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I am trying to change (morph) the capital letter Yinto the shape of an American football goalpost -which has a sigle post , and the top part looks like the top part of the letter H.  The attached program is attempting to morph just three points - two of which, A, and D stay the same and the middle point Mo is meant to change from being on the line AD, to progressively change to be part of a right angle triangle.  Eventually I want to use more points - but am making heavy weather of this.  Any helpwould be appreciated. 

Good day Sirs;

     Please, anyone with informations on the error "Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system". I can't understand what it means.

     Attached below is the code.

    Thank you in advance.

Hi everybody:

How can I solve this equation? the type of method(numeric or ...) isn't important. tnx

A := 1.66123496405779610264482465216*10^48*x^12*exp(-(3.87000237787905620615465263885*I)*Pi/x)*exp(-(.321534474251124888739020720131*I)*Pi/x)+2.11374922567922298689120113111*10^50*x^12*exp(-(3.87000237787905620615465263885*I)*Pi/x)/(exp((.160767237125562444369510360066*I)*Pi/x))^2+7.16344924069934889468886048304*10^50*x^12*exp(-(.321534474251124888739020720131*I)*Pi/x)/(exp((1.93500118893952810307732631942*I)*Pi/x))^2+9.11474632627216348403905833199*10^52*x^12/((exp((1.93500118893952810307732631942*I)*Pi/x))^2*(exp((.160767237125562444369510360066*I)*Pi/x))^2)-3.86425849708968323906554386738*10^50*x^10*exp(-(3.87000237787905620615465263885*I)*Pi/x)*exp(-(.321534474251124888739020720131*I)*Pi/x)-9.49728635677626263805870840780*10^51*x^10*exp(-(.321534474251124888739020720131*I)*Pi/x)/(exp((1.93500118893952810307732631942*I)*Pi/x))^2-4.63662778304304619471230112279*10^52*x^10*exp(-(3.87000237787905620615465263885*I)*Pi/x)/(exp((.160767237125562444369510360066*I)*Pi/x))^2+4.83122406362728749484124839315*10^51*x^8*exp(-(3.87000237787905620615465263885*I)*Pi/x)*exp(-(.321534474251124888739020720131*I)*Pi/x)=0

My procedure produces multiple different values for the same variable which is fine but I need a way of finding the lowest common multiple of all of the values. Is there a way to do this? Every time I try to do it, Maple gives me the last value it calculated.


I used the folowing command, but the problem is that there is a blank space in the name of a directory.


!curl -m 3 -o /Users/John/Documents/P Admin/a.dat  --insecure;


I used macosx, and in a Terminal window the correct path must be written as :

/Users/John/Documents/P\ Admin/a.dat


But, impossible to set the right expression with Maple.

I used for instance:

!curl -m 3 -o /Users/John/Documents/P\\ Admin/a.dat  --insecure;


But it failed.


What is the right expression?


Best regards


Realted to this post I am trying to solve the following inequalities in the variable "t"




Cosenos := proc (m, x) local C, x1, x2, y, x0, i, j, j0, k, K0, Kaux, K1, L, R, S, t1, t2, t, r1, r2, d; C := NULL; K0 := NULL; Kaux := NULL; K1 := NULL; L := NULL; R := NULL; S := NULL; d := nops(x); for k to d-1 do if evalf(x[k]) = 1 then j0 := m else j0 := 1+floor(x[k]*m) end if; K0 := K0, [(j0-1)/m, j0/m] end do; K0 := [K0]; S := K0[1][1] <= t, t <= K0[1][2]; for k from 2 to d-1 do S := S, K0[k][1] <= 1/2-(1/2)*cos(Pi*m^(k-1)*t), 1/2-(1/2)*cos(Pi*m^(k-1)*t) <= K0[k][2] end do; K1 := solve({S}, t) end proc


However, this run very very slow....For instance, for Cosenos(50, [.3225, .25877, .325, 1])


we interrupt the opertion after more than 10 minutes...I am doing something wrong?

Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. 




Hi, I use Maple 2017 on Windows 10 Pro. When I try to save a package that was included with the book entitled
"Finite Elements Using Maple - A Symbolic Programming Approach" by A. Portela and A. Charafi, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2002, with the line: "savelib('Plotter'):", maple return the error "Error, cannot open archive, C:\Program Files\Maple 2017\lib, for writing.". Someone can help me? Tank you.

I am new to Maple and recently installed the software. Surprisingly, it attempt to load by bringing the splash screen and later open the interface but goes off without any error or warning. Can anyone help me out as I really need to use it?

Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine. In the following maple code, I want to write the derivative of psi in term of psi like it did manually in red portion. For higher M and k it very hard to do it manully. It there any command to fix my problem for any value of k and M.

restart; k := 2; M := 4;

with(linalg); with(LinearAlgebra);

printlevel := 2;

for i while i <= 2^(k-1) do

for j from 0 while j <= M-1 do

psi[M*i+j-M+1] := simplify(2^((1/2)*k)*sqrt(GAMMA(j+1)*(j+alpha)*GAMMA(alpha)^2/(Pi*2^(1-2*alpha)*GAMMA(j+2*alpha)))*(sum((-1)^i1*GAMMA(j-i1+alpha)*(2*(2^k*x-2*i1+1))^(j-2*i1)/(GAMMA(alpha)*factorial(i1)*factorial(j-2*i1)), i1 = 0 .. floor((1/2)*j))));

`&psi;&psi;`[M*i+j-M+1] := simplify(diff(psi[M*i+j-M+1], x))

end do

end do; r := 2^(k-1)*M;

VV := Vector[column](r, proc (i) options operator, arrow; psi[i] end proc);

DV := Vector[column](r, proc (i) options operator, arrow; `&psi;&psi;`[i] end proc);

``&psi;&psi;`[2] := 8*sqrt((alpha+1)*(1/2))*sqrt(2)*sqrt(alpha*GAMMA(alpha)^2*4^alpha/GAMMA(2*alpha))/sqrt(Pi) = 8*sqrt((alpha+1)*(1/2))*psi[1];

`&psi;&psi;`[3] := 16*sqrt((2+alpha)*(alpha+1)/(1+2*alpha))/sqrt(2)*(2*sqrt(2)*sqrt((alpha+1)*GAMMA(alpha)^2*4^alpha/GAMMA(1+2*alpha))*alpha*(4*x+1)/sqrt(Pi)) = 16*sqrt((2+alpha)*(alpha+1)/(1+2*alpha))*psi[2]/sqrt(2)

I am waiting your response. Thanks

Hi everyone:

I want to obtain only the vertical asymptotes this function in the interval [a, b] and i used the asymptotes command but i didn't get true answer, can everybody help me? a=0.3 and b= 0.36

I attached my code. 



Where is the mistake?

I'm working with tensors using the DifferentialGeometry package (not yet checked out the Physics package since I plan on working with Lie algebras), and in particular I'm computing the Riemann tensor of a metric.

Raising the first index of CurvatureTensor(g), the Riemann tensor has the symmetries of a symmetric product of two 2-forms, and this is how I would like to present it, identifying terms like dw1dw2dw1dw2 with terms like dw1dw2dw2dw1 with the appropriate sign. Ideally I would arrive at an expression that is written in terms of (dw1^dw2) (dw1^dw2) (etc.) basis elements, provided that my tensor has these symmetries.

Is there some readily available functionality to do this, or a simple, standard method in Maple?

Dear Users! 

Hope you would be fine with everything. I want to define a matrix F of M+1 by M+1 order having element of the following form:

I derived the F[r,s] but confuse who to generate matrix now.

restart; M := 5; printlevel := 3; for r from 2 while r <= M+1 do for s while s <= r-1 do if type(r+s, odd) then F[r, s] := 2^(k+1)*sqrt((2*r-1)*(2*s-1)) end if end do end do

I have got the following function:

R = ((n1-n2)/(n1+n2))^2

I would like to plot R as a function of (n1/n2). How can I do this in maple?

Hi everybody:

How can i plot this function in maple? for x=0.2..0.4 and I is complex number(I^2=-1).



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