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Dear colleagues, i am new in Maple. I am solving a system of four differential equations.I need :

1) to plot the second derivative of the theta[1]. I can plot the theta[1] and its first derivative;

2)to plot V40:

Thanks in advance:)

The code is:


Hey its Paul, I have another similar post to this one where I ask this question as a continuation of a question I had previously asked. However I am going to keep the two questions separate.

At each point I have the same data as I had in the previous question:

c:  an integer from 1-5 specifiying which differential equation was used to calculate the z value at this point (this information shold be represented by different coloured vectors)

x: this is just the x position of the data point

y: this is just the y position of the data point

Hey guys, I am currently writing a dynamic programming program. This program is used to simulate and optimize turbine operations.

The program produces a grid of nodes. At each node (each node has an X and Y coordinate), one of 5 differential equations is evaluated. A flag indicating which differential equation was used, as well as the dZ from the DE is stored at each node.

This is going to seem really stupid, but I've never used Maple before and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to plot a graph of 3 functions (or rather, one function and its first and second derivatives), and it seems like I have the right formula typed but no graph is appearing. This is what I entered:


g0 := x^(2/3)sin(x);

g1 := diff(g0,x);

g2 := diff(g1,x);

p0 := plot(g0, x=0..3, y=0..3):

p1 := plot(g1, x=0..3, y=0..3):

p2 := plot(g2, x=0..3, y=0..3):



hi all, sorry, i'm a newbie on maple

i have to simplify some equation, then i heard that it can be done by maple. so i tried using maple 10 to simplify my equation.

but after i write down the equation, and press enter, i got "unable to match delimiters" message. what should i do to get the simplified equation?

here is the equation:

I trying to fit an Eckartfunction with 3 parameters to my curve I've calculated with gaussian03 (IRC).

my given points for the curve are:



SetCoordinates( 'cartesian'[x,y] ):

How do I make  animations of an ellipse? E.g. stretching, rotating, translating in both the x an y direction? I thought it was easy task, but after several hours I still have no solution.


kind regards,

Harry Garst


is there any way that cartesian eqns can be converted to parametric  and vice versa in maple?

den1 := (1/2)*((2+x^2)*sqrt(4+x^2)+2*sqrt(4+x^2)*cos(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)+sqrt(4+x^2)*(cos(t*x*tau/`ℏ`))(2+(2+x^2)*cos(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`))+x*(4+x^2)*sin(t*x*tau/`ℏ`)*sin(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`))/(4+x^2)^(3/2)


den2 := 4*cos((1/2)*t*x*tau/`ℏ`)^2*sin((1/2)*t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)^2/(4+x^2);


den3 := 4*sin((1/2)*t*x*tau/`ℏ`)^2*sin((1/2)*t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)^2/(4+x^2);

I am trying to import data from Vernier's LabQuest for curve fitting in Maple 11. I can get a .CSV file which appears to be loaded in Maple  11 but I cannot get it in a format that I can use the polynomial interpolation command. Is there a step-by-step instruction set somewhere that I can follow that will walk me through the import to final polynomial fit? The data is titration data with over 1000 pairs of data ... way to much to imput by hand.


Thanks for any help.



Consider plot3d(....); if I write plot3d(....,color=red); it will be colored in red. Now I want instead to be colored according to pop-up menu for graphics: say Z[hue]. How can I specify this? Thank you. Victor

I'm optimizing a procedure so that it can work as fast as possibly can. 

How do I find out how long it takes for maple to make a calculation?

I did evalf(3^1000000,1000) or something like that on a laptop.  It was taking a long while so I pressed the interupt (stop hand) button.  Nothing happened, it didn't stop.  It did finish what it was doing but it didn't immediately stop.

Unless it was trying to update the screen with all the numbers I think maple should have just stopped whatever it was doing and give me back control.  

1) How to instruct Maple to assign hotkey Cmnd-N (on Mac) to New Worksheet rather to New Document? 2) How to create a new document/worksheet in the new window rather than in the new tab? 3) How to open a already open tab in the separate window?
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