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 i have a project from my univercity an d i want to ask you how can i put maple into flash document so can you help cause i must give my project one month again thanx before

How can i avoid this error?

that happens 'cause I have 3 different solution for Vv:

> Vv3:=Re(solve(eq1,Vv)[3]);


The following program was created to determine a Hermite polynomial. Can anyone see where the error lies? Thanks!


restart; f:=x-> (x*(cos(x)))- ((x*x(sin(x/2))));
                 f := x -> x cos(x) - x x(sin(1/2 x))

                              fp := D(f)


I am trying to modify a solution to a non-homogeneous boundary value problem presented in Dr.

Hi everybody, one thing is not still clear to me about assume: for example  I have to find the solution of this simple equation:

e1 := q=ks*h^(5/3)*sqrt(If);

If i write solve(e1,h);   I get also all the complex solutions. I want just the real solution so i wrote:


but I still have all the complex solutions. Why? I tried also  with assume(h::real,h>=0); but it's the same.



I need to input f(N,x)=summation{(-1)^(n+1)/n}sin(nx) N=1,3,5....infinity

Why gives Maple T.A. for the function


as an answer -0.62 instead of -0.63?

I could not find documentation on the decimal function. Where can I find it?


kind regards,

Harry Garst

Problem: Find the value of k (k>1) such that the region enclosed by y=2lnx, y=0, and x=k has an area of 5 square units.

I'm figuring it should start out like this:


then im figuring to plot it so i can get a look at the graph so i can guestimate what value for k would be 5 square units.

but what commands can i use to solve it exactly?

I cant remember how to find the intersection of two functions.

I know to first enter in the two functions (f(x) and g(x)).

Then I need to plot them...

But whats the command to find the point of intersection?

Hello Guys, I have this homework assignment which requires me to use Maple. Unfortunately, I'm new to this program, and frankly, have no clue how to use it. So I've been following this worksheet step-by-step and now it's telling me to plot inequalities using the plot assistant. May anyone please help me? It will be very much appreciated. Sample equation to graph: y>2 Thank you very much!

Hi to everybody. I have to derive in "x" a few times an expression that contains the term signum(Q), where Q =Q(x). The problem is that maple derive also signum and gives as results signum(1,Q) so in my long expression there are a lot of signum(1,Q) . The problem is that when I create a fortran subroutine that compute this expression i get the warning

"the function "signum"  is not recognized in the target language".

So the problem is duplex:


The following two equations are given:

x^2 + y^2 = z

1/2 ( x + y ) + 5 = z

I have tried to obtain the intersection curve of the two planes but I haven't succeeded. I'm wonderering if someone could provide some help on this problem.


I am having a difficult time understanding the solution that Maple 10 returns for the DE that I am telling it to solve.

 Could you explain this solution and help me to know what to do with it.

  Download 4125_Mapleprimesexample.mws
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I have a set of 3D data points that I'm trying to fit to a f(x,y) mocel and I do not know how to fit the data to the model. I am using the statement

g:=Fit(a+b.x+c.y+d.x^2+e.x.y+f.y^2, x,y,z,[x,y]);

where x,y are the independent vairables and z the dependent variable that I'm trying to fit.

My problem is that I have the error message

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