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I'm having problems plotting the derivative of a function after I've solved the ODE in an ODE system. Any help appreciated! The MAPLE help for plots,odeplot says: "Multiple curves can be plotted by specifying a nested list format. For example, [[x,y(x)],[x,diff(y(x),x)]] displays the dependent variable and its derivative as a function of x on the same plot." So, here's my problem. I define mtest with my two ODE's and two initial values, and solve it numerically over my specified range. This works great. mtest := [diff(m(t), t) = -43/25*exp(-8527.784461/(pt(t)+273.15)+19.03523317)*(m(t)-exp(-23300/(8.314*pt(t)+2270.96910)+2.646139043)), diff(pt(t), t) = 240, m(0) = 1, pt(0) = 105];
How do I change the spacing between lines in the MathMLViewer?
Hello, I would like to do some computations with Legendre polynomials. I would like to know, if Maple is able to do some simplifications and use orthogonality of Legendre polynomials. For example > Int(LegendreP(m,x)*LegendreP(n, x), x=-1..1); This integral should be zero or 2/(2*n+1), depending on the relation between m and n. Is there any chance to get it (maybe using the procedure assume() )? another example: > diff(LegendreP(n,x), x$n); This should be (2*n)! Thank you very much for your help. Karel Srot
I have defined a function in a parameter form x:= .... y:= .... and I have defined a circle in a parameter form X:= .... Y:= .... Now I want to calculate the intersectionpoints. I could use: solve(x=X,t) and solve (y=Y,t) but the teacher teached me that some points are going lost if you use to separate commando's. Now is the question what's the commando for combining these two solves. My concrete example: restart:x:=2*cos(t)+cos(2*t); x := 2 cos(t) + cos(2 t) > y:=2*sin(t)-sin(2*t); > y := 2 sin(t) - sin(2 t) Circle:
I'm aware that this probably is not the right place to post this, but is there anybody who can do something about being unreachable? I have to convert a BIG LaTeX-file this weekend for students to work on starting Monday and have been unable to connect for the past twelve hours or so.
Hi, I have a system of 3 coupled equations (3 unknowns) with complex numbers. I solved them with solvefor. I'm interested in the modulus (|a+ib|^2 = a^2 + b^2 ) and phase of each solution. Because of that I used polar and abs (I have more interest in the modulus). In each case I ran simplify, despite of that the solutions are huge. I would like to work with them in some spreadsheet (in order to set the parameters, evaluate the solutions, compare them with some experimental data and do some plotting). Given that the solutions are huge I can just write them by hand where I want. In order to automatize that I've tried to use the VisualBasic command to cut&paste the formulas in VBA. The problem is that they are so long that the source code just gets broken.
Hi I'm currently doing a maple assignment for my uni course, and was wondering how do you simplify this equation to get a simple quadratic! 6x^2-7x-3*exp(-1/5*x) as you can see its really a simple quadratic with an exponential stuck on to it! My question is can you simplify it with maple, 2.) Does the whole equation only have 1 root since its an exponential function stuck on! Thanks Chris
So I went ahead with alec's timer code and expanded on that, his window approach was also the approach I would need to furthar push the project to completion, so the beginning is pretty much his code, and works plenty fine. Now I was working on the project and then realized in order to set things up the way I want, i'm going to have to make a grid layout, also suggested by a fine coder here in a previous help topic, now my problem is, I had to rehaul ALL of my code to use grid layout, grid layout seems like a really easy to use system, and I started converting all the code to comply with that, and in the huge mess of brackets and square brackets, I seem to have messed up the overall opening and closing of said brackets.
How do I plot a prism or a general polyhedron with maple ? I tried polygonplot3d but the result is not satisfactory because maple does not recognize the edges between the faces correctly. Thank you very much for your answer.
Hi, Let's say there is a equation as following: a+b+c How can I save each term by "+" into an array? I.e) a+b+c Then I'd like to save each paramter split by "+" into an array. a is saved to array[0] b is saved to array[1] c is saved to array[2] I'm not sure I could make it in Maple. Any idea using Maple? Thanks!
Is there any way in MAPLE to set up a workksheet in such a way that you can enter |B| and have it produce the same result as Mag(B) where Mag:=b->sqrt(Re(b)*Re(b) + Im(b)*Im(b))
I have a frame where u_n and u_t are perpendicular unit vectors with u_n pointing to the right and u_t pointing up. Where the frame is rotating with angular velocity w in the anti-clockwise direction and time is t then d(u_n)/dt = w u_t How do I set Maple up so that it will do a symbolic differentiation of unit vectors - or any vector - in a rotating frame?
Hello! Is there any way in maple to create graphs? I would like to make my graph theory note more picturesque with it. Daniel
I need to export some 3d graphs to eps, then add some text and line, and then use them in a tex document. There are several problems with the eps produced by maple. Maple also saves the non-visible parts to the eps. This just makes the file unnessesarily big and slow to work with. Can I stop it from doing this? The lines of the curves is for some reason composed of thousands of lines on top of eacother. A little piece of a simple line, can consist of 10 thousand lines on top of each other. This makes a simple graph easily consist of 100 thousand lines and very slow to work with. Can I stop it from doing this, and only make the visible line.
A simplified optimization problem of mine can be stated as follows: obj := (b) -> x^2-b*y; constr := (b) -> b*x+y = 0; SL := (b) -> NLPSolve(obj(b), {constr(b)}) which means that the objective function "obj" is minimized under the constraint "constr" given a certain value of b. Input the command SL(0), SL(1)..., maple will give you corresponding optimized values of "obj". But this relationship between b and SL(b) cannot be plotted. At least, with a simple function like plot(SL(b),0..100) it is impossible to get a figure. solve this problem here? Thx a lot!
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