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Dear all,

I have the following metric

Is there any way to make the terms dt dphi and dphi dt not symmetric?




Calculate  where the domain Ω is bounded by the surfaces x + y + z = 1, x = 0, y = 0, z = 0.

What am I doing wrong?

Task: Calculate   where Ω is the part of a circle of radius a centered at
point O (0; 0), lying in the first quarter.

My attempt to solve:

What values need to be taken instead of infinity?

Dear all,


I need a Maple sheet or algorithm in order to solve the enclosed problem (myproblem.pdf . )


Thanks for your meaningful help.




Yo I have fit a surface to a curve using polynomial regression:

(It's only supposed to be fit for negative t domain)

Now I've attempted to cap this function off at 0, using a piecewise function of the original:

Which when I print, looks somewhat about right:

Sorry it's so hard to see but you get the idea. The problem is that this seems to set the whole function to 0, rather than just the bits that should clip:

The piecwise function seems to be evaluating the fN>0 condition to true for all input values p,t, rather than substituing the new input values into the original function fN, and then evaluating the condition for every point, not really sure what the problem is, would appreciate some help!


Determine which of the limits exist and calculate 

Find the intersection points of the curves and build graphics. 
P.S. Sorry for the spam questions on the forum, but I need to pass the work as soon as possible.

Determine the dimension of the system solution space: 

Implement a procedure that calculates the number of all non-zero elements of a given matrix, and apply this procedure to the matrix: 


Versions concerned:  [ Maple 2015 ... Maple 2018 ]

I use DocumentTools:-Tabulate to display a matrix of numbers while coloring them according to some condition.
(line DocumentTools:-Tabulate(M, color=((M,i,j)->`if`(M[i,j]>3,....) below ... please note the output is not loaded for some unknown reason).
The fact is that the matrix appears with black characters meaning 'color' doesn't work.

In a second attempt I convert matrix M into a matrix of strings and use now
DocumentTools:-Tabulate(S, color=((S,i,j)->`if`(parse(S[i,j])>3,...)
I get now the desired result with some blue and red numbers.

So converting to strings could be a workaround.
But think to matrices where elements would be algebraic expressions, for instance 
M := Matrix(2, 2, (i,j)->exp(x^i)+cos(x*j))
and that we use the coloring scheme is color=((M,i,j)->`if`(i+j>3, "Red", "Blue")
Converting M to a string matrix will display the element [2, 2] in red and the others in blue, but what you get then is a no longer a 2D pretty output but, literally, things like exp(x^2)+cos(x*2) 

The "convert to string" workaround is thus far from perfect.
Is the fact that 'color' only acts on strings a "normal and known" behaviour?
Is it possible to change the color of the font for non "string type matrices" ?


M :=Matrix(2, 2, (i,j)->i+j)

M := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 2, (1, 2) = 3, (2, 1) = 3, (2, 2) = 4})


DocumentTools:-Tabulate(M, color=((M,i,j)->`if`(M[i,j]>3, "Red", "Blue")), width=30)

S :=convert~(M, string):
DocumentTools:-Tabulate(S, color=((S,i,j)->`if`(parse(S[i,j])>3, "Red", "Blue")), width=30)




Draw the coordinate grid of the elliptical coordinate system.

Get an animation of the transformation of an ellipse into a hyperbola.

Dear all,

I am totally new to maple and would like to get an understanding for the "language" and how to work with maple. Thats why I tried to get a simple model from Mathematica into Maple, however, unfortunately, I am not able to initialize the plot I want to generate. Hence, I am wondering if someone could please help me here. My code looks as follows:

P[t] := a*ED[t - 1] + P[t - 1]

ED[t] := DC[t] + DF[t];

DC[t] := c(P[t] - P[t - 1])

DF[t] := b(F - P[t])

my initial conditions are:

a := 1
c := 0.75
b := 0.2
F := 100
P[0] := F
P[1] := F + 1

Now I would like to see how P[t] develops for t from 0 to 100, but I get the error "Error, (in Plot) Plot([ED[t-1]+P[t-1], t = 0 .. 100]) is not a valid command; see the plot help page" However, I am not able to get a grip on the helppage information. Hence I would be very glad if someone could help me here please.

Thank you in advance!

Best, Alex



what's the easiest way to have maple simplify the expression below from 'expr1' to the form of 'desired_form'? mathematica automatically simplifies to that (subjectively of course!) much nicer looking form.








desired_form:=1/2*(-2*gamma__p - kappa__c - 2 *lambda - sqrt(-16*N*g^2 + (-2 * gamma__p + kappa__c + 2 * lambda)^2));



expr1- desired_form:






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