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I want to maximize a total profit (TP) function which is dependent on five independent variables (E,W,T, theta, tp). All these five variables can have non negative values. The TP function is given below- ( first TP is directly copied from maple worksheet and than copied again as a picture for clear viewing).


 TP = (p1*(Q-q)+p1*(1-theta)*(q-E)+s*E-c*Q-o-h*((1/6)*alpha*W^beta*a*p1^(-b)*tp^3/m-(1/2)*alpha*W^beta*a*p1^(-b)*tp^2+Q*tp)-(t1-tp)*h*((1/2*(-(2/3)*t1+m-(1/3)*tp))*W^beta*a*alpha*(t1-tp)*(-p1*(-1+theta))^(-b)+W*m)/m-(1/2)*h*(W+E)*(T-t1))/T-u*W


I am trying the maximize TP with respect to above five independent variables. I tried to solve  five equations ( representing first order partial derivative of TP with respect to each of the independent variables equated to zero) simultaneously by "solve" and "fsolve" command but both these commands fail to give any output. I have also tried three other commands in optimization package ( QPSolve, NLPSolve, Maximize) but all these three commands also doesn't give any output. I want to prove the concavity of TP function with respect to five independent variables, please guide how it can be done. ( I have computed the Hessian matrix but since five first order equations doesn't give output ( through fsolve command) so I am unable to compute Hessian at these first order optimiality condition solution.). The values of the paramters in the TP equation are -

[alpha = 50, beta = .7, c = 20, h = 4, m = .4, o = 10, p1 = 40, s = 10, u = 5, a = 15000, b = 2]

Dear sir,

I tried to solve a fourth order problem. But I got the error message as better to use midpoint method. Can I know what is midpoint method and here I uploading the problem please verify it if I did anything mistake?

with(plots); with(DEtools);
`ε` := .1;
de1 := x[0](t)+`ε`*x[1](t);
ode2 := sin(t)-`ε`*t*sin(t);
MODEL := {ode1, ode2};
VARS := {x(t), y(t)};
DOMAIN := t = 0 .. 20;
RANGE := x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3; COLORS := [BLACK, BLUE];
IC1 := [x[0](0) = 0, x[1](0) = 0]; IC2 := [(D(x[0]))(0) = 1, (D(x[1]))(0) = 0];
DEplot(MODEL, VARS, DOMAIN, RANGE, [IC1, IC2], stepsize = .1, arrows = THIN, linecolor = COLORS);
Error, (in DEtools/DEplot/CheckInitial) the 'number' option must be specified before initial conditions

Hi I am new to Maple. I have 2 question:

1)I tried to run the following but I get this error as shown.pde1 is the PDE system. IBC, or you can refer bc1 to bc5 are the boundary condition given.

2)My bc4 & bc5 is suppose to be approaching 0 when y approch infinity  which is why I just put y to be equal to a large value while bc4 and bc5 equal 0. Do Maple have a function to use the approach method?


restart; with(PDEtools):

pde1 := [(x*y+1)*(diff(f(x, y), y, y, y))+(x+f(x, y))*(diff(f(x, y), y, y))-(diff(f(x, y), y))^2+g(x, y) = 0, (x*y+1)*(diff(g(x, y), y, y))+(x+f(x, y))*(diff(g(x, y), y))-(diff(f(x, y), y))*g(x, y) = 0];

IBC := [eval(f(x, y), y = 0) = 0, eval((D[2](f))(x, y), y = 0) = 0, eval(g(x, y), y = 0) = 0, eval((D[2](f))(x, y), y = 10000000000) = 0, eval(g(x, y), y = 10000000000) = 0];

bc1 := eval(f(x, y), y = 0) = 0

bc2 := eval((D[2](f))(x, y), y = 0) = 0

bc3 := eval(g(x, y), y = 0) = 0

bc4 := eval((D[2](f))(x, y), y = 10^10) = 0

bc5 := eval(g(x, y), y = 10^10) = 0

sol1 := pdsolve(pde1, [IBC], numeric, [f(x, y), g(x, y)], 'spacestep' = 0.1e-2, 'indepvars' = [x, y])

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_IBCs) invalid initial/boundary condition: [f(x, 0) = 0, (D[2](f))(x, 0) = 0, g(x, 0) = 0, (D[2](f))(x, 1000000000000) = 0, g(x, 1000000000000) = 0]

Thanks you in advance.

Good morning sirs,

Anyone with the idea(s) on how to convert series back to its original form should please share with me. 

Take for example


is a series for a*cos(sqr(a*beta)*y)

Thanking you in anticipation for your answer.

Hi, is anyone using the Geometry Expressions software together with Maple? I've found about this software on forum and installed a free demo version. It is using symbolic geometry, which I haven't been able to find this feature on other software, and can work very well with Maple, but unfortunatelly, my demo version doesn't work properly, and their oficial website has lots of errors 404 page not found. I have requested support, but have had no answer so far. I was so happy finding this software, but now I am thinking maybe wasting my time. If you are using it, or maybe think it would be good to give it a go, please let me know if it is working for you. A particular feature which is not working for me is 'creating angles'. Thank you.

I have a fraction where I would like to isolate a certain term by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same term.

My fraction is:

outOverin := R[2]*s^2*L[2]*C[2]/(s^4*C[2]*C[3]*L[2]*L[3]*R[2]+s^3*C[2]*L[2]*L[3]+s^2*C[2]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[3]*R[2]+s*L[2]+s*L[3]+R[2])


I would like to take out a term so that I have s4 on its own in the denominator, so I try the following:


But Maple does not take out the term like I would like it to, and I get the same fraction as before


How can I isolate s4 in the denominator?

i want to draw a plot with to column-numerical that i imported from excel (i import one of the, for x axis and another for y axis)

Hi, I know the commands for when both curves/functions are y=....., but not when one of them is y=... and the other is a straight line going through the x-axis. I would like to be able to find the points of intersection in decimals, to plot them together such that I can see the points of intersection and finally I need to find he area enclosed between the two. Would appreciate your help.

I have to find the tangent lines to the circle x^2+y^2+6*x-8*y+25 = 1/16 which pass at the O(0;0) 

So i make a general line y=m * x

Ho can i put m*x instead of y in the circle and calculate the delta of the equation that i get?


Dears I have the following statment in Matlab

r=8;             ZUM=U(1)-YU(1);            IT=0;

for r=2:10


    if ZU(r)> ZUM







while IT < 20


    if ZUM < (0.1)^r



  for r=1:Nx




I need to write this statment in Maple

All the 3d plot in my maple are upside down.....the tickmarks..the numbering even the lebeling are also upside do i solve it....plz help

Dear, I am facing the problem for solvin the attached file. Solution obtained for L=1 successfully but i need the solution for large value of L e.g., L =10. Please find the attachement and fix the problem. I am waiting positive response. Thanks in advance.


I am new in Maple and I would like to create some worksheets and applications based on ones found already on the Maple sites. Is there any way to see how they have been created? To see and modify the coding where necessary? Your help would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Please is it possible to increase the 1000000 limit of output? I tried doing some computation in form of power series for S10 but I got the message "1000000 limit of output exceeced". How can I resolve this?

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