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I don't understand, why maple has problems with the following command:


It seems that Maple doesn't call the funciton iL_RMS_func_Ue_const with the function variables Iatest and Utest. Instead it just uses the variable names Iatest and Utest. I get the error message:

Error, (in iL_RMS_AVG) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 46.87500000*Iatest <= .1250000000*(1500-1500*U_test)*U_test

How do I get Maple to use the actual Values of Iatest und U_test? Below are the functions which are related to the problem.
Hi, All, Please look at this example. I am using Newton's method to solve for the equation x^2-a=0. > restart: > Digits := 30: > f :=x-> x^2-a: > df :=x-> 2*x: > for a from 1 to 6 do > x0 := trunc(sqrt(a)): > for j from 1 to 5 do > x1 := x0 - f(x0)/df(x0); > x0 := x1; > rsd := f(x0); > end: > printf(`%3.10f\t %3.10e\n`, x0,rsd): > end: Now, I want to plot the solution x and the residue rsd against a in 2 separate figures, how to write the code? David
Hello everyone, I was wondering what is the syntax to put a boundary condition like in the dsolve command? I can do simple ones like v(0) = 0, but I don't know how to input boundary conditions involving a derivative ... Onto my second question: Is it possible to include a delta function within a Maple differential equation? I'm interested in the differential equation of EI v'''' + P v'' = Q
I've been exploring the link between Maple and Matlab, and there seems to be no documentation on how to use Maple to call commands (or .m files) in Matlab. On the other hand, it doesn't state that this is not possible. Has anyone else looked into this?
I am trying to create a procedure like this: myproc := proc(x) Digits := x; sqrt(x) end proc; and then I want to plot the results like this: plot(myproc(x), x=2..20); However, I get an error: "Invalid assignment to Digits". The following works fine, however: seq(myproc(x), x=2..20); How can I solve this? Thanks.
How do I get maple to do polynomial long division?
It's obvious how to use Maple 10 for creating a document, but has anyone used Maple 10 for presentations? I'm going to present in a seminar in a couple of weeks and have some Maple demonstrations and graphics to show the group. I'd be interested in hearing tips, suggestions, experiences and ideas for presenting mathematical content to a group from within Maple. (I'm familair of course, with Powerpoint and LaTeX slides, and the LaTeX Prosper package. I'd use LaTeX/Prosper except that then I have to embed the Maple in the presentation. It would be more convenient if I can use Maple solely.)
Dear All, First of all thank alec and Prof Doug. Please refer to post My problem is to solve the following ODE with constrain given by the Eq: > DEq := diff(f(x),x) = c1*sqrt( g(f(x)) - g(f(x=x1)) ); > Eq := ug - f(x=0) = c2*sqrt( g(f(x=0)) - g(f(x=x1)) ); > g(f(x)) := exp(f(x)-xn) +exp(-f(x)) +(1-exp(-xn))*f(x); where ug is the independent variable and others are parameters > c1 :=-257753830.552993398770016153893; > c2 :=1.40376701562707174099362643812; > xn := 35.4196679725860384893589519100; > x0 := 0; > ug := 40; I have tried to followed alec's suggestion but the solution sometime still cannot be obtained. The independent variable ug has to be varied from -50 or less to + 100 or more. The intial guess in solving f0 (f0 := fsolve(g('fx0'(f0))-gfx0(f0),f0=30);) has to be input manually, this is a big drawback.
> Hello all, > How do I export a Maple 3D plot to Povray 3.6 Win ? > I use Maple 8. > Some animations on my site > Answer please to: > Thanks for the help !! > Andre
In the third line of this do loop is the assignment assigning both the null set and the new value of the index into the original null set ? Also does this mean that the final set S contain the original null set with multiple null sets nested in it ? >
What does "Warning, `delta_Ia_con_p` is implicitly declared local to procedure `inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p`" exactly mean?

I get this, when I execute the following procedure:

# art=0 returns RMS current and art=1 returns AVG current
> inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p:=proc(Ue,Ua,Ia,L,T,art)
> delta_Ia_con_p:=(Ue-Ua)/L*Ua/Ue*T;
> inititial_inductor_current_con_p:=Ia-delta_Ia_con_p/2;
> initial_inductor_current_p:=piecewise(Ia<eval(IaLG_boundary_condition), 0, inititial_inductor_current_con_p);
> # initial_inductor_current_input:=initial_inductor_current;
> inductor_current_increase_p:=initial_inductor_current_p+(Ue-Ua)/L*t;
i put system of eqn to dsolve (3) sol := dsolve([sysode, icsode]); and i am getting sol:= is it means that maple can't solve it?
i have a function f(q(t),...)= q(t)*sin(q(t)). i need to do df/dq(t). how? thank's
how do i count the numbers of elements inside of a list like [[x,y,z]]? ie. [[3,2,5],[2,34,6]]. i would want it to return 2.
Why do I get the same output with the two following statements plot3d(0, 0..20, 0..70, color=proc(x,y) 200000*x end proc); plot3d(0, 0..20, 0..70, color=proc(x,y) x end proc); How does the option "color=proc() ..end;" works? How can I choose the colors? (The reason behind my question is that I am trying understand how to plot the Mandelbrot set)
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