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Could you pleasу tell me, is it possible to make MapleSim not to simplify equation set of my model and solve equations without simplification? I want to do this because simplification process (reduction of equations number) takes too much time in comparison with integration process.

Thank you!

I have a problem.

I don´t know how can i do for working with a dynamic model equation was done in maple in Maplesim?

Help me please

How do I import/export excel into Maplesim? Also how do I view mpld data files? I tried viewing mpld files using maplesim and maple 14 but it didn't work.


I've got a question about model integration process.

I've tried to solve quite complex mechanical model and this messages have appeared.


Computing initial conditions...
Iterate re-initialization...
CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae
Generating configuration 1
Integrating configuration...
Re-initializing after event at t=4.94271387307997e-009...

Hi everyone.. Now, i learn Maplesim.. I want measures force between 2 frame(a and b). which are connected by prismatic joint.

But a force and moment sensor acts as a weld joint.. so althought i measured force but frame b can't move.

who can solve my problem??

thank very much!!!

PS: i want measure force 2 frame to calculate the friction between them.


I'm trying to solve numerically an ODE system with piecewise. And this piecewise is very important for this task.

This system describes behavior of a pulley with friction. There are some constants: m, c, g, mu and J. Values of this constants are not important.

> sys := m*a(t) = piecewise(a(t) < a0, F0*time, a(t) >= a0, 0), v(t) = diff(x(t), t), a(t) = diff(v(t), t);
> m := 5; F0 := 10; a0 := 5;
> initialconditions := x(0) = 0, v(0) = 0;



I use maplesim to construct a cart, which is controlled by a DC magnet. As the model in the document illustrated, the cart is drived by a prismatic, and there is a rigid body frame between the cart and the prismatic. This rigid body frame is used to sustain the cart....




I use maplesim to simulate two simple pendulum, as the figure illustrated. The model works well. I want to let the names "pendulum A" and "pendulum B" appear in the 3D graphical view, so the audience will distinguish them...



I am very beginner of Maple softs, in order to proceed with my project i need to model a simple Human Knee joint and  to do its simulation, Somebody please help on this, otherwise i cant able to proceed with my project.


Waiting for a solution


Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to model dynamics of a movable pulley, which can rotate and move along some direction (translational motion). I’ve got dynamic system, which describes both motions of a pulley. Some information about this dynamic system:


Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to solve a pulley dynamics problem using MapleSim. But I don’t know, how to do it, I’m a beginner in MapleSim.

So I decided to start my work with a simple model – I decided to create a custom component, which is equivalent with a standard component from MapleSim component library – Wheel Axle.

I’ve read a Help topic on Wheel Axle, from where I’ve found out differential...

Hello, MaplePrimes!

Could you please tell me, how to select which variables are “input” and which ones are “output” during a custom component definition in MapleSim?

Thank you.


Could you please tell me, how can I model a varying stiffness spring using MapleSim 4?

I think, this can realized using a varying "c" parameter of a standard spring from the MapleSim library, but I don't know, how I can change the "c"-stiffness value during the modeling process.

Thank you.



I use maplesim to simulate a very simple circuit, and want to obtain voltage of a resistor, so I check the voltage of  Probe block, but get nothing. I upload my document.

I'm a beginner in maplesim, can you give me some advices?



I use maplesim to simulate a simple delay system,as the document illustrated,I set the delay values from 0 to 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)) . I want to use a single souce to drive four branches, and use "probe" block to generate a figure which contains four curves according to different delays. So I use  a block "4-port Demultiplexer" which selected from Signal Blocks\Routing\Demultiplexers,...

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