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Ladies and gentlemen,
Could guide me where to find information on the Atkinson T statistic in linear regression.

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Hello all,

For a project of groundwater contaminations i need to plot the following graph.

18^2-y^2 = Q*(ln((3000*(18-y))*sqrt(0.412e-4))-ln(sqrt(x)))/(0.412e-4*Pi)

where as X stands for the distance of a waterfilter and Y stands for the water level.

I tried to plot this with maple but i cant find the solution for this.


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I got my 8 coordonates, I wanna plot a cube. When I all my coords in pointplot3d, it connects p1 to p2 to p3 p8 so it doesn't make a cube. How do I make it so it connects the coords I want to make the cube. Thank you


Concerning Maple 12 I note the following behavior:

cos(alpha-beta) displays as typed

cos(beta-alpha) displays as cos(alpha-beta)


sin(beta-alpha) is displayed as -sin(alpha-beta)

Anyone knows the xplanation for that and possibly how to prevent it from happening?

thanks a lot.


  See the interactive Level Curves and Cross Sections video tutorial: (Ctrl+click on link) Video Tutorial: Level Curves and Cross Sections   Alternatively, you can view a worksheet that provides a review and an example of level curves and cross sections.  

Kernelopts(multithreaded) returns true for both my P4 hyper thread processor (which is fine) and also my P3 tecra 8100 laptop. huh?

Isn't multithread only supposed to return true if there is hyperthread technology on the chip or the processor was dual core or dual processor.  Why is it returning true on my laptop P3 single processor? 

In order to optimize a large number of datasets I integrated the GlobalSolve command from the OptimizationToolbox
in a for loop. The code (in short form) looks like this:

for i from  1 to 100 do
data(i):= "read data from external file":
Z:= "function to optimize based on data(i)":
B:=GlobalSolve(Z, a=0..2, b=0..2, c=0..2, timelimit=6000):
->Solution of optimization is exported to external file
end do:

How do I graph multiple functions on the same plot, and possibly with different colors for each line. Thanks in advance.

How do I graph multiple functions on the same plot, and possibly with different colors for each line. Thanks in advance.

I have some tough maple questions if you guys think you can handle them, let me know, i could use the help but also if you like a challenge, i think you'll get a kick out of the questions.

write me a message and i will send you a link to the questions (i scanned and uploaded the image of the questions on the paper)  just a few questions but tough ones!!!

Any help would be appreciated!!

thanks guys.

Hi all,

While trying to solve the Legendre ODE, my serie (obtain by Frobenius method) was transform by Maple by the following:


> y1x(p);

                             /[  1    1   1  ]  [1]   2\
                    hypergeom|[- - p, - + - p], [-], x |
                             \[  2    2   2  ]  [2]    /

where y1x is my serie and p is the degree of the ODE.  But at the screen, the output is:

So my questions are

1.  What the 2 and the 1 around the F means?

2.  Is it normal that this special function is the solution of the Legendre ODE?

(in fact, I test it for different p::posint and it worked)

3.  Can someone help me to have the ratio |a(k+1)/a(k)| so I can do the ratio test for the convergence of that serie.  In fact, any additionnals informations ,other than the helps pages, would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance







Is there a way I can plot 5 different functions together?I only require specific sections of the graphs, like between [0,3] for the first, (3,6] for the next, etc?


Hi, I have the following problem: Input: positive integer n, real number y (1) a:=1, b:=1 (2) for i =1 to n do (3) a:= (a*y)/i, (4) b:=b+a (5) end do (6) output: b I am struggling to find the number of assignments in terms of n. I understand for (2), I will need (n-1) assignments. For (3), will I need the sum of (i+1)? Not sure what to do with the rest of it... Any help would be appreciated. thanx. antonio
I am trying to solve the differential equation below using the following code. deq := diff(c(x), x, x) = c(x)*exp(gamma*beta*(1-c(x))/(1+beta*(1-c(x)))) ic := (D(c))(1) = 0, c(0) = lambda dsol := dsolve({deq, ic}, numeric, output=array([0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,1.0]), continuation = lambda)

The question is in the subject. Please help. Thanks

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