Question: maple plotting procedures with more than 1 variable

b) Define a procedure f(x, y) which returns 1 if x < y and 1 if x > y.

Do not use the

-> way of defining a function.

Plot the function

f(x, y) for 4 < x < 4 and 4 < y < 4.(You may need to plot the ‘unevaluated’ form of the procedure, entered as ’f’)
so i did:
if x<y then -1
elif x>y then 1
elif x=y then 'undefined'

and it was apparantly okay with that but it never gave me my graph when i tried to plot
i did:
and it gave me an empty grid so that just didn't make any sense since its meant to give 2 parallel lines at y==1 and y=-1 with holes in -1,-1 and 1,1

someone please get back to me on this


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