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Anyone experience a delay in typing as the screen fills with text/math etc.?

I'm using Maple 2021 and as the space is filled typing slows. I can finish typing and watch the last 4 keys enter on the screen.

Since approximately a week ago, probably after some Ubuntu update, the xmaple 2021.2 interface started to crash after some simple commands, without any error message or log. I tried to run with java (open-jdk) 11 and 8, and I had the same problem. I still have an old 2017.3 version, and it works perfectly. The problem only affects the new Maple release. 

Is there some bug report? What can I do?

Hi !

Looks like there is a bug in the inert "Diff" command.

I have Maple 2018 on Windows 10 ,64 bits.

Does Maple consider Diff(f(x),x) to be equal to Diff(f(x),[x]) ?

It should be the same.

Maple displays  that it is equal but keeps in memory something else.

In the attached file, I give a very simple example.

I don't like to say this but my old version of Maple V Release V (1997) is more consistent i.e.

this version shows it's different and  keeps in memory that difference.


I wonder if newer versions have this problem ?

Best regards !

When using the built-in fsolve function to find the roots of a polynomial, how does exponentiation occur? For example, x3 is found​​​​​​first, and then to find x4, will he start again from the beginning, that is, x*x*x*x, or will he take the value of x3​​​​​​ and multiply by x? The teacher is interested in finding out this, but I don't know how to find out myself. 

Hello guys,

I try at the moment to solve this terms:

The function is: f(x,y)=2x2-3xy-(y+2)3+5

1. diff(2*x^2 - 3*xy - (y + 2)^3 + 5, x) = 4x output but this is wrong. The correct output is 4x -3y

2.diff(2*x^2 - 3*xy - (y + 2)^3 + 5, y) = -3*(y + 2)^2 that also wrong. The correct output is -3(x+(y+2)2 )

THX a lot

I have been performing symbolic solutions on netlists using Syrup, and then performing worst-case analysis on the result using the ranges of all the variables.

I would like to add ifelse and/or piecewise linear expressions to my Syrup models. Using symbolic analysis, I can get multiple sets of results from Syrup based on the conditional statements. I'm thinking that if I could put Syrup solve inside my worst case analysis procedure and submit numeric values to Syrup, that the conditional expressions could be solved for.

I think there is something similar that can be done with Dynamic Systems.

Does this request make sense? Is it possible?

The expression

f := arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x)

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x)


simplifies to zero in the real range if y=0 is excluded.

x < 0, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

0, true


x >= 0, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

0, true


Combining the above assumptions as attempted bellow does not simplify to zero

x::real, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


`or`(x < 0, x >= 0), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


Or(x < 0, x >= 0), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


`and`(-infinity <= x, x <= infinity), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL



`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2022.0, Windows 10, March 8 2022 Build ID 1599809`





I'm a newbie to maple, I want to get a group that meeting the criteria with this code:

G := SymmetricGroup(6);


H := Subgroup({RandomElement(G),RandomElement(G)}, G);

C := Core(H, G);

until is(GroupOrder(C) <> 1) and is(GroupOrder(C) <> GroupOrder(H));

But it's seem I cannot construct subgroup. so I adjust it into:

G := SymmetricGroup(6);


H := Subgroup({[[rand(1 .. 6)]], [[rand(1 .. 6), rand(1 .. 6)], [rand(1 .. 6), rand(1 .. 6)]]}, G);

C := Core(H, G);

until is(GroupOrder(C) <> 1) and is(GroupOrder(C) <> GroupOrder(H));

However, it is clear that random numbers do not always satisfy the rules of permutation. So how can I use the loop to generate a random subgroup that satisfies the condition?


I am wondering how maple did this calculation:

How can I ask maple to show its work in this calculation?

how we can solve it
restart; int(log(sqrt(2*t))*e^(-t), t = 0 .. infinity);

How to adapt this program C to Maple ? Thank you.

Sub Les_Vendredi_13()
Dim Annee As Integer
Dim Mois As Byte
Dim Cellule As String
Dim Compteur As Byte
Cellule = "B2"
Compteur = 1
.ClearContents For Annee = 1949 To 2009
For Mois = 1 To 12 If Weekday(Mois & "/13/" & Annee) = 6
Then Range(Cellule).Offset(Compteur, 0) = "13-" & Format(Mois, "00") & "-" & Annee Compteur = Compteur + 1 End
If Next Mois Next Annee Range(Cellule).Offset(Compteur, 0) = "Nbre = " & Compteur - 1
End Sub

Can anyone tell me what this means? (workfile


I expected Maple Flow 2022 to return return 2 pi Radians as the answer to the below ... but instead it returned 360 arcdeg.

360 arcdeg * (pi rad/180 arcdeg) =

Question: Why don't the "arcdeg" units cancel out and Maple Flow 2022 return the answer 2 pi rad ?
I expected Maple Flow to handle the units by cancelling out the "arcdeg" units and return 2 pi rad as the answer.

(Note: in this post I placed a space between the numbers and the units for clarity ...
understanding that in Flow you actually enter the number, then press Ctl+Space+U then enter the unit.)

Thanks for any help.


maybe some of you can help me with this. 

In the equations are variables F_[i][j] and GG_[i][j] (for i=1,2,3 and j=1,2,3). There are 5 Equations that equal 0 and 1 Equation that equals Q(given). 
Is there a better way to try and solve this equations? 

Thank you

Hello everyone!

I've imported some values I gathered in a dat file, from Python, with the ImportMatrix, to Maple. This procedure gave me a 602x2 matrix, with the elements of the first column being the values of the horizontal plot and the ones of the second column, the values of the vertical plot.

The code that gave the dat file also works fine when I plot it in Python, the problem is that I need to do the same plot in Maple. I tried using differents commands of the plots package, but nothing seens to work

So my question is, anyone knows how can I counterplot the elements of a matrix or do a different approach for the plot of the dat file?

Any help with the problem will be appreciated and if any more information is necessary, please let me know. Thanks!

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