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Is there a way to do a Symbolic Computations under Max-Plus Algebra? For instance, linear algebra computations under under Max-Plus Algebra. I would like to appreciate any comments on it.
I need to search for primitive polynomials of degree n over finite fields GF(q), where q is a PRIME POWER. I have major difficulties doing that, especially when I wish to fix one of the coefficients of the polynomial. On the other hand, polynomials over GF(p) pose no problem. Does anybody have any experience in this? PLEASE HELP!
I noticed on the maplesoft website that there was an update available for Maple10. Is this in response to a detected product flaw ? Also is getting this update an urgent issue for a novice like myself still learning ? What I'm trying to ask is would I be missing out on some necessary feature of Maple10 by not having this update ? v/r
How do I perform auto- and cross-correlations in Maple?
My students are sometimes asked to use Maple commands that give multiple answers (solve and dsolve, most commonly) and then are asked to select a certain solution out of those returned. E.G. dsolve(diff(y(x),x) = 1/2*(6*x^3+2*sin(8*x)^2)/(y(x)^2)); returns 1 real solution and 2 complex solutions. The students are asked to select the real solution and assign it to a variable. I have making sure that Maple will select the correct solution out of the set (or list or sequence) for me by using complicated if statements. E.G. The first part of the if statement I use for the dsolve() command above is if evalf[50](subs({x=1,_C1=1},Re(rhs(solsde[1])))) =evalf[50](subs({x=1,_C1=1},rhs(solsde[1]))) then real_solution:=rhs(solsde[1]); fi; I leave off the two elif parts after the first if ... then for the sake of brevity.
how do i incorporate an and clause for my if statement? like if a=1 and b<>3 then
i want to output text. if n=b then; n may not be completely factored end if; how do i do this?
Hi there everyone. I have recently been trying to plot fourier transforms. After taking the fourier transform of a particular function of the time domain for example a sinusoid. I get a sum of terms each with a translated Dirac function. When I try and plot the series of Dirac functions it doesnt work in the sense that there is nothing displayed. The plot initializes but there are no Dirac functions. Is there a way to plot Dirac Functions? thanks
Dear Maple Users, I have the following problem: How to find the best-fitted function P(x,y) = ax+by+cxy+d to the following data: i= 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 xi= 150, 152, 154, 156, 156, 157, 158, 158 yi= 134, 136, 106, 61, 90, 124, 41, 135 I know that in Maple functions that can solve interpolation and approximation problems with one variable are implemented. But how to solve the problem with two variables? Best regards, Wieslaw Kotarski
if i have a procedure that has a bunch of loops, but when i execute it seems to be taking a long time. is there a way to figure out which loop the procedure is 'stuck' in?
what's the does not command for a for loop? as in for i from 1 to 100 while i (does not) equal 5.
Hi to everybody I'm a new user of Maple How can I solve this system? > eq1:=1039.44*Diff(Diff(ck(r),r),r)+80960*Diff(ck(r),r)*Diff(p(r),r)+80960*ck(r)*Diff(Diff(p(r),r),r)=0; / 2 \ | d | / d \ / d \ eq1 := 1039.44 |---- ck(r)| + 80960 |--- ck(r)| |--- p(r)| | 2 | \ dr / \ dr / \ dr / / 2 \ | d | + 80960 ck(r) |---- p(r)| = 0
Is there a chat or instant message capability on this website ?
Can anyone discover the reason for the troubles i'm having with the last execution group ? I think the few ones above it are some previous attempts. it's the part that begins as >Cardioid := proc(S) local s; etc... > Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined >
i have this code: S := []; for i from 0 by 5 to 150 do S:=[op(S),[i,(i+3)^2 mod 7]]; end do; plot(S, style = point) i want to plot points connected by lines. how do i do this?
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