Question: Connect in a pointplot made with seq

So I want to display a plot containing a spiral and a polygon graph approximating the shape. I use a seq to make the points in pointplot3d and then connect them with the connect option. It looks like this:

graph := spacecurve(y(t), t = 0 .. 6, thickness = 3, axes = box, color = blue):
poly6 := pointplot3d({seq([cos(t), sin(t), t], t = 0 .. 6, 1)}, connect, axes = box, 
color = red, thickness = 3, caption = {n = 6}):
display(graph, poly6);
But I want to have more points in order to make the polygon curve more accurate
 to the original graph. The only way I've found to do this, is by inputting 1/2 for the
 step in the seq command, doubling the amount of points. 
The result is this:
poly12 := pointplot3d({seq([cos(t), sin(t), t], t = 0 .. 6, 1/2)}, connect, axes = box,
 color = red, thickness = 3, caption = {n = 12}):
display(graph, poly12);
As is seen right away, the 12 points are fine and on the graph as expected, but the
become pretty much all jumbled up.
I would very much like to have some help to fix this!  
I also noticed that I have make t=0..6 instead of t=0..2*Pi, as would be normal when
 working with these geometries, but for some reason, the last point doesn't go further
 than t=6, so this is what I chose to have a polygon curve that ends the same place as
 the original graph.
Thanks a ton in advance!
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