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Hi, I am just courious and I want to delay the output like: If I ask maple to do an integration, first it displays the question: Int(x,x); then after some time it displays the answer int(x,x); is there a way to do that?

I'm a teacher and I'm teaching my students about graphing trig functions. Well, they do not know about radians yet and I need to keep everything in degrees and would like to plot my graphs in degrees and show that the graph is in degrees on the axis, but I can't find a way to do this. Can anyone help me with this!




I am trying to convert tan(z) to sum form using the convert(...,Sum) command and using some information from FunctionAdvisor.
The second operand of FunctionAdvisor( sum_form, tan) gives me the domain of validity.
I would like to use this info during the conversion as assumption, but it doesn't work for me.
(Of course, the first operand is the required sum form, I am just playing with maple).
Here is my problem:

Unfortunately piecewise() is a builtin so I can't see the library code.

I'm trying to construct a sequence of arguments to piecewise() programmatically, and to assign the result to a function but I just can't seem to set it up correctly.

I have a 10x18 matrix, each row of which will be used to define a piecewise linear function, so the columns in a row define the endpoint values of each line segment.

Essentially what I'm trying to do is the following (giving some Maple pseudo-code which doesn't work, but hopefully will get the idea across):

On page 99 of Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula, Nahin says that:

int(int(`f`(s), s = 0 .. t), t = 0 .. x) = int(`f`(s)*(x-s), s = 0 .. x)

is true and I believe it, but I can't get Maple to confirm it.  How can I get Maple to agree with Nahin?  Are there assumptions that will make it happen?



I want to evalute in degrees.



sin(45 * deg);  # it works


>alpha[1]:=4.25 * deg;
> theta[1]:=11.31 *deg;
> theta[2]:=78.69 *deg;
> alpha[2]:=-9.25 *deg;
> a:=1400.00;  #  a and b should be real values
> b:=509.90;


Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) the units `arcdeg` and `1` have incompatible dimensions

not working...

How to input the character underline('_') in Maple,for example,typing variable name "cs_e"?

The code generates lines parallel to the opposite side of a given triangle. How can I control the animation to stop at x=10 or not to go outside the triangle.

Fourier Series Expansions and it’s Coefficients question revised


I've worked through a Fourier Series Expansion and it’s Coefficients and

have a better gasp at a how to explain my question.  If I'm giving a

repeating wave at (T) period of 10 seconds with amplitudes

At 14, 18.7,9,4.1,6.7,6,6.3,8.4,4,2.9 how can I find the Fourier Series

Expansions in Trigonometric form using Maple 11.  I’ve included an

Hi, I really have no idea how to do that.. can someone give me some hint or example,please ? thanks so much. Chen

Dear All,

I've just started using MapleTA and I'm exploring the Latex capabilities. The test question that I have constructed looks like:

\qutext{Test  \blank[formula]{\var{ans}} Test.}

However, I get the following error during latex conversion:

What practical limits are there to the size of a system of simultaneous nonlinear equations that fsolve() can solve? in exercise the only input is f how can i simplify a[n] and b[n]? and can someone just write this procedure for me, please? thanks

I'm a new user with Maple. Please give me a clue about this, i tried search over HELP but i cannot find anything. My first question is: how can i get just a real solutions when i solve for an equation ( this one got 2 complex solutions ). The 2nd is about the linear system, I got ROOTOF solution, i think it came from the complex solution. Please download my maple file to take a look. Thank you.

Hi, i have some procedure like from 1 to 300 do ........... od; and it has 300 outputs can i make it dissapear? thanks
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