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Dear all

I have a box contains 3 red balls and 3 white balls, we select one ball three times and we define Z to be  the number of red balls selected. 
Since, we selected three times a ball and we count the number of red balls selcted after this experiment, we have 

Now, How CAN I determine the sigma algebra generated by Z ( which is a random variable). 
The following code  calculate the sigma algebra generated by any subset  A subset of global set X , 
I would like to use it, to verify the descripted experiment in probability.

thank you 

Dear all

I have a continuous piecewise function, but I can't evaluate its integral

thank you for your help

Dear all 
I have a function defined over the closed interval [ x[k], x[k+2] ] and zero elsewhere 
I would like to plot this sequence of function and compute an integral. 

I need your help to finish the attahced code, something is wrong. I can't  use piecewise funciton in loop and plot all functions in the same graph

thanks for your remaks and help


Warm greetings.

Is it possible to solve the numerical scheme present in the below paper.

Anita Chaturvedi, Kokila Ramesh, and Vatsala G A. (2017). “A MATHEMATICAL APPROACH TO STUDY THE EFFECT OF POLLUTANTS/TOXICANTS IN AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT.” International Journal of Research - Granthaalayah, 5(4) RAST, 33-38.

Thank you.

Dear all

I know how can I use gauss seidel to solve a linear system.

But, how can we add chebychev acceleration.

Thank you 

Dear all

I have a set of three element, I want to apply each step of the definition of monotone class generated by a set to obtain the element of the monotone class generated by a given set. 

The definition and condition of monotone class is added in maple worksheet. 

I hope find some steps ( using maple) that will be applied later to other problem.


Dear all

I can I obtain the sigma-algebra generated by a given set.


Dear all

Can I compute using maple some Riemann Stieltjes integrals


Dear all

I have a proc I would like to construct two vectors as output of  the proposed proc, the following code, contains  an example to illustrate this idea,

thanks for any help 

Dear all

I have many points, and I would like to use pointplot to hold all plots in the same curve.

thanks for any help 

dear all

I have a three lines of codes, used to create vectors, I would like to put these vectors in two columns and each columns has a title.

thank you

Dear all

I have the following code, 

for i to 6 do
for j to i do
F[i, j] :=  g(i+1)/g(j);
 end do;
end do;
How can display F as a full matrix  

Thak you for your help 

Dear all
I have an algorithm  to solve a first order odes, all steps of the algorithm ( as presented in the book are coded) but unfortunately something wrong. 
The algorithm and the code are attached in the following code. 
Thank you in advantage for your help.

Hello friends, I have the following problem:
I have two lists of vectors, L1 and L2. The lists have the same number of vectors, and all the vectors have the same length.
I need to check if there is a permutation that, when applied to all the elements of one list, will obtain all the elements of the other list. For example, consider the following lists :


In this example the vectors are of length 3. Therefore, there are 3!=6 possible permutations. Namely:


In this case there are two permutations that satisfy the condition above, namely:



for i in L1 do Multiply(i, P3) end do;
>[0 0 0]
  [2 2 1]
  [1 1 2]
The same result is obtained using the permutation P6.
I'm working with larger lists and longer vectors so I'm looking for a quick way to check this. Thanks for your valuable help.

Hi all,

I want to verify the sum of associated Laguerre polynomials as shown in the picture below. I have tried numerical, but I am struggling with the syntax.

Anyone know how to do that?

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