Question: Graphics output

Whilst I am glad that Maple have finally fixed their pdf and eps plot output with version 13 (corrupted on the Mac since version 10), I would like to re-ask the question asked by peterschmid 4 in 2006: how can I control the output size of the plot?  The plotsetup options axiswidth, axisheight, width, height, appear to have no effect.

Please note that I use Maple for academic publishing, and I wish to automatically generate graphs and export them as eps files.  I wish to control the plot size; not the size of the bounding box including labels, captions etc, but the size of the rectangle of the graph itself.  The default graph on Maple 13 for Mac is too tall for most academic applications, and I do not wish to resize it by hand (also, hand resizing is not sufficiently precise for such a task, and in any case, does not seem to be exported by plotsetup).

Also, Maple seem to have some peculiar export restrictions on plots, e.g. I cannot export dual axis plots using plotsetup.  I worked around this by giving the plot a name, and then exporting the named structure.  Why the restriction?

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