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sys := {x^3*a[1]*b[0]+x*a[1]^3*b[0]-x^3*a[0]-x*a[0]*a[1]^2+omega*a[1]*b[0]-omega*a[0] = 0, -x^3*a[-1]*b[-1]^2*b[0]+x^3*a[0]*b[-1]^3-omega*a[-1]*b[-1]^2*b[0]+omega*a[0]*b[-1]^3-x*a[-1]^3*b[0]+x*a[-1]^2*a[0]*b[-1] = 0, -4*x^3*a[1]*b[0]^2+4*x^3*a[0]*b[0]+8*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]+2*x*a[0]*a[1]^2*b[0]+2*x*a[1]^3*b[-1]+2*omega*a[1]*b[0]^2-8*x^3*a[-1]-2*x*a[-1]*a[1]^2-2*x*a[0]^2*a[1]-2*omega*a[0]*b[0]+2*omega*a[1]*b[-1]-2*omega*a[-1] = 0, 4*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]*b[0]^2-4*x^3*a[-1]*b[0]^2-32*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]^2+4*omega*a[1]*b[-1]*b[0]^2-32*x^3*a[-1]*b[-1]+4*x*a[-1]*a[1]^2*b[-1]+4*x*a[0]^2*a[1]*b[-1]-4*omega*a[-1]*b[0]^2+4*omega*a[1]*b[-1]^2-4*x*a[-1]^2*a[1]-4*x*a[-1]*a[0]^2-4*omega*a[-1]*b[-1] = 0, 4*x^3*a[-1]*b[-1]*b[0]^2-4*x^3*a[0]*b[-1]^2*b[0]+8*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]^3-8*x^3*a[-1]*b[-1]^2-2*omega*a[-1]*b[-1]*b[0]^2+2*omega*a[0]*b[-1]^2*b[0]+2*omega*a[1]*b[-1]^3-2*x*a[-1]^2*a[0]*b[0]+2*x*a[-1]^2*a[1]*b[-1]+2*x*a[-1]*a[0]^2*b[-1]-2*omega*a[-1]*b[-1]^2-2*x*a[-1]^3 = 0, x^3*a[1]*b[0]^3-x^3*a[0]*b[0]^2-18*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]*b[0]+omega*a[1]*b[0]^3-5*x^3*a[-1]*b[0]+23*x^3*a[0]*b[-1]+x*a[-1]*a[1]^2*b[0]+x*a[0]^2*a[1]*b[0]+5*x*a[0]*a[1]^2*b[-1]-omega*a[0]*b[0]^2+6*omega*a[1]*b[-1]*b[0]-6*x*a[-1]*a[0]*a[1]-x*a[0]^3+5*omega*a[-1]*b[0]-omega*a[0]*b[-1] = 0, -x^3*a[-1]*b[0]^3+x^3*a[0]*b[-1]*b[0]^2+5*x^3*a[1]*b[-1]^2*b[0]+18*x^3*a[-1]*b[-1]*b[0]-23*x^3*a[0]*b[-1]^2-omega*a[-1]*b[0]^3+omega*a[0]*b[-1]*b[0]^2+5*omega*a[1]*b[-1]^2*b[0]-x*a[-1]^2*a[1]*b[0]-x*a[-1]*a[0]^2*b[0]+6*x*a[-1]*a[0]*a[1]*b[-1]+x*a[0]^3*b[-1]-6*omega*a[-1]*b[-1]*b[0]+omega*a[0]*b[-1]^2-5*x*a[-1]^2*a[0] = 0}


I have a sequence defined by recurrence. I would like to simplify the code so that I can compute all elements of my sequence.




Hi all, I have problem but can't solve

How to split a number into smaller numbers so that their sum return the original number?

Example, n = 5 then

Thank you very much.


i have a matrix in terms of variable t. i was wondering how  can i calculate the (n) derivative of a matrix in maple ?


I am solving a PDE whose solution is the integrating factor MU of a given 1st order ODE. I get

I only need one of these solutions. How do I get rid of _F1? Can I make it to be the identity function? That is exactly what I need.

Thank you, as always!






I have a list of integers (>1) and for all of them I define an alias (in the attached file I've tried two different names for them : a[n] or a||n) wich represents the nth roots of the unity.
When I apply the procedure allvalues to a specific alias it returns the algebraic values of the corresponding roots of the unity.
But when aplied to the list of aliases it gives me back only the name of the alias, not the algebraic values.

How can I fix this ?




`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2015.2, Mac OS X, December 21 2015 Build ID 1097895`


for n from 2 to 3 do
end do:


a[2], a[3]



seq(allvalues(a[n]), n=2..3)

1, -1


1, -1/2+((1/2)*I)*3^(1/2), -1/2-((1/2)*I)*3^(1/2)


a[2], a[3]


for n from 2 to 3 do
end do:



seq(allvalues(a||n), n=2..3)

a[2], a[3], a2, a3


1, -1


1, -1/2+((1/2)*I)*3^(1/2), -1/2-((1/2)*I)*3^(1/2)


a2, a3


A := [alias()]:
map(allvalues, A);

[a[2], a[3], a2, a3]






Can you please help me in telling different ways to speed up the following code. thank you.

when I try to expand the polynomial (xy - 2*y + 3*z)^2*(3*x - 4*xy - 6*z + 8*yz)^2 I get an expansion where variables are repeseted multiple times like

 9*xy^2*x^2 - 36*xy*y*x^2 + 54*xy*z*x^2 + 36*y^2*x^2 - 108*y*z*x^2 + 81*z^2*x^2 - 24*xy^3*x + 96*xy^2*y*x + 48*xy^2*yz*x - 180*xy^2*z*x - 96*xy*y^2*x - 192*xy*y*yz*x + 432*xy*y*z*x + 288*xy*yz*z*x - 432*xy*z^2*x + 192*y^2*yz*x - 144*y^2*z*x - 576*y*yz*z*x + 432*y*z^2*x + 432*yz*z^2*x - 324*z^3*x + 16*xy^4 - 64*xy^3*y - 64*xy^3*yz + 144*xy^3*z + 64*xy^2*y^2 + 256*xy^2*y*yz - 384*xy^2*y*z + 64*xy^2*yz^2 - 480*xy^2*yz*z + 468*xy^2*z^2 - 256*xy*y^2*yz + 192*xy*y^2*z - 256*xy*y*yz^2 + 1152*xy*y*yz*z - 720*xy*y*z^2 + 384*xy*yz^2*z - 1152*xy*yz*z^2 + 648*xy*z^3 + 256*y^2*yz^2 - 384*y^2*yz*z + 144*y^2*z^2 - 768*y*yz^2*z + 1152*y*yz*z^2 - 432*y*z^3 + 576*yz^2*z^2 - 864*yz*z^3 + 324*z^4

how do i fix this so each variable is only shown once, ie for 9x*y^2*x^2 is shown as 9x^3*y^2 



I have a matrix consisting of components which are all definite integrals like the following example: 

L is a paramter I would like to keep as a symbol for now. How do I get maple to write out the result of the definite integral of such an expression? 


Best regards, 


Is there a feature in maple to plot even, odd, and fourier extensions of functions (PDEs)? 

Say we have the function f(x) = x + 1


i want to know the sign of all the coefficient of CharacteristicPolynomial of such matrix, can anyone help me to do this ?



I cannot get the answer (m=2,n=2) to the following problem on two equations from Maple 13.

(13/4)*m-(7/4)*n-3 = 0,
-(17/2)*n*2^n +34*m= 0

I get:

{m = (7/13)*RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)+12/13, n = RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)}

Thank you very much.





Can you guess what P() produces, without executing it?

P:=proc(N:=infinity) local q,r,t,k,n,l,h, f;
q,r,t,k,n,l,h := 1,0,1,1,3,3,0:
while h<N do 
   if 4*q+r-t < n*t
   then f:=`if`(++h mod 50=0,"\n",`if`(h mod 10=0," ","")); printf("%d"||f,n);   
        q,r,t,k,n,l := 10*q,10*(r-n*t),t,k,iquo(10*(3*q+r),t)-10*n,l
   else q,r,t,k,n,l := q*k,(2*q+r)*l,t*l,k+1,iquo(q*(7*k+2)+r*l,t*l),l+2
od: NULL

I hope you will like it (maybe after execution).

Hello Everyone;
I need to generate muplipal .dat files using loop with different names as shown as figure. Can any body hel me? I am waiting for your kind respinse. Thanks in advance

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