Question: Redefining variables

For next list of variables 

RVars:=[[''Rla'',''Rlb'',''Rsa'',''Rsb'',''RN''], [''GAL'',''GBL'',''GAS'',''GBS'',''GN'']];

(no double qoutes, 2 single quotes, of course)

want all of them to be redefinable with suffix option i.e. both of operators below

assign(m || (RVars[1,1]), 5);

assign( RVars[1,1], 5);

should be reentered without restart as many as wish. With 2nd form everything is OK. But with 1st not so. This '||' spoils everything, because one more level of eval called.

Should i add variable with prefixes in list too or is there more elegant solution exist?

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