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Ukraine. External independent evaluation (ZNO) in 2012. Trial in Maple 16

html 3-interactive in Ukrainian:

Hi everybody:

was wondering if someone could help me figure out what change took place in Maple 16 so that the expression shown below does no longer work


It worked OK until 15





I am trying to plot in Maple 16 (just installed) and I am getting text output. Maple 15 worked just fine.

Anyone have ideas?




> plot3d(x^2-y^2, x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2);


One of my coworkers brought in G.L. Legendre's book "Pasta By Design" (  It is full of photographs and parametric equations for 92 shapes of pasta.  Of course, we had to set about plotting his equations in Maple.  Orginally I was going to post about this before Maple 16 came out, but I was struck with how much better plots looked in the Maple 16 pre-release and so I decided to wait.   As one example, here are the parametric equations for Giglio Ondulato noodles plotted using the default 3D plot settings in Maple 16 and Maple 15.


I have a differential that I'm solving using rk4 on maple and I want to plot the resaulting points in an interval. How do I do that?

here is what I've already done:

> f := {y(0) = 0, diff(y(x), x) = cos(5*y(x))-x};

> p := dsolve(f, y(x), numeric, method = classical[rk4], stepsize = .1);
proc(x_classical)  ...  end;

> for i from 0 by .1 to 3 do p(i) end do;

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