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I have following expression.
There is one for yhat under "Roman Extended Lower Case", but for some reason there isn't one for x. Why is that the case? Am I missing something? Problably so. Please help. Thanks much.
Hallo, with "textplot" one can get a horizontal text. Can man get an inclined text also, for example, along an vertical line? thanks jahn
I am a new user of Maple. Please tell me, why Maple can't sort : 1+sqrt(3) and 1-sqrt(3) ? Thankyou !
Im trying to author a maplet which executes numerical integration on a function for an interval. Here is what I have so far. This is a the part of the assignment that didn't require maplet format. (This part I got to work) restart; a:= 1; b := 3; f:=x->100/x^2*sin(10/x); L:=[];# which is list of lists ListOfEndPts:=[b]; found := false; MaxNoPasses:=70; tolerance:=1.0e-4; simpAB:=evalf(student[simpson](f(x),x=a..b,2));app:=0; for PassNo from 1 to MaxNoPasses while not found do print("**********************************************"); middle := (a+b)/2.0: print(`Pass number` = PassNo);
Hello Is there any possibility to check how long solve will need for a solution? I have to solve a littlebit complex equation set, so solve seems to need a little longer than usual. In my case I have tryed it for about 2 hours .. than I had to turn of my notebook. If it would be possible to check if solve would work for month, weeks, days or hours it would be a great help. us rene
Hi. I tried to solve some excersices but with this one I've got a little problem. I was asked to calculate the area of a circlesegment with radius R and midpointcorner 2*alpha. I have chosen the straigt side of the circlesegment to be parallel with the y axis.

I get these formulas in polarco├Ârdinates.

alpha R
/ /
| |
oppp := | | | r | dr dtheta
| |
/ /
Hi, I've solved a system of nonlinear equations by hand, but I'm not sure if my answer is correct. I would like to verify my results with maple's output. However, I am having some trouble using maple: Here's my code: > eq1:=2*(x*r) + 2*(y*s) + 2*(z*t)-(t^2) + (r^2)=0: > eq2:=3*(x*(r^2)) + 3*(y*(s^2)) + 3*(z*(t^2))-(t^3)+(r^3) =0: > eq3:=4*(x*(r^3)) + 4*(y*(s^3)) + 4*(z*(t^3))-(t^4)+(r^4)=0: > fsolve({eq1, eq2, eq3}); Error, (in fsolve) number of equations, 3, does not match number of variables, 6 where r, s, and t are coefficients/constants and x, y, and z are variables.
Hello all, I'm looking into visualizing/solving the Lotka-Volterra equations in Maple 10. In doing so I've run into a few problems: 1) When executing the following commands > odeqs:= {diff(N(t),t) = a*N(t) - b*N(t)*P(t), diff(P(t),t)=c*N(t)*P(t) - d*P(t)}: > # Growth rate of prey > a:= 3; > # Predatation rate > b:= 2; > # Growth of predators as a consequence of predation > c:= 1; > # Mortality rate of predators > d:= 1/2; > # Initial Conditions > initConds:=[N(0)=(5/3),P(0)=(10/9)]]; > > # Display number of prey as a function of time > DEplot(odeqs, [N(t),P(t)], t=0..100, N=0..7, P=0..7, initConds,
Is it possible to plot a parameterfunction in Maple? Something like: x:=t^2-1; y:=t^3-t
I use: min_v, max_v := rtable_scanblock (cc_matrix, [rtable_dims (cc_matrix)], 'Minimum', 'Maximum'); min_v, max_v := 0., 0.995879045499999948 and get a min and max value. My Question is how can I get the index of my max value from my Matrix cc_matrix?
Hi, I am trying to plot a chart where I have used textplot to define the x-axis. I only want the y-axis to show, but can't work out how... Any ideas?
I have a 2nd-order differential equation dEq and a set of initial conditions initC. I solved the equation by: soln := dsolve({dEq, initC}, numeric) the solution should be in the form r(theta) = blah blah Now I want to plot a graph of theta and r so I used with(plots); polarplot(soln, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi); which didn't work out!! I don't know what might be the problem. Please help thanks
Is it possible to plot a second-order differential equation without specifying the initial conditions?
Has anyone ever used Maple to help with winning at chess or checkers ? v/r, Dan
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