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When I run a simulation (i.e. Double Pendulum Example) MapleSim crashes with no errors or dialogues - completely shuts down. The simulation seems to compile ok, then as the plots are opening it crashes. My video card driver is up to date. Anyone know how to fix this?


in maplesim 7

when run example below

got error in linear_string and linear_string2

prototype must be a structured record type or a record, but received squeezed




There is a problem with the modelica code for custom component named CorneringForce
Regenerate or delete this component to correct this porblem....


i click the web said USD99

but after click into it, academic version is USD1,555

there are commercial version, academic version , what are difference?

i see that there are self balance robot and humanoid walk robot

what are the specification of size, length of components are they?

if simulate robot hand which has a string make a tension to grip object

what kind of string is it? where can buy robots components which fit the simulations it do?

will maplesoft cooperate with 3D printer to fit the reality of robots?

As i  want to build a model of engine an want to supply compressed air for same ii prepared a engine model but now i am not geeting how to prepare model flow of compressed air and its expansion in enige and force crated on engine head.

I have purchased Maple 2015 Student Edition a few months ago.  Now, I was about to buy MapleSim Student Edition and I saw that MapleSim include a license of Maple. 

If I buy MapleSim and Maple,  I would pay 198$ even if I could have bought only MapleSim and still get both products? 

Can I get MapleSim Student without Maple at a lower price? 

Maybe the version of Maple included in MapleSim has less features and that's why the cost of MapleSim and Maple are the same? 

Thanks in advance!  

I did some search on Google and on this website, but I haven't found anything. 

with this simple circuit i found a wrong simulation result : look at the probe 3 value.  someone could help me please ?

The same error i found in this circuit (binary adder)


Concerning the 3D visualization of my multibody systems, in the visualization windows, i can see both :
- the display of geomtry of the elements which has been defined as simple forms (as cylindrical geometry)
- the display of the geometry of the elements where the display of the geometry has been defined with CAD.

However, concerning the 3D animation, i have only see the components where the display of the geometry is defined as simple forms (as cylindrical geometry).

Have you some ideas why I can not see the elements which has been defined with CAD ?

For your information, the CAD geometries have been defined with STL files and, in the CAD geometry component, I let the box "Transparent" empty.

Thank you for your help


I have just updated maplesim to the last version (maplesim2015).

On the multibody examples of the maplesim2015 library, I didn't have any problems.

However, when i try to launch a simulation on a model i have made with a previous version (which worked before I use maplesim2015), i meet this problem :

May you help me to make the troubleshooting ? For the moment, I didn't manage to locate the error.

Do you have some ideas about this mistake ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Does anyone know how to achieve the state transition of a prismatic joint between active and passive in MapleSim? Recently, I want to realize such a state transition of a prismatic joint. Specifically, during a simulation, the joint can either be motion-actuated or passive according to some conditions. Actually, I tried to use SimMecahnics, but I failed. Hope anyone can give me some constructive suggestions. Many thanks!



Is there a way to export all of the equations (from MapleSim) including the casual equations? I used Multibody Analysis template and Equations template but it only exports the acausal equations.


Your help is really appreciated.


On my multibody model, I meet a mistake during the simulation which is the following :

"Constraint projection failure at 10s".

1) Do you have a idea on this error message so as to correct the settings for the simulation?

2) I would like to know more about the projection method. If, I'm not wrong, there is not a lot of documentation about the projection method used in Maplesim. 

   a) Does someone have some references (scientific papers) which present the theory used for the projection method in Maplesim?

   b) In ths sense, I would be very interesting about learning the theory of the projection method in order to be able to tune correctly the following options linked to the projection method :

- Projection Iterations
- Projection Tolerance
- Event Projection
- Event Iterations
- Event Hysteresis

Thanks a lot for your help.


Is it possible to define the orientation of a body with a matrix transformation ?

I have seen this option for the fixed frame but not for the rigid bodies.

I would like to define the rigid bodies thanks to transformation matrix so as to make some checking.

Thank you for your help.



In my mechanism, I use absolute coordinates.

For the rotation (namely the initial angles/ angular velocites), I didn't see the difference between Inboard and Euler.

It seems to me that in the two cases, the initial angles are defined with regard to the inertial frame and for both, different kind of rotations can be defined.

Have you some ideas on these two options ?

Thank you for your help.


I don't why I can no longer see my multibody model in the 3D construction mode.

I probably should desactive something.

I would like to observe my system with the kinematic constraints not enforced.

The idea is that my model is computing but the computation is very long. I should have done a mistake in my initial conditions.

Do you have an idea of what to do to reactivate/ show again the 3d contruction mode ?

Thank you for your help.

The following error occurred when I simulate a build-in model, anyone could help me to solve this problem? Thanks first

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