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If you want to paste a link, click on the globe beside the maple leaf.

To follow a link like 

put your cursor on it, press Ctrl and click and a new tab will open!

The attached file reviews optimization problem solving and also shows you to solve hard problems though Maple's Optimization Assistant.

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It looks as though ApproximateInt has replaced Leftbox, Rightbox, ... in Maple 12. Using ApproximateInt (w/ the command output=plot) gives extra info such as Title, area, partitions, and a legend. How do I remove the legend completely from the plot?

Hi, I have a code that generate a fortran subroutine that calculate the high order derivatives of the unknowns of a partial differential system. it  works well but when the list of local variables is too long (it happen for some kind of complex(but not too much) differential equations) i get the following error from the "codegeneration" command:

"assigning to a long list, please use Arrays"


can you put maple programming into flash document? and i f you can how?

thanx before

Someone asked me with some help with an ODE, and I was able to reduce the problem to the following rather pretty sub-problem:


Of course, since this ODE is missing a term in y(x), one can immediately reduce it further by one integration, but I find the resulting ODE less aesthetically pleasing.  However, I can't seem to get much out of this ODE.  Anyone have a clever idea?



I just installed wicd, a network manager for linux on my laptop (ubuntu 8.04). However, there appears to be a conflict between Maple 12 (which worked fine before I installed wicd) and wicd. Every time I type something in Maple, a window pops up:

Did someone already try to integrate Adobe Flash into Maple T.A. ?


However, Maple's support is rather limited (only a Word doc, neither a fla/swf file nor a questionbank is provided).

It would be nice to share our work (uploading fla's and questionbank integrating Flash and Maple T.A.)

I believe there is a whole range of nice possibilties using Flash.


kind regards,

Harry Garst


I`m a new maple user and want to use maple T.A ,is there anyone to help me ?

Yep, Maple told me my answers was the float of infinity. Anyway to get around this and force it to give me some kind of numerical answer? I know its big but Ill take anything Thanks

The file attached shows you how useful the Curve Analysis tutor is. When you enter-in a function, the Curve Analysis tutor will produce a graph of the function that shows all of the critical points of the curve, along with the maximum, minimum and inflection points.

 How do I get rid of the 'I" in the 1st limit shown ? (The answer should be 3/2). The 2nd limit looks fine.



look at the pic I  dont know what to do

Hey im trying to solve this equation of 2 order but its keeping giving me that starange error.


Can someone giude me on how to solve it



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