Question: VectorCalculus:-PositionVector: Component vs. coordinate (Help File)


I am little confused about the help file regarding the VectorCalculus:-PositionVector function. 

In the help file the first argument "comps" is defined as 
"list(algebraic); specify the components of the position Vector"

In spherical coordinates, the position vector is

r e_r

So, if the position vector to be entered is given in terms of the components (in spherical coordinates), the VectorCalculus:-PositionVector function should be called as


But this returns


(in the cartesian frame). This would make sense if r coordinates is r, theta coordinate is 0 and phi coordinate is 0. 

However, if I call it as


Then I end up with


Thus, the "components" given in PositionVector are not the components but the coordinates r=a, theta=b, and phi=c.

Am I missing something here or the help file is misleading? 

I appriciate your help. 

Thanks a lot.


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