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i have a project due in my calculus class on simple harmonic motion. i have to imput the equation of s=8cos((sqrt(2)/5)*pi*t) into maple, which i can do but then i am asked to solve the equation when t is equal to 0. now i know the answer is 8 but i have no idea to make maple do that using the equation already typed in. in addition to this, i then need to differentiate the s function in order to find v and a. i am also having a hard time doing this. if anyone knows how to put these in so they will work that would be a big help.
I have two equations with 3 variables(or perhaps n equations with n+1 variables) eq1:=0=c1*A1+c2*B1+c3*C1; eq2:=0=c4*A1+c5*B1+c6*C1; I can solve by e.g. solve({eq1,eq2},{A1,B1}) or any other combination of two of the variables. But if I follow the above by solve({eq1,eq2},{B1,C1}) I get then get an error. How do I find C1 as a function of A1? There must surely be a very way simple to do this. Did check the help pages but must have missed it if it is there.
Hi I am new to Maple (just 3 days!) and am working my way around the Maple TA that allows one to author questions. (that's what i am aiming to do - author questions!) These questions need the use of components as well as the DocumentTools package. So far, I have been able to insert some basic components such as textbox, listbox and sliders (though have not changed their values programatically - not yet anyway!) some questions at the end of my first session: (a) what is a math container? what are the uses? how can i define one? from what i can see, some of these containers have names like eqm1 and others have names like mathcontainer0. yet others have names like user_response_0 (this seems to be a variable where the learner can write his answer)
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View file details In the uploaded WS you will find an objective in the end that must be maximized for x 6 to 8 on every percentile, thus 6.00, 6.01, 6.02 etc., I know I have to use a loop but I can't get it to work. Could somebody shine his light on this problem and give me a shove in the right direction?
My college's computers have Maple 10, but my home computer has Maple 11. I tried opening a Maple 10 document in Maple 11, but it didn't open properly. Is there any way to use Maple 10 documents with Maple 11 without screwing up the document?
Hi guys i've read ll the "Essential Tutorials" for Maple 11, but i just can;t get my head aroudn how i can do the following Integrals in Maple 11. it keeps spitting out the exact same value i put in. i've tried diffrent ways of inputting the values but i either get it all wrong or just get the exact same input value back. i've attached the 3 questions that i need help with here : can someone tell me how i can get Maple 11 to find the solution to these 3 problems attached? Please help. thank you
hey can someone plzz help me asap. I need to write a procedure to determine the lcm and gcd of 2 integers. But only 1 will do bcz they are similar. I have already written 2 procedures, one to determine the prime divisors returning the set which contains them, and the other determining the multiplicity of each divisor. also, what if each integer has the same prime divisors with different multiplicities how do i fix this problem?
Hi, I've this problem with maple11; when I try to assigne the elements of any array (Tent in this case) using a procedure inside a for loop: Tent:= array(1..7); for i from 1 to 7 do Tent[i]:= proc(v) global i; christoffel[i] + v^i; end proc; end do; Maple dont understand that the 'i' inside the procedure is the same of the for loop. So after I've execute the for, i is actually 8, and if I write Tent[3](p); maple return christoffel[8]+ p^8 instead I would christoffel[3]+p^3 I've undersand that when I invoke Tent[3] (or Tent[2], etc) maple control the actual value of i (that is 8), so I think this is a problem of scope of the i variable.
Hi, I am using Maple 10 on Windows XP, and every time I try to open the Classic worksheet, the program opens, but whenever I try to run code, open an old worksheet, save a new worksheet, or pretty much do anything, the program crashes and I get the standard Windows message that "cwmaple.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost." Then it asks me to send the error report to Microsoft. I have reinstalled several times using my original disk, contacted Maple support for help and reinstalled using the link they gave me, turned off my firewall, and nothing has helped. What else should I do? I have 1G of RAM and 1.67Ghz processor speed. Thanks so much, I would really appreciate any help as I need the classic worksheet to do the work for my final exam.
I'm trying to import an audio file, a two channel .wav file that I saved onto my computer, but every time I try to import it, I just get an array full of zeroes. Are there any restrictions no the types of wav files that Maple can import? Is there any way to fix this? I know the file is good.
Maple Professionals: I imported a 331*17 matrix from a csv file with the help of the import assistant. Now I wish to take the summ of all rows so that I should get a 331*1 matrix. I attempted this with the following code: for i to 331 do DCdemand[i] := sum(Demand[i, j], j = 1 .. 17) end do; However, I then get the Error, "Matrix index out of range. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me on this issue. Thanks in advance, Frederik
I all, I have a system of three ODEs. I want to give an upper boundary condition for one of my state variables, B. Can I do this on dsolve? I am pretty new to maple, but it seems like all I can do is set a range for the independent variable (time, t in this case). Any ideas? dsolve([Eq1,Eq2,Eq3,B(0)=100,W(0)=1200,N(0)=500],B(t),W(t),N(t),numeric) can I write something like dsolve([Eq1,Eq2,Eq3,B(0)=100,W(0)=1200,N(0)=500],B(t),W(t),N(t),B=0..400,numeric) Thanks for your input! Regards, Oun
I am trying to plot the output of an equation. I want to vary one parameter in the equation from 0 to 2.5 in increments of 0.1 I want to plot the output as a voltage vs the change in current density J0. Do I need to use an array? And how do I plot the output( 2D)? Here is the Maple input: View on MapleNet or Download
I'm study in Thailand's University. Now I would like to make seminar about Maple T.A. But I don't have knowledge about that. Thank you for all information.
How do I get the Pi symbol to be a label on an axis. I know how to do labels, my only problem is getting symbols to appear as a label. Thanks in advance, -Greg
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