Question: 2D Animation: Animating A box on an angle.

Hello guys, long time no post. I'm back into the field of Maple, and i've become a tad rusty. I never worked too much with animating anyways, so i'm totally flogged on this aspect. My primary goal is to animate a block (or square), on a 30 degree ramp. The procedure and calculations for this is all set, so there is no need to worry about this, all i've got left to do, is learn to animate this. It needs to go up, and then go back down, with the initial velocity, and mass given by the user. There is no form of GUI, the user inputs the information from the worksheet itself. If anybody could provide a link they think would be useful, or help me by telling me what exactly I will need to learn to achieve this, that would be ace! Thanks. - Selcuk.
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