Question: Set Embedded Plot Component to Logarithmic

Hello Everyone,

So I am currently plotting some data within an embedded plot component using the following code:

SetProperty("DeterminantenRaumPlot1", value, dataplot(DetAnalysisNx2, DetAnalysisDeterm2));

Which is working just fine, DetAnalysisNx2 and DetAnalysisDeterm2 are single rows vectors with numbers in it.

However I need the plot to be in logarithmic mode for the vertical axis, but I do not know how to achieve this. I can set it manually, but when I save and reopen the document and re-do the calculation it turns back to linear vertical axis.

What kind of code segment am I missing? I have tried adding this like 'mode = log' but it is not working with dataplot. Maybe I need a different kind of plot? But then my Vectors will not work anymore, dataplot makes it so easy to use and the setting is available manually.


Any help would be fantastic!
Thanks and best regards,

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