Question: Central Finite Difference Operator

I am trying implement a  Central Finite Difference Operator that allow  me to discritize   this curl equation:

diff(H[3](x, y, z, t), y), -(diff(H[2](x, y, z, t), z))), -epsilon*(diff(E[1](x, y, z, t), t))), -sigma^e*E[1](x, y, z, t)), -J[1](x, y, z, t)) = 0

E[1], H[2], J[1] are vector components and function of x,y,z,t.

The operator must be applied to every field component in space and time (for: x,y,z,t) using the central difference approximation:

y'[CDA] := y((x+h) -y(x-h))/(2*h);

I was able to do it in one dimension but fail for 3D.

Thanks in advance.

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