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Hi guys,

I have got serious problem with solving this system of ODE, where psi is equal to 10*sqrt(da) and uB,E,kL,uc are constants:

firstly I have to find missing initial condition using shooting method and calculate cA(z=2) using Runge-Kutta 4th order then. And plot following concentration profile for cA and dA. So far, I have dealt with first diff eq 2nd order dividing by two diff eq of 1st order using mentioned constants so I got these ones:


I understand I need a condition da(z=0) that I should obtain using shooting method, but I do not know how to do it in spite of I understand it in theoretical way. And same problem I have with RK4th order. Anybody here with a hint, please? 

There is my maple file (unfinished version of mine):

Why Maple doesn't calculate this and only rewrites it??



invlaplace(exp((0.2500000000e-1-2.500000000*sqrt(0.116e-3+.8*p-3.2*10^(-10)/(p+0.2e-4)))*x)/p, p, t);

`&x` := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; 2*x+3*y end proc;

`&x`(a, b);

[x[1], y[1]]+[x[2], y[2]];
                   [x[2] + x[1], y[2] + y[1]]
'&.':=proc(u,v)  eval([u[1]*v[1]-u[2]*v[2]],[u[1]*v[2]+u[2]*v[1]]  end proc:
Error, unable to match delimiters

  primeAssignproc(ucommav)  evallpar(u(1)sdotv(1) - u(2)sdotv(2))

  comma(u(1)sdotv(2) + u(2)sdotv(1))  end proccolon,

  Typesetting:-merror("unable to match delimiters")))
&. ([x[1],y[1]],[x[2],y]]);
Error, unable to match delimiters

     ampperiod lpar(x(1)y(1))comma(x(2)commay)rsqbrparsemi,

     Typesetting:-merror("unable to match delimiters")))
f := proc (x1, y1, x2, y2) options operator, arrow; x1*x2-y1y2 end proc;
(x1, y1, x2, y2) -> x1 x2 - y1y2
f := proc (x1, y1, x2, y2) options operator, arrow; x1*x2-y1y2, x1*y2+y1*x2 end proc;
(x1, y1, x2, y2) -> x1 x2 - y1y2, x1 y2 + y1 x2


I am on a Mac and unable to login to MapleCloud. I can log in perfectly fine via the website in all browsers. Any solutions for this?


How to simplify


to b=c ?


I try to simulate the sum of two dice, and display the frequencies of the apparitions (in order 2,3,..12). Is my approach good? can generalize the approch to several dices?

Thanks for your help


Hi every body:

How can I solve this equation with Trapezoidal Rule in Maple? 

u(x) = 1+int(x*t*u(t), t = 0 .. 1)


I have a procedure that changes the value of an input variable quite unexpectdly. Can anyone explain why? I have a very simplified example of this below.

switch := proc (V::Vector)
description "This procedure is supposed to take a Vector V and switch entries 1 and 2";
local W,a,b;
W:= V;
a:= W[1];
b:= W[2];
W[1 ] := b;  
W[2] :=a;
end proc;

I have omitted the output for brevity's sake but all works well as expected.

returns V2 not V1. Why is the procedure changing V1?

The problem occurs with matrices but not with lists.




Hello there,

for academic purposes I need to solve a pretty complex and substantial non-linear equation system. Here you can have a look at the equations:

The MAPLE Statement "fsolve" is not working here, though there is no error message. I know, that I can provide a framework for each variable to help fsolve find a solution. But for my usage this is not an appropriate task, since I'd like to do some simulations and variations with the input parameters.

Is there a way, so I can find a solution to my equation system?


It would be possible to make some adjustments to my equations, e.g. reducing the complexity of the equations and increasing the number of equations at the same time, if needed.

I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks in advance!

if V=(u(x,y,t),v(x,y,t),0) is vector field ( x,y space, t is time), how can find gradient of V in maple ?

iqt + aqxy + ibq (qq*x − q*qx) = 0. write this equation in maple



I did the model of the ABB IRB 120 in MapleSim, but I would like to lock several links but I do not know how to do it.


Also I need the differential equations of the robot, which must be six differential equations but in MapleSim equation extraction page there are lots of equations.


Please can you help me ?

In the worksheet below I produce a sequence of frames for an animation by distributing the task into several threads.  The result has strange artifacts as we see in the sample.  The artifacts vary randomly from run to run.  Am I doing something wrong?



`Maple 2018.2, X86 64 LINUX, Oct 23 2018, Build ID 1356656`



Draw a simple picture:

frame := proc(t)
  plot(x^2 + t, x=-1..1, title=typeset("t = %1", t));
end proc:

Generate a sequence of pictures:

frames := Threads:-Seq(frame(t), t=0..1, 0.05):

Animate the sequence:

plots:-display([frames], insequence);


Hi all,

I have a data set (see .txt file attached) to be fit to the model function A*sin(B*x+C)+D. Calculating the parameters A, B, C, and D is easy enough, but is there a way to have Maple return their standard errors?



I can’t perform the last command (GridPlot) on my worksheet


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