Question: turning off auto formatting and evaluate Pi

every time I enter / or ^, maple automatically changed the text I entered into fraction or power, and I am having hard time enter equations normally like the way I do in graphic calculator or matlab. I am forced to type all my equations on a text pad and then copy over.

is there a way to stop maple from auto formatting my input text? I am more of a matlab guy and I really need to use symbolics and integration abilities right now, but this version of maple is making it a pain for me to do anything. it wasn't like this before and I want to use the old style.

also is there a way for maple to evaluate Pi? maple 15 is taking both Pi and pi as greek symbols instead of evaluating Pi, and I couldn't find out why, none of the tutorials online talks about this and I am still new to this version.

another thing I want to know is if there's a way to convert multiple lines into C or matlab instead of single line conversion. I highlighted multiple lines and then right clicked language conversion, but it only converted the top most line

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