Question: plotting a surface with pointplot3d with color bar like matlab


I am going to plot a surface using plotpoint3d with color bar. The code is:

restart; with(ExcelTools); with(plottools); with(plots);

Q := Import("e.xlsx"); X2 := Vector(28800, [seq(Q(i, 1), i = 1 .. 28800)]); X3 := Vector(28800, [seq(Q(i, 2), i = 1 .. 28800)]); zz := Vector(28800, [seq(Q(i, 3), i = 1 .. 28800)]); pointplot3d(X2, X3, zz)

 I imported data from excel. Then I plotted it but I want to have a color bar like matlab for it.

Can anyone help me regarding this issue?


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