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Dear users

A friend of of mine has a problem with an integral and since it's for his thesis, it's pretty important. 

That's why I ask it here cause I don't know where to ask it elsewhere, so if it's wrong posted, completely my bad.






With other words, I want to integrate the wole thing to the variable o, who appears in the variables l and R.

Somehow, when I put this in Maple, it won't solve it. Probably it's just a stupid fault or i just forget something, but i don't find it. Does anyone knows how to solve it?

Already a lot of thanks!


Good morning sir.


I request your kind support to the above cited question.



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Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

I have 2nd order nonlinear ode I try to solve with Runge Kutta 4th order method in maple but all I get from the out is 1 and 0.This is the equation: . How do I do it Or how do I write the code to solve it with maple using  Runge Kutta 4th order method?

Dear All,

please help me with my problem. i have quite a big program all parts of which are distributed in the several code edit regions and in the main text. i'd like to find all occurenses of gven text in all open documents including code edit regions. i know how to do it manually by openening each code edit regiong and pressing Ctrl-F. however it is very time consuming and defocuses me apart from my main tasks. i'd prefer to use some combinations of 'hot keys' on the keybord or one or two mouse clicks as for example in MS Visual Studio.  

I am creating a plot in Maple17 which will include many line segments and polygons.  I want the axes to be equally scaled, so that line segments that are perpendicular actually look perpendicular.  When I view what I have created so far, line segments that are perpendicular do not appear to be so in a plot, even though I used the "scaling=constrained" option several times.  I created a stripped-down file that isolates the problem.  Here it is:



segp := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "plot of line segment between two points";
  local m;
end proc:

slope := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "slope of line segment btwn two different points";
end proc:



pa9:=[0.1864032968, 0.9824733131];

[.1864032968, .9824733131]


pa16:=[0.6816387600, 0.7316888689];

[.6816387600, .7316888689]


pd9:=[0.05940746930, 0.7316888689];

[0.5940746930e-1, .7316888689]












An angle that should be a right angle looks obtuse in the plot.  I used "scaling=constrained" in both the "display" command and the "segp" procedure.  I am using "polygonplot" to plot line segments (degenerate polygons) because the final plot will contain genuine polygons and this seemed like the easiest way to do it.  If this is a bad idea for some reason I can change it.



Hello, everyone!

Last week I’ve encountered problems with integration of Maple 17 in Microsoft Office Excel 2013. The Maplesoft note on the point ( offers some ways of fixing it up, though I’ve run all of them the problem is the same:

While the connection is established, after entering the formula “=Maple(“x+x”)”, the Excel returns “Critical Error in Formula”

Before contacting the Maplesoft Technical Support, I want to ask here whether someone had the same case and managed to solve it.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, I am trying to plot these two curves:

I tried:

with(plots);  A := Array(1..2)  A[1] :=plot (0.199563349672261+0.0178636902277546 x^1.14406289706794-0.0182070811144750 x^(1.13867380551454),x=50..2050,  color=red);  A[2]  := plot(0.298910542599302+0.0117459591500434 x^1.00390277106937-0.0137065176395662 x^0.970667551759677, x = 50..2050, color = blue);  display (A);

and I got:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: .298910542599302+0.117459591500434e-1*x^1.00390277106937-0.137065176395662e-1*x^.970667551759677

so I tried

so I am not sure how I would graph these two functions...

I've just upgraded from Maple 15 to Maple 17, and discover that I cannot any longer write curly right braces in math mode. I use an international (Norwegian) keyboard, where curly right braces should be available by Ctrl+Alt+=, but nothing happens when I try to write this. I can work my way around it by using Copy and Paste, but this is inelegant, particularly when I want to demonstrate Maple for my class of 400 students.

Looking at older posts, I found this question, which concerns inline evaluation with international keyboard in Maple 16. Inline evaluation works fine for me, using Ctrl+Shift+=. So was this fixed at the expense of Ctrl+Alt+= ?

Good afternoon sir.


I request your kind suggestion to the above cited query.




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Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Good afternoon sir.


I request you to provide the maple approach to workout Wielandt deflation & Hotelling deflation.



With thanks & Regards



Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Good afternoon sir,


I request you to support me with regard to the above cited subject.

Hi all,

In short, I want to use

'ss' expression(1)

to simplify

'kappa' expression (2).

At the moment, I can only archieve it through solving for each variable and get to expression (5).


simplify using siderules failes in this case. Is there another way to do it?






Struggling to get my head round how to plot the results of the follwoing, as it seems I have 4 variables...

I have a data file containing the results of the following problem:

1) Consider a cube. Each side (a,b,c) has a length of 1 unit.

2) Place an ion (0,0,0) where [a,b and c intersect] and find the associated energy at that point.

3) Move the ion to a point 0.05 units along side a to (0.05,0,0) and re-find the associated energy.

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