Question: How to create a 2nd deriative at a point

Hello Everyone,

please forgive these kind of "easy" question, but I spent the last hour trying to figure out how to give the correct boundary conditions to my dsolve-function...
What I what is to create a function that says diff(f(x),x$2)(w) = 0 where f is an arbitrary function and w is an arbitrary value. Basically, it shall create the second derivative and then evaluate it at a specific point w.
I have tried the diff-function, like this: diff(f(x),x$2)(w) = 0, but this is outputting a mess. And I cannot get the D-operator to function with a second derivative and quite frankly I do not quite understand yet how it works.

So my question would be: How many I make Maple create a second derivative and evaluate it at a specific point?

Thank you and best Regards,

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