Question: How to make a multi coloured, 3d plot, from a list of points.

Hey guys, I am currently writing a dynamic programming program. This program is used to simulate and optimize turbine operations.

The program produces a grid of nodes. At each node (each node has an X and Y coordinate), one of 5 differential equations is evaluated. A flag indicating which differential equation was used, as well as the dZ from the DE is stored at each node.

I want the X,and Y values of the nodes coorespond to the X and Y values of the plot. I want the dZ to coorespond to the Z axis. I also want each individual point to be colour coded reflecting which DE was used to calculate the dZ.

I know how to simply plot a bunch of 3d points:


however I do not know how to change the colour at each point.
I also have the problem of getting the data from my program into maple. Right now i am writing to a .txt outfile, then copying and pasting the points into a plot function like I have shown above. Does anyone have some faster and more efficientways of getting my data into maple ?

Thanks in advance, -Paul



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