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Hello @all !


Well, we have a very strange? problem ...

Trying to export the formulas to C we receive the following error:

Error, (in analyzetab[_Inert_PROD]) cannot resolve types in {numeric, void}

The calculation(s) itself works fine in maple 11 and maple 10  but when we try to export the error appears.

So, can anybody help us ?



Any help is highly appreciated !!

regards, tramzzino

Hi I was just wondering if there is a way to convert a mws file to a text file without maple? It is a uni holiday this week so I have no access to maple.

I was given a mws file as an example for an assignment and i want to rewrite it in c++ so i can run multiple trials on it automatically, but its really hard to work out whats happening viewing the mws in a texteditor. i havnt saved a maple program as text before but im assuming it will just be what my code is without any formatting info which is what im after.


What is the key stroke for entering a subscripted name in 2D Math, Documentation Mode? For example, I'd like to enter VBE as a name of a variable.  In the expression palette, I see an and a*.  I know entering an is a_n. But now how do I enter a* ? What is the key stroke in place of the question mark, a?*.  The Maple I am using is version 11. Thanks for the help.

Chin Li

i have this function:

f :=x-> ln(x^2) + 3*(x-2)^2;

i derivated it four times and i suppose that maple does something wrong (or i do ^^) with the fourth derivation. i made the derivation on paper and my results fit until the last derivation.

f'(x) = (2/x) + 6(x-2)  ok

f''(x) = (-2/x^2) + 6   ok

f'''(x) = (4/x^3)  ok

f''''(x) = (-12/x^4)  not ok <-- this is the maple result

if i derivated the third derivation on paper:

u = 4      v' = 0

Can maple create 3 dimensional matricies? 


I am using Maple to plot some parametric plots, and it works fine. It would be nice, however, to know what point corresponds to what parametric value, or at least some, or at the very least, what end of the curve/sequence of points belongs to what end of the range. Any ideas?



Hi all,

I am trying to use Maple -> C translation facility for a special use:

I need a matrix square root function in C/C++.

I only need it for 3x3 matrix, so I decide to find some hard-coded piece of
program, instead of using some numerical library, because then I have to
learn some new API and how to link and how to use stuff.

To avoid the trouble, I think a 3x3 hard-coded program is sufficient for me.
That's to say, given M a 3x3 matrix, I want to find M^(0.5) in C/C++.

having trouble with maple commands

for the following :

a) horizontal asymptote? i think we use this command

Limits(f(x), x=+infinity)

Limits(f(x), x=-infinity)

(b) V.asymptote?

dunt know what command to use for this

(c)  finding max values?

i think we use this command

maximum(f(x), x=a..b)

(d) Points of inflection

I don't know which maple command to use for this

Give all numerical answers to 4 decimal places


The following file contains a student's midterm exam answers (with name and student number x'd out). When I try to load it, I get "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete", and only a small part of the file appears. Using text editors, I can see that there is much more to the file. Is there any way to recover this exam?

I have a procedure which gives symbolic output of the form a/b + c/(d*Pi) where a, b, c, d are integers.  For example, 401/2 - 1880/(3Pi).  Given this expression, what are the Maple commands I can use to pull out the four integer values and assign them to other variables?  (In the example, 401, 2, -1880, and 3.)  Note that this is not a calculation problem, it is a pattern matching/string manipulation problem.


   I wonder how can I constrain the definition of a procedure so that it either takes a polynomial or a list or set of polynomials as input arguments?

is there anything in Maple like

a:= proc(p::polynom or set[polynom])


end proc:



1. y=4x-x+2x




5.y=xsqrt 5x-1

6.y=x-sqrt x/(x+3)


Help!! I have a few questions that I need help with. 1. How do I find dy/dx of a point that I found in a previous problem? 2. Given a function f(x)=(2*x-1)*sin(pi x/2): a. How do I find the value of f ' (3)? b. How do I find the point on the graph of the function that has an x coordinate of 3. c. How do I find an equation for the line tangent to the graph at the point found in part b? I'm stuck and need some assistance, please. Gino
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