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Consider this matrix

a b c

b c a

c a b

I would like to reference the entries with letters, not numbers.  The b,c entry would be a, for instance.  Any way to do this?

If I draw a new molecule in chemdraw and save can we input it in someway and get the 3D coordinates , 2D , and many other details which we can get from the structure.

As I am new and I am planning to buy this toolbox please kind help


    I am manually re-creating the TS diagram for phase plot of fluid=air for use in a report as a pretty plot.   The TemperatureEntropyChart function is colored in grayscale.  I really need to change to colorized for additional data being added.

   The code to generate the various isobars color gradient is shadebetween two curves.   

    Using the code method to plot leaves white gaps in the discontinutiy of the plot curves returned from the Property function at the liquid and vapor lines.   I have manually connected the horizontal "under the dome" in a matrix of X,Y for each of two isobar curves.

   However, the shadebetween doesn't seem to like the two X,Y matrices for the curves as inputs to shadebetween.

    So,...   Q:   1.)  Can the color be changed using the TempertureEntropyChart function,..or
                      2.)  Can matrices of unequal X,Y values (scatterplot type data sets) be used for the curves in shadebetween command?  The help infers the Y (v, of (u,v))  values need to match.


Ref:    worksheet contained at:

Give a Data for regression in excel sheet with many independent variables as much as 50 and one dependent variable. where first row is dependent variable say

Is their anyway in maplesoft to split into Train and test set 

Then it choose only best set of independent variables to model the dependent variable Y Linear regression

Is their any Toolbox or anyway we can do it

Can anyone help to write a code for this in Maple

Kind help.

Please help with a sample example program Kind help


with(DEtools); with(LinearAlgebra)

diff(u(x, t), t) = [Matrix([[0, (1/2)*mu*k^2], [2*A^2-(1/2)*mu*k^2, 0]])]*u(x, t)

diff(u(x, t), t) = [Matrix(%id = 36893489823894642308)]*u(x, t)


"where u(x,t)=[u1 u2]^(T) is a vector. The solution of differential equation (1) is u=v*exp(w*t)."

where*w^2 = -(1/4)*mu^2*k^4+mu*k^2*A^2

"How can we solve differntial equation*(1) on Maple"?""



Hello guys
Could someone help me create a simple palette to contain, for example, three functions that I use constantly?

           conve1(a), conve2(a) and conve3(a).

I tried through the help documentation, but I couldn't.


hello. i write a for loop and i want to maple give me the answer like the below pic
thanks in advance

for oo to 2 do
    M[oo] := EI*(4*theta(oo) + 2*theta(oo + 1))/L;
end do;


I use Maple 2022 on a MacBook Pro. In most of the plots I create I use symbol=solidcircle and symbolsize=12.

Is there a way to make those (and perhaps oher) settings user default so I don't need them in every plot command?



After studying the plottools:-transform command, I intend to visualize the following regions with constrained parameters in 

(plottools[transform](proc (u, v) options operator, arrow; [u^3-v^2, u^2-v^3] end proc))(plots[inequal](`or`(u^2+4*v^2 <= 4, `and`(u^2+v^2 < 4, 4*v >= (u+2)^2+2*v^2)), nolines))


(plottools[transform](proc (s, t) options operator, arrow; [s^2*sqrt(t)*cos(t), s^2*sin(t)] end proc))(plots[inequal](`and`(`and`(s >= 1, 5*s <= 5+t), t < 5), s = 1 .. 2, t = 0 .. 5))



But Mma gives 

The first instance (with default settings) is the same, but as for the second instance, which graph is correct? 

transform((u, v) -> [u^3 - v^2, u^2 - v^3])(inequal(Or(u^2 + 4*v^2 <= 4, And(u^2 + v^2 < 4, (u + 2)^2 + 2*(v - 1)^2 <= 2)), nolines));
transform((s, t) -> [s^2*sqrt(t)*cos(t), s^2*sin(t)])(inequal(`and`(1 <= s, 5*s <= 5 + t, t < 5), s = 1 .. 2, t = 0 .. 5));

Download TransformedRegion.mws

I take the liberty to rephrase my previous question as I believe the title was not very clear and so maybe some power users did not look at it. I am making the transition from Mathcad towards Maple and get stuck solving the equation in the attached worksheet. In mathcad I would solve it like this:

How can I achieve results in Maple? I know it is a very powerful program but for me the learning curve is at this moment quite steep. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I have done something but what?

I want to use maple notation for input and  output.

I have done something to mess this up.

How do I get rid of the typesetting messages?



Now I have list L above a Set S below 

Now we delete from L all having "H" in first position and also  the subsets of the set S which as all contain those  list position number where L had "H"

Kind help with function which can

Takes input of the list and sets returns the new list and set where the above are done 

First of all I would like to wish all of you a happy, prosperous but especially healthy 2023! I have again a beginner question. Why is test2 not working in the attached document?

Thank you so much for your assistance!

I remember a section “Tell us what we can do better” at the bottom of online help pages. I used this whenever I came across a potential error worth investigating.

Has this section disappeared (I hope not) or do I have a browser issue?

_EnvHorizontalName = 'x';
_EnvVerticalName = 'y';
Vdot := proc(U, V) local i; add(U[i]*V[i], i = 1 .. 2); end proc;
dist := proc(M, N) sqrt(Vdot(M - N, M - N)); end proc;
EQ := proc(M, N) local eq, a, b, c; eq := simplify(expand((y - M[2])/(x - M[1]) - (N[2] - M[2])/(N[1] - M[1]))*(x - P1[1])*(P2[1] - P1[1])); a := coeff(eq, x); b := coeff(eq, y); c := tcoeff(eq, [x, y]); RETURN(-a*x/c - b*y/c - 1); end proc;
R := 5;
ang := [2/3*Pi, -3*Pi*1/4, -Pi*1/6];
seq(point(`||`(P, i), [R*cos(ang[i]), R*sin(ang[i])]), i = 1 .. 3);
seq(dsegment(`||`(seg, i), [`||`(P, i), `||`(P, irem(i, 3) + 1)]), i = 1 .. 3);
circle(cir, [point(OO, [0, 0]), R]);
sol := solve(subs(x = 2, Equation(cir, [x, y])), y);
point(A, [2, sol[1]]);
triangle(Tri, [P1, P2, P3]);
incircle(inc, Tri, 'centername' = oo);
circle(Cr, [A, oo]);
sol := solve({Equation(Cr, [x, y]), Equation(inc, [x, y])}, {x, y});
point(H1, [subs(sol, x), subs(sol, y)]);
line(L, [A, oo]);
reflection(H2, H1, L);
line(L1, [A, H1]);
line(L2, [A, H2]);
Equation(cir, [x, y]);
Equation(L1, [x, y]);
sol := solve({Equation(L1, [x, y]), Equation(cir, [x, y])}, {x, y});
point(M1, [subs(sol, x), subs(sol, y)]);
sol2 := solve({Equation(L2, [x, y]), Equation(cir, [x, y])}, {x, y});
point(M2, [subs(sol2, x), subs(sol2, y)]);
triangle(TR, [M1, M2, A]);
display([draw([P1(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = blue), P2(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = blue), P3(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = blue), A(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = black), H1(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = black), H2(symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 8, color = black), L1(color = black), L2(color = black), seg1(color = magenta), seg2(color = magenta), seg3(color = magenta), Cr(color = black), cir(color = magenta), inc(color = blue)]), textplot([seq([coordinates(`||`(P, i))[], convert(`||`(P, i), string)], i = 1 .. 3)], 'align' = {'above', 'left'})], view = [-6 .. 10, -15 .. 6], scaling = constrained, size = [800, 800], axes = none);
It seems that there is conusion between M1 and M2. How to write letters A, M1 ,M2, H1, H2 ? Thank you.

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