Question: How to factor out a number

I have the following expression (result of a calculation):


Rather obviously the common factor 1/1296 can be factored out, except I cannot get Maple to factor the 1/1296 without also factoring out N, which I do not want. My desired end result is this:


I don't seem to be able to coerce Maple to do this. I can freeze the tStartRamp*f__SR/N term (leaving the 1/1296 unfrozen), but in that case I don't get Maple to pull the 1/1296 factor out at all.

Any hint would be appreciated. I am doing this on Maple 2015. It is really a bit cosmetic, but sometimes I use Maple to write "smart" documentation & then I'd like to end up with a somewhat polished result.

Mac Dude

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