Question: Can I convert InlinePlot(P3) back to a regular plot object so I can export it as a png?

See attached worksheet in Maple 2023.

This example is taken from the Maple help page. I want to 'zoom in' on a plot3d object. The only way I have found was from responses [1] on the maple primes forum. It uses InlinePlot and the scale option to perform the 'zoom in'. Since InlinePlot generates the plot in terms of XML there is no graphic out, only a text based output. In order to reconstitute the InlinePlot as a plot object I can view visually I need to use some additional commands from the DocumentTool package. This is all great but the output, which in our case is P3, is not a plot object and therefore cannot be exported as a png. Is there a way to convert the InlinePlot with the scaling applied back to a typical plot object so I can export it as a .png, using Export("output_plot.png",P3,base=worksheetdir)?


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