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Is Maple (student version) appropriate for typing non-professional documents containing trigonometric graphs and 2D shapes?

I would like to plot functions like sin(x)  with the horizontal axis labeled in multiples of pi, and draw polygons with angles labeled.

I'd like to copy and paste the following from Maple 9.5 into a Windows 2000 text:

lim x-->0  .


The trouble is,in Maple you can't write x-->0 as a subscript to the word "lim". That is how you HAVE to write if you're writing a maths thesis. Can someone please tell me how I can overcome this problem? Thanks



We are looking to use TA.  Our Uni common authentication system uses Apache/Kerberos.  Is there a way of getting TA to use the Apache-supplied authenticated username?  

The documentation seems to suggest the only options are TA's internal user/pw system (where I saw something that suggests the p/words are held in plain text(!)) or an LDAP server.

Grateful, as always,  for any insight.


   The equation like that:


when i used solve command in Maple, the result is :


  this result is not what i want, i need exactly solution. 

 Can anyone help me?

 Thanks very much for your help!!


Hi, I am trying to generate 20*10000 random numbers with Logistic distributions and a 20*20 correlation matrix, but I don't know how to do so. Could someone help me on this topic?

Hi All,

Could someone please tell me how to create a simple input/output table from an equation such as y=x^2 + 2 or lead me to a task from which I can cut and paste and change parameters.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, using a solution of u that I have already calculated from an ode (by the method of multiple scales), how would I plot a phase portrait of u' against u??  All help is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks in advance.

Hi, I'm new to maple and to the site.


How do I find and / or graph a double or triple intral over a implicit function?

for example I want to find the volume         / /  x^2  dA                over the ellipse x^2 + y^2 - xy < 2.

Hello, again,
basically, I have an implicit relation for lambda:

> eq1 := (sqrt(lambda*alpha)+alpha)*BesselJ(alpha, 2*sqrt(lambda*alpha))/(2*sqrt(lambda*alpha)) = BesselJ(1+alpha, 2*sqrt(lambda*alpha))/alpha;

So solutions of lambda, for a particular alpha are given at the intersections of the two functions:

> plot({subs(alpha = 2, (sqrt(lambda*alpha)+alpha)*BesselJ(alpha, 2*sqrt(lambda*alpha))/(2*sqrt(lambda*alpha))), subs(alpha = 2, BesselJ(1+alpha, 2*sqrt(lambda*alpha))/alpha)}, lambda = 0 .. 50, -1 .. 1, color = [red, blue])

Anyone out there know where the FEM library is that is mentioned in the Finite Elememt Method worksheet from the Applications Center, author Fedderik van der Bos, 2000?  The introduction lists several procedures that are stored in the FEM library which are loaded via the with(FEM) command.

Thank you for your assistance.

The amount 180.00 is what percent greater than 135.00?

Obtain Hamilton's equations of motion for a plane pendulum of length l with mass poin m whose radius of suspension rotates uniformly on the circumference of a vertical circle of radius a.  Describe physically the nature of the canonical momentum and the Hamiltonian.





I know this is a mathematics forum, but I think that there are many faculty members and others here directly or indirectly affiliated with physics.

Again from Goldstein's, "Classical Mechanics" Chapter 8, The Hamilton Equations Of Motion.

The question is:

Write the problem of central force motion of two mass points in Hamiltonian formulation, eliminating the cyclic variables, and reducing the problem to quadratures.



Show that if lambda[i] are the eigenvalues of a square matrix, then if the reciprocal matrix exists it has the eigenvalues (lambda[i])^(-1).

By "reciprocal matrix" I assume he means inverse.


I found a used copy of Probability and Statistics Explorations with Maple by Karian and Tanis. I'd like to work through it, but the supplements come in Maple 6,7 and 8 versions and I use Maple 11. Can I load the supplement?

The version 8 one comes as a "package", stat.all, but I don't know what to do with it. The version 6 one comes as two files, a help file, *.hdb, which seems to load, and a stat.src file. I put the  src file in a directory which I added to libname, but I can't use "with" to call it.

Thanks in advance

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