command that can do that. I need it to an Maple T.A. exam.


(−3 0 6)
(0 -3 −6)
(0 0 3) 

Hi, everyone,

I am dealing with a simplified model of my real problem. Here is the function definition

f:=(x,lambda)->min(x lambda,0)

I can plot this function in plot3d:

plot3d(f(x,lambda),x=-2..2,lambda=-2..2, axes=boxed)

but if I try to plot the derivitive of this function w.r.t. lambda (which is a discontinuous function) by:

plot3d(diff(f(x,lambda),lambda),x=-2..2,lambda=-2..2, axes=boxed)

I get error message: Error, (in PiecewiseTools:-Convert...

Maple seems to constrain pie charts to having only a name, or only a percentage or frequency. I want it all.  I don't want to choose between labels and numbers.

A pie chart like this one would be a good start: except I want to present frequency as well.

Notice in the example above that the large...

Hi friends,
here is a paper from a book, which partiell diff equation I would like to solve with MathCAD or Mathematica or Maple. WHo can help? Thanks  a lot spending your time.  here is the PDF File with the paper

first : My English not good,so excuse me.
I have a problem with this:

1)C+Z*(C)*X=D where;

I know D , Z and X are matrix(n*n),(known)
but i can`t find C or Solve (1)finding C(matrix(n*n))

Help Me


The label for the horizontal axis refuses to be printed no mater what I tried. I can insert, change and manipulate the vertical axis label but not the horizontal. I don't know what else to try.


Very broad query, but I was wondering if anyone has experience of converting Mathcad code to Maple (v13)? I have a series of files that I am looking to re-code in Maple but am having some issues with equivalent syntax etc. The code varies from simple work to more complex studies with variants of FFT (including complex values).

Any help would be most welcome.



y = g/(1+exp(-a-i*c))+h/(1+exp(-b-i*d))

I cannot solve this for i. When I use maple I get a big result with a RootOf function that I don't know how to handle. I've looked around and I cannot find anything that will help me.


Can someone please show me how to solve this?



Hello everyone,


I want to create a loop in descending order like this: for i from 100 by -0.01 to 0 do ....

I wrote functions trying this logical solution but nothing, please help, it's very important to me to get the answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!


Dear MaplePrimers,

The y-axis of my graphs consists of small values (<10^(-4)). Unfortunately, Maple displays a lot of numbers after the comma and it's not cool. Is there a command or option that allows to control the numeric formatting (scientific, engineering...) of a particular axis? Specifically, I need to change the decimal formatting to scientific notation. The x-axis is OK and not must be changed.



Is there a way of exporting a maplet programme into a universal programme so anyone can access it (someone who does not run maple)?


Thanks in advance

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